Recording or reproducing using a method not covered by one of the main groups G11B3/00 - G11B7/00 Record carriers therefor


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  • G11B9/00
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Sub Industries

G11B9/02using ferroelectric record carriers Record carriers therefor G11B9/04using record carriers having variable electric resistance Record carriers therefor G11B9/06using record carriers having variable electrical capacitance Record carriers therefor G11B9/061Record carriers characterised by their structure or form or by the selection of the material; Apparatus or processes specially adapted for the manufacture of record carriers G11B9/062characterised by the form G11B9/063characterised by the selection of the material G11B9/065Additional layers for lubrification, wear protection or elimination of electrostatic charges of the interface between record carrier and head G11B9/066Electrically conductive layers G11B9/067Dielectric layers; Processes for providing electrical conductivity to them G11B9/068Moulding resin compositions G11B9/07Heads for reproducing capacitive information G11B9/075using mechanical contact with record carrier G11B9/08using electrostatic charge injection Record carriers therefor G11B9/10using electron beam Record carriers therefor G11B9/12using near-field interactions Record carriers therefor G11B9/14using microscopic probe means G11B9/1409Heads G11B9/1418Disposition or mounting of heads or record carriers G11B9/1427with provision for moving the heads or record carriers relatively to each other or for access to indexed parts without effectively imparting a relative movement G11B9/1436with provision for moving the heads or record carriers relatively to each other G11B9/1445switching at least one head in operating function; Controlling the relative spacing to keep the head operative G11B9/1454Positioning the head or record carrier into or out of operative position or across information tracks; Alignment of the head relative to the surface of the record carrier G11B9/1463Record carriers for recording or reproduction involving the use of microscopic probe means G11B9/1472characterised by the form G11B9/1481Auxiliary features G11B9/149characterised by the memorising material or structure