Devices for measuring, signalling, controlling, or distributing tyre pressure or temperature, specially adapted for mounting on vehicles Arrangement of tyre inflating devices on vehicles


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  • B60C23/00
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Sub Industries

B60C23/001Devices for manually or automatically controlling or distributing tyre pressure whilst the vehicle is moving B60C23/002by monitoring conditions other than tyre pressure or deformation B60C23/003the control being done on the vehicle B60C23/004the control being done on the wheel B60C23/005Devices specially adapted for special wheel arrangements B60C23/006having two wheels only B60C23/007having multiple wheels arranged side by side B60C23/008having wheels on more than two axles B60C23/009having wheels on a trailer B60C23/02Signalling devices actuated by tyre pressure B60C23/04mounted on the wheel or tyre B60C23/0401characterised by the type of alarm B60C23/0403Mechanically generated audible signals B60C23/0405Mechanically generated visible signals B60C23/0406Alarms noticeable from outside the vehicle B60C23/0408transmitting the signals by non-mechanical means from the wheel or tyre to a vehicle body mounted receiver B60C23/041Means for supplying power to the signal- transmitting means on the wheel B60C23/0411Piezo-electric generators B60C23/0413Wireless charging of active radio frequency circuits B60C23/0415Automatically identifying wheel mounted units B60C23/0416allocating a corresponding wheel position on vehicle B60C23/0418Sharing hardware components like housing, antenna, receiver or signal transmission line with other vehicle systems like keyless entry or brake control units B60C23/042cooperating with wheel hub mounted speed sensors B60C23/0422characterised by the type of signal transmission means B60C23/0423Photo-electric, infra-red or visible light means B60C23/0425Means comprising permanent magnets B60C23/0427Near field transmission with inductive or capacitive coupling means B60C23/0428using passive wheel mounted resonance circuits B60C23/043using transformer type signal transducers B60C23/0432using vehicle structural parts as signal path B60C23/0433Radio signals B60C23/0435Vehicle body mounted circuits B60C23/0437Means for detecting electromagnetic field changes not being part of the signal transmission per se B60C23/0438comprising signal transmission means B60C23/044Near field triggers B60C23/0442the transmitted signal comprises further information B60C23/0444Antenna structures, control or arrangements thereof B60C23/0445Means for changing operating mode B60C23/0447Wheel or tyre mounted circuits B60C23/0449Passive transducers B60C23/045Means for detecting electromagnetic field changes being not part of the signal transmission per se B60C23/0452Antenna structure, control or arrangement B60C23/0454Means for changing operation mode B60C23/0455Transmission control of wireless signals B60C23/0457self triggered by timer B60C23/0459self triggered by motion sensor B60C23/0461externally triggered B60C23/0462Structure of transmission protocol B60C23/0464to avoid signal interference B60C23/0466with signals sent by transmitters mounted on adjacent vehicles B60C23/0467Electric contact means B60C23/0469Transmission by sound B60C23/0471System initialisation B60C23/0472to manually allocate ID codes or mounting positions B60C23/0474Measurement control B60C23/0476Temperature compensation of measured pressure values B60C23/0477Evaluating waveform of pressure readings B60C23/0479Communicating with external units being not part of the vehicle B60C23/0481System diagnostic B60C23/0483Wireless routers between wheel mounted transmitters and chassis mounted receivers B60C23/0484Detecting an ongoing tyre inflation B60C23/0486comprising additional sensors in the wheel or tyre mounted monitoring device B60C23/0488Movement sensor B60C23/0489for detecting the actual angular position of the monitoring device while the wheel is turning B60C23/0491Constructional details of means for attaching the control device B60C23/0493for attachment on the tyre B60C23/0494Valve stem attachments positioned inside the tyre chamber B60C23/0496Valve stem attachments positioned outside of the tyre chamber B60C23/0498for rim attachments B60C23/06Signalling devices actuated by deformation of the tyre B60C23/061by monitoring wheel speed B60C23/062Frequency spectrum analysis of wheel speed signals B60C23/063Generating directly an audible signal by deformation of the tyre B60C23/064comprising tyre mounted deformation sensors B60C23/065by monitoring vibrations in tyres or suspensions B60C23/066by monitoring wheel-centre to ground distance B60C23/067by monitoring chassis to ground distance B60C23/068by monitoring chassis to tyre distance B60C23/08by touching the ground B60C23/085putting directly into action an audible signal B60C23/10Arrangements of tyre-inflating pumps mounted on vehicles B60C23/105the pump being mounted in the saddle-pillar of a bicycle B60C23/12operated by a running wheel B60C23/14operated by the prime mover of the vehicle B60C23/16Arrangements of air tanks mounted on vehicles B60C23/18Tyre cooling arrangements B60C23/19for dissipating heat B60C23/20Devices for measuring or signalling tyre temperature only