Control arrangements or circuits for visual indicators common to cathode-ray tube indicators and other visual indicators


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  • G09G5/00
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Sub Industries

G09G5/001Arbitration of resources in a display system G09G5/003Details of a display terminal, the details relating to the control arrangement of the display terminal and to the interfaces thereto G09G5/005Adapting incoming signals to the display format of the display terminal G09G5/006Details of the interface to the display terminal G09G5/008Clock recovery G09G5/02characterised by the way in which colour is displayed G09G5/022using memory planes G09G5/024using colour registers G09G5/026Control of mixing and/or overlay of colours in general G09G5/028Circuits for converting colour display signals into monochrome display signals G09G5/04using circuits for interfacing with colour displays G09G5/06using colour palettes G09G5/08Cursor circuits G09G5/10Intensity circuits G09G5/12Synchronisation between the display unit and other units G09G5/14Display of multiple viewports G09G5/16Display of right-to-left language G09G5/18Timing circuits for raster scan displays G09G5/20Function-generator circuits G09G5/22characterised by the display of characters or indicia using display control signals derived from coded signals representing the characters or indicia G09G5/222Control of the character-code memory G09G5/225comprising a loadable character generator G09G5/227Resolution modifying circuits G09G5/24Generation of individual character patterns G09G5/243Circuits for displaying proportional spaced characters or for kerning G09G5/246of ideographic or arabic-like characters G09G5/26for modifying the character dimensions G09G5/28for enhancement of character form G09G5/30Control of display attribute G09G5/32with means for controlling the display position G09G5/34for rolling or scrolling G09G5/343for systems having a character code-mapped display memory G09G5/346for systems having a bit-mapped display memory G09G5/36characterised by the display of a graphic pattern G09G5/363Graphics controllers G09G5/366with conversion of CRT control signals to flat panel control signals G09G5/37Details of the operation on graphic patterns G09G5/373for modifying the size of the graphic pattern G09G5/377for mixing or overlaying two or more graphic patterns G09G5/38with means for controlling the display position G09G5/39Control of the bit-mapped memory G09G5/391Resolution modifying circuits G09G5/393Arrangements for updating the contents of the bit-mapped memory G09G5/395Arrangements specially adapted for transferring the contents of the bit-mapped memory to the screen G09G5/397Arrangements specially adapted for transferring the contents of two or more bit-mapped memories to the screen simultaneously G09G5/399using two or more bit-mapped memories, the operation of which are switched in time G09G5/40characterised by the way in which both a pattern determined by character code and another pattern are displayed simultaneously, or either pattern is displayed selectively, e.g. with character code memory and APA G09G5/42characterised by the display of patterns using a display memory without fixed position correspondence between the display memory contents and the display position on the screen