Electromagnetic relays


  • CPC
  • H01H51/00
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Sub Industries

H01H51/005Inversing contactors H01H51/01Relays in which the armature is maintained in one position by a permanent magnet and freed by energisation of a coil producing an opposing magnetic field H01H51/02Non-polarised relays H01H51/04with single armature with single set of ganged armatures H01H51/06Armature is movable between two limit positions of rest and is moved in one direction due to energisation of an electromagnet and after the electromagnet is de-energised is returned by energy stored during the movement in the first direction H01H51/065Relays having a pair of normally open contacts rigidly fixed to a magnetic core movable along the axis of a solenoid H01H51/08Contacts alternately opened and closed by successive cycles of energisation and de-energisation of the electromagnet H01H51/082using rotating ratchet mechanism H01H51/084with axial ratchet elements H01H51/086with radial ratchet elements H01H51/088moved alternately in opposite directions H01H51/10Contacts retained open or closed by a latch which is controlled by an electromagnet H01H51/12Armature is movable between two limit positions of rest and is moved in both directions due to the energisation of one or the other of two electromagnets without the storage of energy to effect the return movement H01H51/14without intermediate neutral position of rest H01H51/16with intermediate neutral position of rest H01H51/18Armature is rotatable through an unlimited number of revolutions H01H51/20with two or more independent armatures H01H51/22Polarised relays H01H51/2209with rectilinearly movable armature H01H51/2227in which the movable part comprises at least one permanent magnet, sandwiched between pole-plates, each forming an active air-gap with parts of the stationary magnetic circuit H01H51/2236comprising pivotable armature, pivoting at extremity or bending point of armature H01H51/2245Armature inside coil H01H51/2254Contact forms part of armature H01H51/2263comprising rotatable armature, rotating around central axis perpendicular to the main plane of the armature H01H51/2272comprising rockable armature, rocking movement around central axis parallel to the main plane of the armature H01H51/2281Contacts rigidly combined with armature H01H51/229Blade-spring contacts alongside armature H01H51/24without intermediate neutral position of rest H01H51/26with intermediate neutral position of rest H01H51/27Relays with armature having two stable magnetic states and operated by change from one state to the other H01H51/28Relays having both armature and contacts within a sealed casing outside which the operating coil is located H01H51/281Mounting of the relay; Encapsulating; Details of connections H01H51/282Constructional details not covered by H01H51/281 H01H51/284Polarised relays H01H51/285for latching of contacts H01H51/287Details of the shape of the contact springs H01H51/288Freely suspended contacts H01H51/29Relays having armature, contacts, and operating coil within a sealed casing H01H51/30specially adapted for actuation by alternating current H01H51/32Frequency relays Mechanically-tuned relays H01H51/34Self-interrupters H01H51/36wherein the make-to-break ratio is varied by hand setting or current strength