Surgical instruments, devices or methods


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  • A61B17/00
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Sub Industries

A61B17/00008Vein tendon strippers A61B17/00234for minimally invasive surgery A61B17/00491Surgical glue applicators A61B17/0057Implements for plugging an opening in the wall of a hollow or tubular organ A61B17/02for holding wounds open Tractors A61B17/0206with antagonistic arms as supports for retractor elements A61B17/0218for minimally invasive surgery A61B17/0231for eye surgery A61B17/025Joint distractors A61B17/0281Abdominal wall lifters A61B17/0293with ring member to support retractor elements A61B17/04for suturing wounds Holders or packages for needles or suture materials A61B17/0401Suture anchors, buttons or pledgets A61B17/0466Suture bridges A61B17/0467Instruments for cutting sutures A61B17/0469Suturing instruments for use in minimally invasive surgery A61B17/0482Needle or suture guides A61B17/0483Hand-held instruments for holding sutures A61B17/0485Devices or means A61B17/0487Suture clamps, clips or locks A61B17/0491Sewing machines for surgery A61B17/0493Protective devices for suturing A61B17/06Needles; Sutures; Needle-suture combinations Holders or packages for needles or suture materials A61B17/06004Means for attaching suture to needle A61B17/06061Holders for needles or sutures A61B17/06066Needles A61B17/06109Big needles, either gripped by hand or connectable to a handle A61B17/06114Packages or dispensers for needles or sutures A61B17/06119of cylindrical shape A61B17/06123Flat cylinders A61B17/06128Elongate cylinders A61B17/06133of parallelepipedal shape A61B17/06138including a retainer comprising three or more foldable panels A61B17/06161Devices for removing or collecting used needles or sutures A61B17/06166Sutures A61B17/06195Apparatus or means for preparing the cut end of the suture thread to be attached to the needle A61B17/062Needle manipulators A61B17/0625the needle being specially adapted to interact with the manipulator A61B17/064Surgical staples A61B17/0642for bones A61B17/0643with separate closing member A61B17/0644penetrating the tissue, deformable to closed position A61B17/068Surgical staplers A61B17/0682for applying U-shaped staples or clamps A61B17/0684having a forming anvil staying above the tissue during stapling A61B17/0686having a forming anvil staying below the tissue during stapling A61B17/072for applying a row of staples in a single action A61B17/07207the staples being applied sequentially A61B17/07292Reinforcements for staple line A61B17/076for removing surgical staples or wound clamps A61B17/08Wound clamps or clips A61B17/083Clips A61B17/085with adhesive layer A61B17/10for applying or removing wound clamps A61B17/105Wound clamp magazines A61B17/11for performing anastomosis Buttons for anastomosis A61B17/1114of the digestive tract A61B17/1128of nerves A61B17/1146of tendons A61B17/115Staplers for performing anastomosis in a single operation A61B17/1152applying the staples on the outside of the lumen A61B17/1155Circular staplers comprising a plurality of staples A61B17/12for ligaturing or otherwise compressing tubular parts of the body A61B17/12009Implements for ligaturing other than by clamps or clips A61B17/12013for use in minimally invasive surgery A61B17/12022Occluding by internal devices A61B17/12027Type of occlusion A61B17/12031complete occlusion A61B17/12036partial occlusion A61B17/1204temporary occlusion A61B17/12045double occlusion A61B17/12099characterised by the location of the occluder A61B17/12104in an air passage A61B17/12109in a blood vessel A61B17/12113within an aneurysm A61B17/12118for positioning in conjunction with a stent A61B17/12122within the heart A61B17/12131characterised by the type of occluding device A61B17/12136Balloons A61B17/1214Coils or wires A61B17/12145having a pre-set deployed three-dimensional shape A61B17/1215comprising additional materials A61B17/12154having stretch limiting means A61B17/12159Solid plugs; being solid before insertion A61B17/12163having a string of elements connected to each other A61B17/12168having a mesh structure A61B17/12172having a pre-set deployed three-dimensional shape A61B17/12177comprising additional materials A61B17/12181formed