Filters implantable into blood vessels Prostheses, i.e. artificial substitutes or replacements for parts of the body Appliances for connecting them with the body Devices providing patency to, or preventing collapsing of, tubular structures of the body


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  • A61F2/00
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Sub Industries

A61F2/0004Closure means for urethra or rectum A61F2/0009placed in or outside the body opening close to the surface of the body A61F2/0013inflatable A61F2/0018magnetic A61F2/0022placed deep in the body opening A61F2/0027inflatable A61F2/0031for constricting the lumen; Support slings for the urethra A61F2/0036implantable A61F2/004inflatable A61F2/0045Support slings A61F2/005with pressure applied to urethra by an element placed in the vagina A61F2/0054with pressure applied to urethra by an element placed around the penis A61F2/0059Cosmetic or alloplastic implants A61F2/0063Implantable repair or support meshes A61F2/0077Special surfaces of prostheses A61F2/0095Packages or dispensers for prostheses or other implants A61F2/01Filters implantable into blood vessels A61F2/013Distal protection devices, i.e. devices placed distally in combination with another endovascular procedure A61F2/02Prostheses implantable into the body A61F2/022Artificial gland structures using bioreactors A61F2/04Hollow or tubular parts of organs A61F2/042Urinary bladders A61F2/06Blood vessels A61F2/062Apparatus for the production of blood vessels made from natural tissue or with layers of living cells A61F2/064with special features to facilitate anastomotic coupling A61F2/07Stent-grafts A61F2/08Muscles Tendons Ligaments A61F2/0805Implements for inserting tendons or ligaments A61F2/0811Fixation devices for tendons or ligaments A61F2/10Hair or skin implants A61F2/105Skin implants A61F2/12Mammary prostheses and implants A61F2/14Eye parts A61F2/141Artificial eyes A61F2/142Cornea A61F2/145Corneal inlays, onlays, or lenses for refractive correction A61F2/1451Inlays or onlays A61F2/1453Corneal lenses connected to distinct attachment means A61F2/147Implants to be inserted in the stroma for refractive correction A61F2/148Implantation instruments specially adapted therefor A61F2/15Implant having one or more holes A61F2/16Intraocular lenses A61F2/1601Lens body having features to facilitate aqueous fluid flow across the intraocular lens A61F2/16015Lens having spacers for providing a gap between the posterior capsule and a posterior surface of the intraocular lens A61F2/1602Corrective lenses for use in addition to the natural lenses of the eyes or for pseudo-phakic eyes A61F2/1605Anterior chamber lenses for use in addition to the natural lenses of the eyes A61F2/1608Iris fixated A61F2/161Posterior chamber lenses for use in addition to the natural lenses of the eyes A61F2/1613having special lens configurations A61F2/1616Pseudo-accommodative A61F2/1618Multifocal lenses A61F2/1621enabling correction for monovision A61F2/1624having adjustable focus; power activated variable focus means A61F2/1627for changing index of refraction A61F2/1629for changing longitudinal position A61F2/1632for changing radial position A61F2/1635for changing shape A61F2/1637Correcting aberrations caused by inhomogeneities; correcting intrinsic aberrations A61F2/164Aspheric lenses A61F2/1643Cylindrical lenses A61F2/1645Toric lenses A61F2/1648Multipart lenses A61F2/1651Multipart lenses comprising a telescope A61F2/1654Diffractive lenses A61F2/1656Fresnel lenses, prisms or plates A61F2/1659having variable absorption coefficient for electromagnetic radiation A61F2/1662Instruments for inserting intraocular lenses into the eye A61F2/1664for manual insertion during surgery A61F2/1667with rotatable plungers A61F2/167with pushable plungers A61F2/1672with a two-stage plunger A61F2/1675with a lubricated inner surface A61F2/1678with a separate cartridge or other lens setting part for storage of a lens A61F2/1691Packages or dispensers for intraocular lenses A61F2/1694Capsular bag spreaders therefor A61F2/18Internal ear or nose parts A61F2/186Nose parts A61F2/20Epiglottis Larynxes Tracheae combined with larynxes or for use therewith A61F2/203comprising an air passage from trachea to oesophagus or to pharynx; Artificial