Arrangements or fittings on vehicles for protecting or preventing injuries to occupants or pedestrians in case of accidents or other traffic risks


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  • B60R21/00
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Sub Industries

B60R21/01Electrical circuits for triggering passive safety arrangements B60R21/013including means for detecting collisions, impending collision or roll-over B60R21/0132responsive to vehicle motion parameters B60R21/0133by integrating the amplitude of the input signal B60R21/01332by frequency or waveform analysis B60R21/01334using Fourier analysis B60R21/01336using filtering B60R21/01338using vector analysis B60R21/0134responsive to imminent contact with an obstacle B60R21/0136responsive to actual contact with an obstacle B60R21/015including means for detecting the presence or position of passengers, passenger seats or child seats , and the related safety parameters therefor B60R21/01504detecting bag displacement B60R21/01508detecting forces or pressure in bags or modules B60R21/01512Passenger detection systems B60R21/01516using force or pressure sensing means B60R21/0152using strain gauges B60R21/01522using fluid means B60R21/01524using electric switches B60R21/01526using piezoelectric elements B60R21/01528mounted on the bag B60R21/0153using field detection presence sensors B60R21/01532using electric or capacitive field sensors B60R21/01534using electromagneticwaves B60R21/01536using ultrasonic waves B60R21/01538for image processing B60R21/0154in combination with seat heating B60R21/01542detecting passenger motion B60R21/01544detecting seat belt parameters B60R21/01546using belt buckle sensors B60R21/01548sensing the amount of belt winded on retractor B60R21/0155sensing belt tension B60R21/01552detecting position of specific human body parts B60R21/01554Seat position sensors B60R21/01556Child-seat detection systems B60R21/01558monitoring crash strength B60R21/0156by deceleration B60R21/01562by speed B60R21/01564Manually or key-actuated inhibition switches B60R21/01566Devices for warning or indicating mode of inhibition B60R21/017including arrangements for providing electric power to safety arrangements or their actuating means B60R21/0173Diagnostic or recording means therefor B60R21/0176for firing circuits using only mechanical switches as collision detecting means, in series with pyrotechnic fuses B60R21/02Occupant safety arrangements or fittings B60R21/026Rigid partitions inside vehicles B60R21/0286Padded or energy absorbing driving control initiating means B60R21/04Padded linings for the vehicle interior; Energy absorbing structures associated with padded or non-padded linings B60R21/0428associated with the side doors or panels B60R21/045associated with the instrument panel or dashboard B60R21/05associated with the steering wheel, steering hand lever or steering column B60R21/055Padded or energy-absorbing fittings B60R21/06Safety nets, transparent sheets, curtains, or the like B60R21/08automatically movable from an inoperative to an operative position B60R21/09Control elements or operating handles movable from an operative to an out-of-the way position B60R21/11Overhead guards B60R21/12which protect the occupants against personal attack from the inside or the outside of the vehicle B60R21/13Roll-over protection B60R21/131Protective devices for drivers in case of overturning of tractors B60R21/16Inflatable occupant restraints or confinements designed to inflate upon impact or impending impact B60R21/164combined with vehicle venting means for reducing or avoiding the passenger compartment overpressure during inflation B60R21/18the inflatable member formed as a belt or harness or combined with a belt or harness arrangement B60R21/20Arrangements for storing inflatable members in their non-use or deflated condition Arrangement or mounting of air bag modules or components B60R21/201Packaging straps or envelopes for inflatable members B60R21/203in steering wheels or steering columns B60R21/2032the inflator or inflatable member not being rotatable with the steering wheel; Arrangements using the steering column or steering wheel rim for storing, supplying or evacuating the inflation gas or for storing the inflatable member B60R21/2035using modules containing inflator, bag and cover attachable to the steering wheel as a complete sub-unit B60R21/2037the module or a major component thereof being yieldably mounted B60R21/205in dashboards B60R21/206in the lower part of dashboards B60R21/207in vehicle seats B60R21/2072in children's seats B60R21/21in vehicle side panels B60R21/213in vehicle roof frames or pillars B60R21/214in roof panels B60R21/215characterised by the covers for the inflatable member B60R21/2155with complex motion of the cover Retraction under the lining during opening B60R21/216comprising tether means for limitation of cover motion during deployment B60R21/2165characterised by a tear line for defining a deployment opening B60R21/21656Steering wheel covers or similar cup-shaped covers B60R21/21658with integrated switches B60R21/217Inflation fluid source retainers B60R21/2171specially adapted for elongated cylindrical or bottle-like inflators with a symmetry axis perpendicular to the main direction of bag deployment B60R21/2176the air bag components being completely enclosed in a soft or semi-rigid housing or cover B60R21/23Inflatable members B60R21/231characterised by their shape, construction or spatial configuration B60R21/23138specially adapted for side protection B60R21/23184Tubular air bags connected to the vehicle at their two extremities B60R21/232Curtain-type airbags deploying mainly in a vertical direction from their top edge B60R21/233comprising a plurality of individual compartments comprising two or more bag-like members, one within the other B60R21/2334Expansion regulating features B60R21/2338Tethers B60R21/2342Tear seams B60R21/2346Soft diffusers B60R21/235characterised by their material B60R21/237characterised by the way they are folded B60R21/239characterised by their venting means B60R21/26characterised by the inflation fluid source or means to control inflation fluid flow B60R21/26005the inflation fluid being transferred to the inflatable member by the mechanical deformation of the fluid container during an impact B60R21/261with means other than bag structure to diffuse or guide inflation fluid B60R21/262Elongated tubular diffusers B60R21/263using a variable source B60R21/264using instantaneous generation of gas B60R21/2644using only solid reacting substances B60R21/2646the reacting substances being supported by the inflatable member walls, or by a flexible support within it B60R21/268using instantaneous release of stored pressurized gas B60R21/272with means for increasing the pressure of the gas just before or during liberation B60R21/274characterised by means to rupture or open the fluid source B60R21/276with means to vent the inflation fluid source B60R21/30with means to draw ambient air into the flow line and mix such air with the inflation fluid B60R21/33Arrangements for non-electric triggering of inflation B60R21/34Protecting non-occupants of a vehicle B60R21/36using airbags B60R21/38using means for lifting bonnets