Non-adjustable resistors formed as one or more layers or coatings Non-adjustable resistors made from powdered conducting material or powdered semi-conducting material with or without insulating material


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  • H01C7/00
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Sub Industries

H01C7/001Mass resistors H01C7/003Thick film resistors H01C7/005Polymer thick films H01C7/006Thin film resistors H01C7/008Thermistors H01C7/02having positive temperature coefficient H01C7/021formed as one or more layers or coatings H01C7/022mainly consisting of non-metallic substances H01C7/023containing oxides or oxidic compounds H01C7/025Perowskites H01C7/026Vanadium oxides or oxidic compounds H01C7/027consisting of conducting or semi-conducting material dispersed in a non-conductive organic material H01C7/028consisting of organic substances H01C7/04having negative temperature coefficient H01C7/041formed as one or more layers or coatings H01C7/042mainly consisting of inorganic non-metallic substances H01C7/043Oxides or oxidic compounds H01C7/044Zinc or cadmium oxide H01C7/045Perowskites H01C7/046Iron oxides or ferrites H01C7/047Vanadium oxides or oxidic compounds H01C7/048Carbon or carbides H01C7/049mainly consisting of organic or organo-metal substances H01C7/06including means to minimise changes in resistance with changes in temperature H01C7/10voltage responsive H01C7/1006Thick film varistors H01C7/1013Thin film varistors H01C7/102Varistor boundary H01C7/105Varistor cores H01C7/108Metal oxide H01C7/112ZnO type H01C7/115Titanium dioxide- or titanate type H01C7/118Carbide H01C7/12Overvoltage protection resistors H01C7/123Arrangements for improving potential distribution H01C7/126Means for protecting against excessive pressure or for disconnecting in case of failure H01C7/13current responsive H01C7/18comprising a plurality of layers stacked between terminals H01C7/20the resistive layer or coating being tapered H01C7/22Elongated resistive element being bent or curved

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