epiglottis A61F2/24Heart valves ; Vascular valves A61F2/2403with pivoting rigid closure members A61F2/2406without fixed axis A61F2/2409Support rings therefor A61F2/2412with soft flexible valve members A61F2/2415Manufacturing methods A61F2/2418Scaffolds therefor A61F2/2421with non-pivoting rigid closure members A61F2/2424Ball valves A61F2/2427Devices for manipulating or deploying heart valves during implantation A61F2/243Deployment by mechanical expansion A61F2/2433using balloon catheter A61F2/2436Deployment by retracting a sheath A61F2/2439Expansion controlled by filaments A61F2/2442Annuloplasty rings or inserts for correcting the valve shape; Implants for improving the function of a native heart valve A61F2/2445Annuloplasty rings in direct contact with the valve annulus A61F2/2448D-shaped rings A61F2/2451Inserts in the coronary sinus for correcting the valve shape A61F2/2454Means for preventing inversion of the valve leaflets A61F2/2457Chordae tendineae prostheses A61F2/246Devices for obstructing a leak through a native valve in a closed condition A61F2/2463Implants forming part of the valve leaflets A61F2/2466Delivery devices therefor A61F2/2469with resilient valve members A61F2/2472Devices for testing A61F2/2475Venous valves A61F2/2478Passive devices for improving the function of the heart muscle, i.e. devices for reshaping the external surface of the heart A61F2/2481Devices outside the heart wall A61F2/2487Devices within the heart chamber A61F2/2493Transmyocardial revascularisation [TMR] devices A61F2/2496Devices for determining the dimensions of the prosthetic valve to be implanted A61F2/26Penis implants A61F2/28Bones A61F2/2803for mandibular reconstruction A61F2/2814Bone stump caps A61F2/2846Support means for bone substitute or for bone graft implants A61F2/2857for cadavers A61F2/2875Skull or cranium A61F2/30Joints A61F2/30721Accessories A61F2/30723Plugs or restrictors for sealing a cement-receiving space A61F2/30724Spacers for centering an implant in a bone cavity A61F2/30728Collars; Bone edge protectors A61F2/30734Modular inserts, sleeves or augments A61F2/30739Devices connected to the proximal part of an endoprosthetic femoral shaft for reinforcing or replacing the trochanters A61F2/30742Bellows or hose-like seals; Sealing membranes A61F2/30744End caps A61F2/30749Fixation appliances for connecting prostheses to the body A61F2/30756Cartilage endoprostheses A61F2/30767Special external and/or bone-contacting surfaces A61F2/30771applied in original prostheses A61F2/30907Nets or sleeves applied to surface of prostheses or in cement A61F2/3094Designing or manufacturing processes A61F2/30942for designing or making customized prostheses A61F2/30965Reinforcing the prosthesis by embedding particles or fibres during moulding or dipping A61F2/30988Other joints not covered by any of the groups A61F2/32 - A61F2/4425 A61F2/3099for temporo-mandibular [TM, TMJ] joints A61F2/32for the hip A61F2/34Acetabular cups A61F2/36Femoral heads; Femoral endoprostheses A61F2/3601for replacing only the epiphyseal or metaphyseal parts of the femur A61F2/3603implanted without ablation of the whole natural femoral head A61F2/3607including proximal or total replacement of the femur A61F2/3609Femoral heads or necks; Connections of endoprosthetic heads or necks to endoprosthetic femoral shafts A61F2/3662Femoral shafts A61F2/367Proximal or metaphyseal parts of shafts A61F2/3672Intermediate parts of shafts A61F2/3676Distal or diaphyseal parts of shafts A61F2/38for elbows or knees A61F2/3804for elbows A61F2/3836Special connection between upper and lower leg A61F2/384hinged A61F2/3845allowing only for single rotation A61F2/385also provided with condylar bearing surfaces A61F2/3854with ball and socket joint A61F2/3859Femoral components A61F2/3868with sliding tibial bearing A61F2/3872Meniscus for implantation between the natural bone surfaces A61F2/3877Patellae or trochleae A61F2/3886for stabilising knees against anterior or lateral dislocations A61F2/389Tibial components A61F2/40for shoulders A61F2/4003Replacing only the epiphyseal or metaphyseal parts of the humerus A61F2/4014Humeral heads or necks; Connections of endoprosthetic heads or necks to endoprosthetic humeral shafts A61F2/4059Humeral shafts A61F2/4081Glenoid components A61F2/42for