Editing Indexing Addressing Timing or synchronising Monitoring Measuring tape travel


  • CPC
  • G11B27/00
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Sub Industries

G11B27/002Programmed access in sequence to a plurality of record carriers or indexed parts G11B27/005Reproducing at a different information rate from the information rate of recording G11B27/007reproducing continuously a part of the information G11B27/02Editing G11B27/022Electronic editing of analogue information signals G11B27/024on tapes G11B27/026on discs G11B27/028with computer assistance G11B27/029Insert-editing G11B27/031Electronic editing of digitised analogue information signals G11B27/032on tapes G11B27/034on discs G11B27/036Insert-editing G11B27/038Cross-faders therefor G11B27/04using differential drive of record carrier and head G11B27/06Cutting and rejoining Notching, or perforating record carriers otherwise than by recording styli G11B27/10Indexing Addressing Timing or synchronising Measuring tape travel G11B27/102Programmed access in sequence to addressed parts of tracks of operating record carriers G11B27/105of operating discs G11B27/107of operating tapes G11B27/11by using information not detectable on the record carrier G11B27/13the information being derived from movement of the record carrier G11B27/15using mechanical sensing means G11B27/17using electrical sensing means G11B27/19by using information detectable on the record carrier G11B27/22Means responsive to presence or absence of recorded information signals G11B27/24by sensing features on the record carrier other than the transducing track; sensing signals or marks recorded by another method than the main recording G11B27/26by photoelectric detection G11B27/28by using information signals recorded by the same method as the main recording G11B27/30on the same track as the main recording G11B27/3009used signal is a pilot signal inside the frequency band of the recorded main information signal G11B27/3018used signal is a pilot signal outside the frequency band of the recorded main information signal G11B27/3027used signal is digitally coded G11B27/3036Time code signal G11B27/3045superimposed on the recorded main signal G11B27/3054Vertical Interval Time code [VITC] G11B27/3063Subcodes G11B27/3072Coded signal uses a correlation function for detection G11B27/3081used signal is a video-frame or a video-field (P.I.P) G11B27/309Table of contents G11B27/32on separate auxiliary tracks of the same or an auxiliary record carrier G11B27/321used signal consists of two 180-degr. phase shifted signals of the same frequency G11B27/322used signal is digitally coded G11B27/323Time code signal G11B27/324Duty cycle modulation of control pulses G11B27/325Subcodes G11B27/326used signal is a video-frame or a video-field (P.I.P.) G11B27/327Table of contents G11B27/328on a tape [TTOC] G11B27/329on a disc [VTOC] G11B27/34Indicating arrangements G11B27/36Monitoring