by fluidized, gelatinous or cellular remodelable materials A61B17/12186liquid materials adapted to be injected A61B17/1219expandable in contact with liquids A61B17/12195comprising a curable material A61B17/122Clamps or clips A61B17/1222Packages or dispensers therefor A61B17/1227Spring clips A61B17/128for applying or removing clamps or clips A61B17/1285for minimally invasive surgery A61B17/132Tourniquets A61B17/1322comprising a flexible encircling member A61B17/1325with means for applying local pressure A61B17/1327Tensioning clamps A61B17/135inflatable A61B17/1355Automated control means therefor A61B17/14Surgical saws; Accessories therefor A61B17/141Saw blades A61B17/148reciprocating A61B17/15Guides therefor A61B17/151for corrective osteotomy A61B17/152for removing a wedge-shaped piece of bone A61B17/154for preparing bone for knee prosthesis A61B17/155Cutting femur A61B17/157Cutting tibia A61B17/158Cutting patella A61B17/16Bone cutting, breaking or removal means other than saws A61B17/1604Chisels; Rongeurs; Punches; Stamps A61B17/1606of forceps type A61B17/1608the two jaw elements being linked to two elongated shaft elements moving longitudinally relative to each other A61B17/1611the two jaw elements being integral with respective elongate shaft elements A61B17/1613Component parts A61B17/1615Drill bits A61B17/1617with mobile or detachable parts A61B17/162Chucks or tool parts which are to be held in a chuck A61B17/1622Drill handpieces A61B17/1624Drive mechanisms therefor A61B17/1626Control means; Display units A61B17/1628Motors; Power supplies A61B17/1631Special drive shafts A61B17/1633Sleeves i.e. non-rotating parts surrounding the bit shaft A61B17/1635for grafts, harvesting or transplants A61B17/1637Hollow drills or saws producing a curved cut A61B17/164intramedullary A61B17/1642for producing a curved bore A61B17/1644using fluid other than turbine drive fluid A61B17/1646with sealing means A61B17/1655for tapping A61B17/1657Bone breaking devices A61B17/1659Surgical rasps, files, planes, or scrapers A61B17/1662for particular parts of the body A61B17/1664for the hip A61B17/1666for the acetabulum A61B17/1668for the upper femur A61B17/1671for the spine A61B17/1673for the jaw A61B17/1675for the knee A61B17/1677for the patella A61B17/1679for the ear A61B17/1682for the foot or ankle A61B17/1684for the shoulder A61B17/1686for the hand or wrist A61B17/1688for the sinus or nose A61B17/1691for the sternum A61B17/1693for the ribs A61B17/1695Trepans or craniotomes A61B17/1697specially adapted for wire insertion A61B17/17Guides or aligning means for drills, mills, pins or wires A61B17/1703using imaging means A61B17/1707using electromagnetic effects A61B17/171for external fixation A61B17/1714for applying tendons or ligaments A61B17/1717for applying intramedullary nails or pins A61B17/1721for applying pins along or parallel to the axis of the femoral neck A61B17/1725for applying transverse screws or pins through intramedullary nails or pins A61B17/1728for holes for bone plates or plate screws A61B17/1732for bone breaking devices A61B17/1735for rasps or chisels A61B17/1739specially designed for particular parts of the body A61B17/1742for the hip A61B17/1746for the acetabulum A61B17/175for preparing the femur for hip prosthesis insertion A61B17/1753for fixing pins through femoral hip prostheses A61B17/1757for the spine A61B17/176for the jaw A61B17/1764for the knee A61B17/1767for the patella A61B17/1796for holes for sutures or flexible wires A61B17/20for vaccinating or cleaning the skin previous to the vaccination A61B17/205Vaccinating by means of needles or other puncturing devices A61B17/22Implements for squeezing-off ulcers or the like on the inside of inner organs of the body Implements for scraping-out cavities of body organs A61B17/22004using mechanical vibrations A61B17/22012in direct contact with, or very close to, the obstruction or concrement A61B17/2202the ultrasound transducer being inside patient's body at the distal end of the catheter A61B17/22022using electric discharge A61B17/22029Means for measuring shock waves A61B17/22031Gripping instruments A61B17/22032having inflatable gripping elements A61B17/221Gripping devices in the form of loops or baskets for gripping calculi or similar