wrists or ankles for hands A61F2/4202for ankles A61F2/4225for feet A61F2/4241for hands A61F2/4261for wrists A61F2/44for the spine A61F2/4405for apophyseal or facet joints A61F2/441made of inflatable pockets or chambers filled with fluid A61F2/442Intervertebral or spinal discs A61F2/4425made of articulated components A61F2/4455for the fusion of spinal bodies A61F2/446having a circular or elliptical cross-section substantially parallel to the axis of the spine A61F2/4465having a circular or kidney shaped cross-section substantially perpendicular to the axis of the spine A61F2/447substantially parallelepipedal A61F2/46Special tools or methods for implanting or extracting artificial joints, accessories, bone grafts or substitutes, or particular adaptations therefor A61F2/4601for introducing bone substitute, for implanting bone graft implants or for compacting them in the bone cavity A61F2/4603for insertion or extraction of endoprosthetic joints or of accessories thereof A61F2/4605of elbows A61F2/4606of wrists or ankles; of hands A61F2/4607of hip femoral endoprostheses A61F2/4609of acetabular cups A61F2/461of knees A61F2/4611of spinal prostheses A61F2/4612of shoulders A61F2/4614of plugs for sealing a cement-receiving space A61F2/4618of cartilage A61F2/4637for connecting or disconnecting two parts of a prosthesis A61F2/4644Preparation of bone graft, bone plugs or bone dowels A61F2/4657Measuring instruments used for implanting artificial joints A61F2/4675for cleaning or coating bones A61F2/468Testing instruments for artificial joints A61F2/4684Trial or dummy prostheses A61F2/50Prostheses not implantable in the body A61F2/5044Designing or manufacturing processes A61F2/5046for designing or making customized prostheses A61F2/52Mammary prostheses A61F2/54Artificial arms or hands or parts thereof A61F2/58Elbows Wrists; Other joints; Hands A61F2/581Shoulder joints A61F2/582Elbow joints A61F2/583Hands; Wrist joints A61F2/585Wrist joints A61F2/586Fingers A61F2/588Hands having holding devices shaped differently from human fingers A61F2/60Artificial legs or feet or parts thereof A61F2/601Peg legs A61F2/602with air cushions A61F2/604Joints for artificial legs A61F2/605Hip joints A61F2/64Knee joints A61F2/642Polycentric joints, without longitudinal rotation A61F2/644of the single-bar or multi-bar linkage type A61F2/646of the pin-guiding groove linkage type A61F2/66Feet Ankle joints A61F2/6607Ankle joints A61F2/68Operating or control means A61F2/70electrical A61F2/72Bioelectrical control A61F2/76Means for assembling, fitting or testing prostheses A61F2/78Means for protecting prostheses or for attaching them to the body A61F2/7812Interface cushioning members placed between the limb stump and the socket A61F2/7843Inflatable bladders A61F2/80Sockets A61F2/82Devices providing patency to, or preventing collapsing of, tubular structures of the body A61F2/844folded prior to deployment A61F2/848having means for fixation to the vessel wall A61F2/852Two or more distinct overlapping stents A61F2/856Single tubular stent with a side portal passage A61F2/86Stents in a form characterised by the wire-like elements Stents in the form characterised by a net-like or mesh-like structure A61F2/88the wire-like elements formed as helical or spiral coils A61F2/885comprising a coil including a plurality of spiral or helical sections with alternate directions around a central axis A61F2/89the wire-like elements comprising two or more adjacent rings flexibly connected by separate members A61F2/90characterised by a net-like or mesh-like structure A61F2/91made from perforated sheet material or tubes A61F2/915with bands having a meander structure, adjacent bands being connected to each other A61F2/92Stents in the form of a rolled-up sheet expanding after insertion into the vessel A61F2/93circumferentially expandable by using ratcheting locks A61F2/94Stents retaining their form A61F2/945hardenable A61F2/95Instruments specially adapted for placement or removal of stents or stent-grafts A61F2/954for placing stents or stent-grafts in a bifurcation A61F2/958Inflatable balloons for placing stents or stent-grafts A61F2/962having an outer sleeve A61F2/966with relative longitudinal movement between outer sleeve and prosthesis A61F2/97the outer sleeve being splittable