Simulators for teaching or training purposes


  • CPC
  • G09B9/00
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Sub Industries

G09B9/003for military purposes and tactics G09B9/006for locating or ranging of objects G09B9/02for teaching control of vehicles or other craft G09B9/04for teaching control of land vehicles G09B9/042providing simulation in a real vehicle G09B9/048a model being viewed and manoeuvred from a remote point G09B9/05the view from a vehicle being simulated G09B9/052characterised by provision for recording or measuring trainee's performance G09B9/058for teaching control of cycles or motorcycles G09B9/06for teaching control of ships, boats, or other waterborne vehicles G09B9/063by using visual displays G09B9/066Sailing; Surfing G09B9/08for teaching control of aircraft G09B9/085Special purpose teaching G09B9/10with simulated flight- or engine-generated force being applied to aircraft occupant G09B9/12Motion systems for aircraft simulators G09B9/14controlled by fluid actuated piston or cylinder ram G09B9/16Ambient or aircraft conditions simulated or indicated by instrument or alarm G09B9/165Condition of cabin, cockpit or pilot's accessories G09B9/18Condition of engine or fuel supply G09B9/20Simulation or indication of aircraft attitude G09B9/203for taking-off or landing condition G09B9/206for in-flight condition G09B9/22including aircraft sound simulation G09B9/24including display or recording of simulated flight path G09B9/245Simulation of compasses, gyroscopes G09B9/26Simulation of radio-navigation G09B9/28Simulation of stick forces or the like G09B9/30Simulation of view from aircraft G09B9/301by computer-processed or -generated image G09B9/302the image being transformed by computer processing G09B9/304by using a film G09B9/305by viewing with a camera a small-scale model of the terrain G09B9/307by helmet-mounted projector or display G09B9/308by LCD, gas plasma display or electroluminescent display G09B9/32by projected image G09B9/323the projection screen being made of LCD panels G09B9/326the image being transformed by optical means G09B9/34by cathode-ray screen display G09B9/36Simulation of night or reduced visibility flight G09B9/38Simulation of runway outlining or approach lights G09B9/40Simulation of airborne radar G09B9/42Aircraft, aircraft simulator or means connected thereto, travelling on the ground or water during simulated flight training G09B9/44providing simulation in a real aircraft flying through the atmosphere without restriction of its path G09B9/46the aircraft being a helicopter G09B9/48a model being viewed and manoeuvred from a remote point G09B9/50Automatically directing the course of the aircraft G09B9/52for teaching control of an outer space vehicle G09B9/54Simulation of radar G09B9/56Simulation of sonar