Optical viewing arrangements


  • CPC
  • B60R1/00
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Sub Industries

B60R1/001integrated in the windows B60R1/002specially adapted for covering the peripheral part of the vehicle B60R1/003for viewing trailer hitches B60R1/005specially adapted for viewing traffic-lights B60R1/006Side-view mirrors B60R1/007specially adapted for covering the lateral blind spot not covered by the usual rear-view mirror B60R1/008allowing the driver to see passengers B60R1/02Rear-view mirror arrangements B60R1/025comprising special mechanical means for correcting the field of view in relation to particular driving conditions B60R1/04mounted inside vehicle B60R1/06mounted on vehicle exterior B60R1/0602comprising means for cleaning or deicing B60R1/0605specially adapted for mounting on trucks B60R1/0607with remote position control adjustment B60R1/061by manually actuated mechanical means B60R1/0612by electrically actuated means B60R1/0615by hydraulically or pneumatically actuated means B60R1/0617foldable along the vehicle B60R1/062with remote control for adjusting position B60R1/0625by hydraulically or pneumatically powered actuators B60R1/064by manually powered actuators B60R1/066for adjusting the mirror relative to its housing B60R1/068using cables B60R1/07by electrically powered actuators B60R1/072for adjusting the mirror relative to its housing B60R1/074for retracting the mirror arrangements to a non-use position alongside the vehicle B60R1/076yieldable to excessive external force and provided with an indexed use position B60R1/078easily removable mounted for bodily outward movement B60R1/08involving special optical features B60R1/081avoiding blind spots B60R1/082using a single wide field mirror or an association of rigidly connected mirrors B60R1/083Anti-glare mirrors B60R1/084using a removable filtering or hiding screen B60R1/085using a combination of interchangeable reflecting surfaces B60R1/086using a mirror angularly movable between a position of use and a non-glare position reflecting a dark field to the user B60R1/087with remote or automatic control means B60R1/088using a cell of electrically changeable optical characteristic B60R1/089using a liquid filtering layer of variable thickness B60R1/10Front-view mirror arrangements; periscope arrangements B60R1/105Optical arrangements giving a view under the vehicle B60R1/12Mirror assemblies combined with other articles B60R1/1207with lamps; with turn indicators