Component parts of dredgers or soil-shifting machines, not restricted to one of the kinds covered by groups E02F3/00 - E02F7/00


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  • E02F9/00
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Sub Industries

E02F9/003Devices for transporting the soil-shifting machines or excavators E02F9/006Pivot joint assemblies E02F9/02Travelling-gear E02F9/022for moving on rails E02F9/024with laterally or vertically adjustable wheels or tracks E02F9/026for moving on the underwater bottom E02F9/028with arrangements for levelling the machine E02F9/04Walking gears moving the dredger forward step-by-step E02F9/045for moving on the underwater bottom E02F9/06Floating substructures as supports E02F9/062Advancing equipment E02F9/065characterised by the use of lines with anchors and winches E02F9/067with arrangements for heave compensation E02F9/08Superstructures Supports for superstructures E02F9/0808Improving mounting or assembling E02F9/0816Welded frame structure E02F9/0825Cast frame structure E02F9/0833Improving access E02F9/0841Articulated frame E02F9/085Ground-engaging fitting for supporting the machines while working E02F9/0858Arrangement of component parts installed on superstructures not otherwise provided for E02F9/0866Engine compartment E02F9/0875Arrangement of valve arrangements on superstructures E02F9/0883Tanks E02F9/0891Lids or bonnets or doors or details thereof E02F9/10Supports for movable superstructures mounted on travelling or walking gears or on other superstructures E02F9/12Slewing or traversing gears E02F9/121Turntables E02F9/123Drives or control devices specially adapted therefor E02F9/125Locking devices E02F9/126Lubrication systems E02F9/128Braking systems E02F9/14Booms only for booms with cable suspension arrangements Cable suspensions E02F9/16Cabins, platforms, or the like, for drivers E02F9/163Structures to protect drivers E02F9/166movable, tiltable or pivoting E02F9/18Counterweights E02F9/20Drives Control devices E02F9/2004Control mechanisms E02F9/2008Control mechanisms in the form of the machine in the reduced scale model E02F9/2012Setting the functions of the control levers E02F9/2016Winches E02F9/202Mechanical transmission E02F9/2025Particular purposes of control systems not otherwise provided for E02F9/2029Controlling the position of implements in function of its load E02F9/2033Limiting the movement of frames or implements E02F9/2037Coordinating the movements of the implement and of the frame E02F9/2041Automatic repositioning of implements E02F9/2045Guiding machines along a predetermined path E02F9/205Remotely operated machines E02F9/2054Fleet management E02F9/2058Electric or electro-mechanical or mechanical control devices of vehicle sub-units E02F9/2062Control of propulsion units E02F9/2066of the type combustion engines E02F9/207of the type electric propulsion units E02F9/2075of the hybrid type E02F9/2079Control of mechanical transmission E02F9/2083Control of vehicle braking systems E02F9/2087Control of vehicle steering E02F9/2091Control of energy storage means for electrical energy E02F9/2095Control of electric, electro-mechanical or mechanical equipment not otherwise provided for E02F9/22Hydraulic or pneumatic drives E02F9/2203Arrangements for controlling the attitude of actuators E02F9/2207for reducing or compensating oscillations E02F9/221for generating actuator vibration E02F9/2214for reducing the shock generated at the stroke end E02F9/2217with energy recovery arrangements E02F9/2221Control of flow rate; Load sensing arrangements E02F9/2225using pressure-compensating valves E02F9/2228including an electronic controller E02F9/2232using one or more variable displacement pumps E02F9/2235including an electronic controller E02F9/2239using two or more pumps with cross-assistance E02F9/2242including an electronic controller E02F9/2246Control of prime movers E02F9/225Control of steering E02F9/2253Controlling the travelling speed of vehicles E02F9/2257Vehicle levelling or suspension systems E02F9/226Safety arrangements E02F9/2264Arrangements or adaptations of elements for hydraulic drives E02F9/2267Valves or distributors E02F9/2271Actuators and supports therefor and protection therefor E02F9/2275Hoses and supports therefor and protection therefor E02F9/2278Hydraulic circuits E02F9/2282Systems using center bypass type changeover valves E02F9/2285Pilot-operated systems E02F9/2289Closed circuit E02F9/2292Systems with two or more pumps E02F9/2296Systems with a variable displacement pump E02F9/24Safety devices E02F9/245for preventing damage to underground objects during excavation E02F9/26Indicating devices E02F9/261Surveying the work-site to be treated E02F9/262with follow-up actions to control the work tool E02F9/264Sensors and their calibration for indicating the position of the work tool E02F9/265with follow-up actions ( E02F9/267Diagnosing or detecting failure of vehicles E02F9/268with failure correction follow-up actions E02F9/28Small metalwork for digging elements E02F9/2808Teeth E02F9/2816Mountings therefor E02F9/2825using adapters E02F9/2833Retaining means E02F9/2841resilient E02F9/285characterised by the material used E02F9/2858characterised by shape E02F9/2866for rotating digging elements E02F9/2875Ripper tips E02F9/2883Wear elements for buckets or implements in general E02F9/2891Tools for assembling or disassembling