Shaping by internal pressure generated in the material


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  • B29C44/00
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Sub Industries

B29C44/005Avoiding skin formation; Making foams with porous surfaces B29C44/02for articles of definite length B29C44/022Foaming unrestricted by cavity walls B29C44/025Foaming in open moulds, followed by closing the moulds B29C44/027the foaming continuing or beginning when the mould is opened B29C44/04consisting of at least two parts of chemically or physically different materials B29C44/0407by regulating the temperature of the mould or parts thereof B29C44/0415by regulating the pressure of the material during or after filling of the mould B29C44/0423by density separation B29C44/043using a rotating mould B29C44/0438using flotation B29C44/0446by increasing the density locally by compressing part of the foam while still in the mould B29C44/0453by joining the different materials using compression moulding before the foaming step B29C44/0461by having different chemical compositions in different places B29C44/0469provided with physical separators between the different materials B29C44/0476by pouring more than one composition into an open mould B29C44/0484by having different solubility of the foaming agent B29C44/0492Devices for feeding the different materials B29C44/06Making multilayered articles B29C44/065comprising at least one barrier layer B29C44/08using several expanding or moulding steps B29C44/083Increasing the size of the cavity after a first part has foamed B29C44/086and feeding more material into the enlarged cavity B29C44/10Applying counter-pressure during expanding B29C44/105the counterpressure being exerted by a fluid B29C44/12Incorporating or moulding on preformed parts B29C44/1204and giving the material during expanding the shape of a particular article to be supported B29C44/1209by impregnating a preformed part B29C44/1214Anchoring by foaming into a preformed part B29C44/1219Foaming between a movable mould part and the preformed part B29C44/1223Joining preformed parts which have previously been filled with foam B29C44/1228Joining preformed parts by the expanding material B29C44/1233the preformed parts being supported during expanding B29C44/1238and having flexible and solid areas B29C44/1242the preformed parts being concentric B29C44/1247comprising dams or sealing arrangements B29C44/1252Removing portions of the preformed parts after the moulding step B29C44/1257Joining a preformed part and a lining B29C44/1261Avoiding impregnation of a preformed part B29C44/1266the preformed part being completely encapsulated B29C44/1271the preformed parts being partially covered B29C44/1276the preformed parts being three dimensional structures which are wholly or partially penetrated by the foam B29C44/128Internally reinforcing constructional elements B29C44/1285the preformed part being foamed B29C44/129Enhancing adhesion to the preformed part using an interlayer B29C44/1295Foaming around pipe joints B29C44/14the preformed part being a lining B29C44/141Hiding joints in the lining B29C44/143Means for positioning the lining in the mould B29C44/145the lining being a laminate B29C44/146Shaping the lining before foaming B29C44/148Applying the foaming resin, moulding the lining or the like, with the lining turned inside out B29C44/16shaped by the expansion of the material B29C44/18Filling preformed cavities B29C44/181Filling unsupported soft shells having a particular shape B29C44/182Filling flexible bags not having a particular shape B29C44/183the components being kept apart in different containers within the bag, and mixed upon rupture of the containers B29C44/184and inserting the bags into preformed cavities B29C44/185Starting the expansion after rupturing or dissolving the bag B29C44/186Filling multiple cavities B29C44/187Filling faulty voids in the foam B29C44/188Sealing off parts of the cavities B29C44/20for articles of indefinite length B29C44/203Expanding the moulding material in a vertical channel B29C44/206Using expandable particles or beads as starting material B29C44/22consisting of at least two parts of chemically or physically different materials B29C44/24Making multilayered articles B29C44/26using several expanding steps B29C44/28Expanding the moulding material on continuous moving surfaces without restricting the upwards growth of the foam B29C44/285Rising trough lateral side members B29C44/30Expanding the moulding material between endless belts or rollers B29C44/302Expanding the moulding material in flexible endless moulds B29C44/304Adjusting the belt or roller pressure B29C44/306Longitudinally