Non-electric welding by applying impact or other pressure, with or without the application of heat


  • CPC
  • B23K20/00
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Sub Industries

B23K20/001by extrusion or drawing B23K20/002specially adapted for particular articles or work B23K20/004Wire welding B23K20/005Capillary welding B23K20/007Ball bonding B23K20/008pressure combined with radiant energy B23K20/02by means of a press; Diffusion bonding B23K20/021Isostatic pressure welding B23K20/023Thermo-compression bonding B23K20/025Bonding tips therefor B23K20/026with diffusion of soldering material B23K20/028Butt welding B23K20/04by means of a rolling mill B23K20/06by means of high energy impulses B23K20/08Explosive welding B23K20/085for tubes B23K20/10making use of vibrations B23K20/103using a roller B23K20/106Features related to sonotrodes B23K20/12the heat being generated by friction Friction welding B23K20/1205using translation movement B23K20/121Control circuits therefor B23K20/1215for other purposes than joining B23K20/122using a non-consumable tool B23K20/1225Particular aspects of welding with a non-consumable tool B23K20/123Controlling or monitoring the welding process B23K20/1235with temperature control during joining B23K20/124at the beginning or at the end of a weld B23K20/1245characterised by the apparatus B23K20/125Rotary tool drive mechanism B23K20/1255Tools therefor B23K20/126Workpiece support B23K20/1265Non-butt welded joints B23K20/127friction stir welding involving a mechanical connection B23K20/1275involving metallurgical change B23K20/128making use of additional material B23K20/1285Portable friction welding machines B23K20/129specially adapted for particular articles or workpieces B23K20/1295Welding studs B23K20/14Preventing or minimising gas access, or using protective gases or vacuum during welding B23K20/16with interposition of special material to facilitate connection of the parts B23K20/165involving an exothermic reaction of the interposed material B23K20/18Zonal welding by interposing weld-preventing substances between zones not to be welded B23K20/20Special methods allowing subsequent separation B23K20/22taking account of the properties of the materials to be welded B23K20/227with ferrous layer B23K20/2275the other layer being aluminium B23K20/233without ferrous layer B23K20/2333one layer being aluminium, magnesium or beryllium B23K20/2336both layers being aluminium B23K20/24Preliminary treatment B23K20/26Auxiliary equipment