types of obstructions A61B17/225for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy [ESWL] A61B17/2251characterised by coupling elements between the apparatus A61B17/2255Means for positioning patient, shock wave apparatus or locating means A61B17/2256with means for locating or checking the concrement A61B17/2258integrated in a central portion of the shock wave apparatus A61B17/24for use in the oral cavity, larynx, bronchial passages or nose Tongue scrapers A61B17/244for cleaning of the tongue A61B17/26Tonsillotomes, with or without means for stopping bleeding A61B17/28Surgical forceps A61B17/2804with two or more pivotal connections A61B17/2812with a single pivotal connection A61B17/2816Pivots A61B17/282Jaws A61B17/2833Locking means A61B17/2841Handles A61B17/285combined with cutting implements A61B17/29Forceps for use in minimally invasive surgery A61B17/2909Handles A61B17/295combined with cutting implements A61B17/30Surgical pincettes without pivotal connections A61B17/32Surgical cutting instruments A61B17/320016Endoscopic cutting instruments A61B17/32002with continuously rotating, oscillating or reciprocating cutting instruments A61B17/320036adapted for use within the carpal tunnel A61B17/320068using mechanical vibrations A61B17/320092with additional movable means for clamping or cutting tissue A61B17/3201Scissors A61B17/3203Fluid jet cutting instruments A61B17/32037for removing obstructions from inner organs or blood vessels A61B17/3205Excision instruments A61B17/32053Punch like cutting instruments A61B17/32056Surgical snare instruments A61B17/3207Atherectomy devices working by cutting or abrading; Similar devices specially adapted for non-vascular obstructions A61B17/320708Curettes A61B17/320725with radially expandable cutting or abrading elements A61B17/32075Pullback cutting; combined forward and pullback cutting A61B17/320758with a rotating cutting instrument A61B17/320783through side-hole A61B17/3209Incision instruments A61B17/32093for skin incisions A61B17/3211Surgical scalpels, knives Accessories therefor A61B17/3213with detachable blade A61B17/3215Packages or dispensers for scalpel blades A61B17/3217Devices for removing or collecting used scalpel blades A61B17/322Skin grafting apparatus A61B17/326Circumcision apparatus A61B17/34Trocars Puncturing needles A61B17/3401Puncturing needles for the peridural or subarachnoid space or the plexus A61B17/3403Needle locating or guiding means A61B17/3415for introducing tubes or catheters A61B17/3417Details of tips or shafts A61B17/3421Cannulas A61B17/3423Access ports A61B17/3431being collapsible A61B17/3439with means for changing the inner diameter of the cannula A61B17/3462with means for changing the diameter or the orientation of the entrance port of the cannula A61B17/3468for implanting or removing devices A61B17/3472for bones A61B17/3474Insufflating needles A61B17/3476Powered trocars A61B17/3478Endoscopic needles A61B17/3494with safety means for protection against accidental cutting or pricking A61B17/3496Protecting sleeves or inner probes; Retractable tips A61B17/3498Valves therefor A61B17/42Gynaecological or obstetrical instruments or methods A61B17/4208Instruments for rupturing the amniotic membrane A61B17/4241Instruments for manoeuvring or retracting the uterus A61B17/425for reproduction or fertilisation A61B17/43for artificial insemination A61B17/435for embryo or ova transplantation A61B17/44Obstetrical forceps A61B17/442without pivotal connections A61B17/46Embryotomes A61B17/48Bags for midwives A61B17/50Instruments, other than pincettes or toothpicks, for removing foreign bodies from the human body A61B17/52Magnets A61B17/54Chiropodists' instruments A61B17/545using a stream or spray of abrasive particles A61B17/56Surgical instruments or methods for treatment of bones or joints Devices specially adapted therefor A61B17/562Implants for placement in joint gaps without restricting joint motion A61B17/58for osteosynthesis A61B17/60for external osteosynthesis A61B17/62Ring frames A61B17/64Devices extending alongside the bones to be positioned A61B17/6408Devices not permitting mobility A61B17/6416with non-continuous A61B17/6425specially adapted to be fitted across a bone joint A61B17/6433specially adapted for use on body parts other