shaping B29C44/308Thickness separators and side seals B29C44/32Incorporating or moulding on preformed parts B29C44/322the preformed parts being elongated inserts B29C44/324the preformed parts being tubular or folded to a tubular shape B29C44/326Joining the preformed parts B29C44/328the foamable components being mixed in the nip between the preformed parts B29C44/34Auxiliary operations B29C44/3403Foaming under special conditions B29C44/3407Vacuum extrusion using underwater barometric leg B29C44/3411Relieving stresses B29C44/3415Heating or cooling B29C44/3419Quick cooling B29C44/3423by using a heated or cooled preformed part B29C44/3426Heating by introducing steam in the mould B29C44/343by using pipes to direct the steam inside the mould B29C44/3434by using a sheet, grid, etc. to distribute the steam in the mould B29C44/3438Bursting the cell walls by a sudden pressure release B29C44/3442Mixing, kneading or conveying the foamable material B29C44/3446Feeding the blowing agent B29C44/3449through the screw B29C44/3453Feeding the blowing agent to solid plastic material B29C44/3457Feeding the blowing agent in solid form to the plastic material B29C44/3461Making or treating expandable particles B29C44/3465by compressing particles in vacuum, followed by expansion in normal pressure B29C44/3469Cell or pore nucleation B29C44/3473by shearing forces B29C44/3476by B29C44/348by regulating the temperature and/or the pressure B29C44/3484Stopping the foaming reaction until the material is heated or re-heated B29C44/3488Vulcanizing the material before foaming B29C44/3492Expanding without a foaming agent B29C44/3496The foam being compressed and later released to expand B29C44/35Component parts; Details or accessories B29C44/351Means for preventing foam to leak out from the foaming device during foaming B29C44/352Means for giving the foam different characteristics in different directions B29C44/353Means for guiding the foaming in B29C44/354Means to prevent or reduce the effect of shrinking of the foamed article B29C44/355Characteristics of the foam B29C44/356having a porous surface B29C44/357Auxetic foams B29C44/358Foamed of foamable fibres B29C44/36Feeding the material to be shaped B29C44/362Regulating the feed w.r.t. the foam layer thickness B29C44/365using elongate feed conduits provided with throttle devices B29C44/367using spray nozzles B29C44/38into a closed space B29C44/381Spreading the foamable material in the mould by pressing the mould halves together B29C44/383using spreading devices mounted in the mould, in front of the feed opening B29C44/385using manifolds or channels directing the flow in the mould B29C44/386using a movable, elongate nozzle B29C44/388into moving moulds B29C44/40by gravity B29C44/42using pressure difference B29C44/421by plastizising the material into a shot cavity and injecting using a plunger B29C44/422by injecting by forward movement of the plastizising screw B29C44/424Details of machines B29C44/425Valve or nozzle constructions; Details of injection devices B29C44/427having several injection gates B29C44/428Mould constructions; Mould supporting equipment B29C44/44in solid form B29C44/445in the form of expandable granules, particles or beads B29C44/46into an open space or onto moving surfaces B29C44/461dispensing apparatus B29C44/462provided with pre-foaming devices B29C44/464using centrifugal force B29C44/465with adjustable die gap B29C44/467Foam spreading or levelling devices B29C44/468in a plurality of parallel streams which unite during the foaming B29C44/48by gravity B29C44/485the material being spread in the nip of two cooperating rollers B29C44/50using pressure difference B29C44/52between moving surfaces B29C44/54in the form of expandable particles or beads B29C44/56After-treatment of articles B29C44/5609Purging of residual gas B29C44/5618Impregnating foam articles B29C44/5627by mechanical deformation B29C44/5636with the addition of heat B29C44/5645Differential deformation by differential heating B29C44/5654Subdividing foamed articles to obtain particular surface properties B29C44/5663by perforating the foam B29C44/5672by stretching the foam B29C44/5681Covering the foamed object with B29C44/569Shaping and joining components with different densities or hardness B29C44/58Moulds B29C44/581Closure devices for pour holes B29C44/582for making undercut articles B29C44/583for making articles with cavities B29C44/585with adjustable size of the mould cavity B29C44/586with a cavity increasing in size during foaming B29C44/587with a membrane B29C44/588with means for venting B29C44/60Measuring, controlling or regulating B29C44/605Calibration following a shaping operation