Measuring temperature based on the expansion or contraction of a material


  • CPC
  • G01K5/00
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Sub Industries

G01K5/02the material being a liquid G01K5/025Manufacturing of this particular type of thermometer G01K5/04Details G01K5/06Arrangements for driving back the liquid column G01K5/08Capillary tubes G01K5/10Containers for the liquid G01K5/12Selection of liquid compositions G01K5/14the liquid displacing a further liquid column or a solid body G01K5/16with electric contacts G01K5/18with electric conversion means for final indication G01K5/20with means for indicating a maximum or a minimum or both G01K5/22with provision for expansion indicating over not more than a few degrees G01K5/225with means for indicating a maximum G01K5/24with provision for measuring the difference between two temperatures G01K5/26with provision for adjusting zero point of scale G01K5/28the material being a gas G01K5/30the gas displacing a liquid column G01K5/32the material being a fluid contained in a hollow body having parts which are deformable or displaceable G01K5/323Selection of fluid compositions G01K5/326using a fluid container connected to the deformable body by means of a capillary tube G01K5/34the body being a capsule G01K5/36the body being a tubular spring G01K5/38of spiral formation G01K5/40of helical formation G01K5/42the body being a bellows G01K5/44the body being a cylinder and piston G01K5/46with electric conversion means for final indication G01K5/465using electrical contact making or breaking devices G01K5/48the material being a solid G01K5/483using materials with a configuration memory G01K5/486using microstructures G01K5/50arranged for free expansion or contraction G01K5/52with electrical conversion means for final indication G01K5/54consisting of pivotally-connected elements G01K5/56constrained so that expansion or contraction causes a deformation of the solid G01K5/58the solid body being constrained at more than one point G01K5/60the body being a flexible wire or ribbon G01K5/62the solid body being formed of compounded strips or plates G01K5/64Details of the compounds system G01K5/66Selection of composition of the components of the system G01K5/68Shape of the system G01K5/70specially adapted for indicating or recording G01K5/72with electric transmission means for final indication