Air-conditioning systems in which conditioned primary air is supplied from one or more central stations to distributing units in the rooms or spaces where it may receive secondary treatment Apparatus specially designed for such systems


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  • F24F3/00
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Sub Industries

F24F3/001in which the air treatment in the central station takes place by means of a heat-pump or by means of a reversible cycle F24F3/02characterised by the pressure or velocity of the primary air F24F3/04operating with high pressure or high velocity F24F3/044Systems in which all treatment is given in the central station F24F3/0442with volume control at a constant temperature F24F3/0444in which two airstreams are conducted from the central station via independent conduits to the space to be treated, of which one has a constant volume and a season-adapted temperature to compensate for the fluctuating heat transfer losses of the building, while the other varies in volume and is always cold in order to compensate for the interior fluctuations and variable solar heating effects F24F3/048with temperature control at constant rate of air-flow F24F3/052Multiple duct systems F24F3/0522in which warm or cold air from the central station is delivered via individual pipes to mixing chambers in the space to be treated, the cold air/warm air ratio being controlled by a thermostat in the space concerned F24F3/0525in which the air treated in the central station is reheated; this may take place near the central station upon arrival, in the space to be treated, in a branch pipe to zone in a multi-zone system or in the warm pipe in a system having separate supply conduits for warm and cold air F24F3/0527in which treated air having differing temperatures is conducted through independent conduits from the central station to various spaces to be treated F24F3/056the air at least partially flowing over lighting fixtures, the heat of which is dissipated or used F24F3/06characterised by the arrangements for the supply of heat-exchange fluid for the subsequent treatment of primary air in the room units F24F3/065with a plurality of evaporators or condensers F24F3/08with separate supply and return lines for hot and cold heat-exchange fluids F24F3/10with separate supply lines and common return line for hot and cold heat-exchange fluids F24F3/12characterised by the treatment of the air otherwise than by heating and cooling F24F3/14by humidification by dehumidification F24F3/1405in which the humidity of the air is exclusively affected by contact with the evaporator of a closed-circuit cooling system or heat pump circuit F24F3/1411by absorbing or adsorbing water F24F3/1417with liquid hygroscopic desiccants F24F3/1423with a moving bed of solid desiccants F24F3/1429alternatively operating a heat exchanger in an absorbing/adsorbing mode and a heat exchanger in a regeneration mode F24F3/147with both heat and humidity transfer between supplied and exhausted air F24F3/153with subsequent heating F24F3/16by purification F24F3/1603by filtering F24F3/1607Clean air work stations F24F3/161Clean rooms F24F3/166using electric means