Payment architectures, schemes or protocols


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  • G06Q20/00
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Sub Industries

G06Q20/02involving a neutral party G06Q20/023characterized in that the neutral party is a clearing house G06Q20/027involving a payment switch or gateway G06Q20/04Payment circuits G06Q20/042characterized in that the payment protocol involves at least one cheque G06Q20/0425the cheque being electronic only G06Q20/045characterized in that the payment protocol involves at least one ticket G06Q20/0453the ticket being an electronic receipt G06Q20/0457characterized in that the ticket is sent electronically G06Q20/06Private payment circuit G06Q20/065using e-cash G06Q20/0652e-cash with decreasing value according to a parameter G06Q20/0655e-cash managed centrally G06Q20/0658e-cash managed locally G06Q20/08Payment architectures G06Q20/085involving remote charge determination or related payment systems G06Q20/0855involving a third party G06Q20/10specially adapted for electronic funds transfer [EFT] systems specially adapted for home banking systems G06Q20/102Bill distribution or payments G06Q20/105involving programming of a portable memory device G06Q20/108Remote banking G06Q20/1085involving automatic teller machines [ATMs] G06Q20/12specially adapted for electronic shopping systems G06Q20/123Shopping for digital content G06Q20/1235with control of digital rights management [DRM] G06Q20/127Shopping or accessing services according to a time-limitation G06Q20/14specially adapted for billing systems G06Q20/145Payments according to the detected use or quantity G06Q20/16Payments settled via telecommunication systems G06Q20/18involving self- service terminals [SST], vending machines, kiosks or multimedia terminals G06Q20/20Point-of-sale [POS] network systems G06Q20/201Price look-up processing G06Q20/202Interconnection or interaction of plural electronic cash registers [ECR] or to host computer G06Q20/203Inventory monitoring G06Q20/204comprising interface for record bearing medium or carrier for electronic funds transfer or payment credit G06Q20/206comprising security or user identification provision G06Q20/207Tax processing G06Q20/208Input by product or record sensing G06Q20/209Specified transaction journal output feature G06Q20/22Payment schemes or models G06Q20/223based on the use of peer-to-peer networks G06Q20/227characterized in that multiple accounts are available to the payer G06Q20/24Credit schemes G06Q20/26Debit schemes G06Q20/28Pre-payment schemes G06Q20/29characterised by micro-payments G06Q20/30characterised by the use of specific devices G06Q20/305using a wired telephone network to facilitate payment G06Q20/32using wireless devices G06Q20/322Aspects of commerce using mobile devices [M-devices] G06Q20/3221Access to banking information through M-devices G06Q20/3223Realising banking transactions through M-devices G06Q20/3224Transactions dependent on location of M-devices G06Q20/3226Use of secure elements separate from M-devices G06Q20/3227Use of a security embedded in M-devices G06Q20/3229Use of the SIM of a M-device as secure element G06Q20/325using wireless networks G06Q20/3255using an SMS for payment G06Q20/327Short range or proximity payments by means of M-devices G06Q20/3272using an audio code G06Q20/3274using a pictured code G06Q20/3276using a pictured code G06Q20/3278RFID or NFC payments by means of M-devices G06Q20/34using cards G06Q20/341Active cards, i.e. cards including their own processing means G06Q20/3415Cards acting autonomously as pay-media G06Q20/342Cards defining paid or billed services or quantities G06Q20/343Cards including a counter G06Q20/3433the counter having monetary units G06Q20/3437the counter having non-monetary units G06Q20/346Cards serving only as information carrier of service G06Q20/347Passive cards G06Q20/348Single-use cards G06Q20/349Rechargeable cards G06Q20/351Virtual cards G06Q20/352Contactless payments by cards G06Q20/353Payments by additional cards plugged into M-devices G06Q20/354Card activation or deactivation G06Q20/355Personalisation of cards for use G06Q20/3552Downloading or loading of personalisation data G06Q20/3555Personalisation of two or more cards G06Q20/3558Preliminary personalisation for transfer to user G06Q20/356Aspects of software for card payments G06Q20/3563Software being resident on card G06Q20/3567Software being in the reader G06Q20/357Cards having a plurality of specified features G06Q20/3572Multiple accounts on card G06Q20/3574Multiple applications on card G06Q20/3576Multiple memory zones on card G06Q20/35765Access rights to memory zones G06Q20/3578Hierarchy of users of cards G06Q20/35785Parent-child type G06Q20/36using electronic wallets or electronic money safes G06Q20/363with the personal data files for a user G06Q20/367involving intelligent token G06Q20/3672Intelligent token initializing or reloading G06Q20/3674involving authentication G06Q20/3676Balancing accounts G06Q20/3678e-cash details G06Q20/38Payment protocols Details thereof G06Q20/381Currency conversion G06Q20/382insuring higher security of transaction G06Q20/3821Electronic credentials G06Q20/38215Use of certificates or encrypted proofs of transaction rights G06Q20/3823combining multiple encryption tools for a transaction G06Q20/3825Use of electronic signatures G06Q20/3827Use of message hashing G06Q20/3829involving key management G06Q20/383Anonymous user system G06Q20/385Use of an alias or a single-use code G06Q20/387Payment using discounts or coupons G06Q20/388Mutual authentication without cards G06Q20/389Keeping log of transactions for guaranteeing non-repudiation of a transaction G06Q20/40Authorisation G06Q20/401Transaction verification G06Q20/4012Verifying personal identification number [PIN] G06Q20/4014Identity check for transaction G06Q20/40145Biometric identity checks G06Q20/4016involving fraud or risk level assessment in transaction processing G06Q20/4018using the card verification value [CVV] associated with the card G06Q20/403Solvency checks G06Q20/4033Local solvency checks G06Q20/4037Remote solvency checks G06Q20/405Establishing or using transaction specific rules G06Q20/407Cancellation of a transaction G06Q20/409Card specific authentication in transaction processing G06Q20/4093Monitoring of card authentication G06Q20/4097Mutual authentication between card and transaction partners G06Q20/40975Use of encryption for mutual authentication G06Q20/42Confirmation G06Q20/425using two different networks, one for transaction and one for security confirmation