Dental machines for boring or cutting; General features of dental machines or apparatus


  • CPC
  • A61C1/00
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Sub Industries

A61C1/0007Control devices or systems A61C1/0015Electrical systems A61C1/0023Foot control A61C1/003Control of rotation of instrument A61C1/0038Pneumatic systems A61C1/0046Dental lasers A61C1/0053Portable units A61C1/0061Air and water supply systems; Valves specially adapted therefor A61C1/0069Fluid temperature control A61C1/0076Sterilising operating fluids or fluid supply elements such as supply lines, filters A61C1/0084Supply units A61C1/0092Pumps specially adapted therefor A61C1/02characterised by the drive of the dental tools A61C1/04with treadle or manual drive A61C1/05with turbine drive A61C1/052Ducts for supplying driving or cooling fluid A61C1/055through the working tool A61C1/057with means for preventing suction effect in turbine after deactivation of the drive air A61C1/06with electric drive A61C1/07with vibratory drive A61C1/08Machine parts specially adapted for dentistry A61C1/081Pain-alleviating features A61C1/082Positioning or guiding A61C1/084of implanting tools A61C1/085for multiple drills, for simultaneous drilling A61C1/087Supplying powder or medicines A61C1/088Illuminating devices or attachments A61C1/10Straight hand-pieces A61C1/12Angle hand-pieces A61C1/14Tool-holders, i.e. operating tool holders A61C1/141in an angled handpiece A61C1/142Operating tool blocking means A61C1/144constricting the operating tool A61C1/145Instruments or accessories for tool holders A61C1/147in a straight handpiece A61C1/148Non-rotating tool holders A61C1/16Protecting caps for hand-pieces or angle-pieces A61C1/18Flexible shafts Clutches or the like; Bearings or lubricating arrangements; Drives or transmissions A61C1/181Bearings or lubricating arrangements A61C1/183Jewel bearings A61C1/185Drives or transmissions A61C1/186with torque adjusting or limiting means A61C1/188Means for allowing non driven rotation of the tool relative to the handle