than limbs A61B17/6441Bilateral fixators A61B17/645comprising a framework A61B17/6458with pin-clamps fixed at ends of connecting element A61B17/6466with pin-clamps movable along a solid connecting rod A61B17/6475the connecting rod being threaded A61B17/6483the connecting rod having a non-circular section A61B17/6491allowing small-scale motion of bone ends A61B17/66Alignment , compression or distraction mechanisms A61B17/663for jaw bones A61B17/666for alveolar distraction A61B17/68Internal fixation devices, including fasteners and spinal fixators, even if a part thereof projects from the skin A61B17/683comprising bone transfixation elements A61B17/685Elements to be fitted on the end of screws or wires A61B17/686Plugs, i.e. elements forming interface between bone hole and implant or fastener A61B17/688for reattaching pieces of the skull A61B17/70Spinal positioners or stabilisers; Bone stabilisers comprising fluid filler in an implant A61B17/7001Screws or hooks combined with longitudinal elements which do not contact vertebrae A61B17/7002Longitudinal elements, e.g.rods A61B17/7004with a cross-section which varies along its length A61B17/7005Parts of the longitudinal elements A61B17/7007Parts of the longitudinal elements A61B17/7008with parts of, or attached to, the longitudinal elements, bearing against an outside of the screw or hook heads A61B17/701Longitudinal elements with a non-circular A61B17/7011Longitudinal element being non-straight A61B17/7013the shape of the element being adjustable before use A61B17/7014with means for adjusting the distance between two screws or hooks A61B17/7016electric or electromagnetic means A61B17/7017pneumatic or hydraulic means A61B17/7019Longitudinal elements having flexible parts, or parts connected together, such that after implantation the elements can move relative to each other A61B17/702having a core or insert, and a sleeve, whereby a screw or hook can move along the core or in the sleeve A61B17/7022Tethers, i.e. longitudinal elements capable of transmitting tension only A61B17/7023with a pivot joint A61B17/7025with a sliding joint A61B17/7026with a part that is flexible due to its form A61B17/7028the flexible part being a coil spring A61B17/7029the entire longitudinal element being flexible A61B17/7031made wholly or partly of flexible material A61B17/7032Screws or hooks with U-shaped head or back through which longitudinal rods pass A61B17/7034characterised by a lateral opening A61B17/7035Screws or hooks, wherein a rod-clamping part and a bone-anchoring part can pivot relative to each other A61B17/7037wherein pivoting is blocked when the rod is clamped A61B17/7038to a different extent in different directions A61B17/704the longitudinal element passing through a ball-joint in the screw head A61B17/7041with single longitudinal rod offset laterally from single row of screws or hooks A61B17/7043with a longitudinal element fixed to one or more transverse elements which connect multiple screws or hooks A61B17/7044also having plates, staples or washers bearing on the vertebrae A61B17/7046the screws or hooks being mobile in use relative to the longitudinal element A61B17/7047Clamps comprising opposed elements which grasp one vertebra between them A61B17/7049Connectors, not bearing on the vertebrae, for linking longitudinal elements together A61B17/705for linking adjacent ends of longitudinal elements A61B17/7052of variable angle or length A61B17/7053attached by wires, straps, sutures or cables A61B17/7055connected to sacrum, pelvis or skull A61B17/7056Hooks with specially-designed bone-contacting part A61B17/7058Plates mounted on top of bone anchor heads or shoulders A61B17/7059Cortical plates A61B17/7061for stabilising vertebrae or discs by improving the condition of their tissues A61B17/7062Devices acting on, attached to, or simulating the effect of, vertebral processes, vertebral facets or ribs ; Tools for such devices A61B17/7064Devices acting on, attached to, or simulating the effect of, vertebral facets; Tools therefor A61B17/7065Devices with changeable shape A61B17/7067Devices bearing against one or more spinous processes and also attached to another part of the spine; Tools therefor A61B17/7068Devices comprising separate rigid parts, assembled in situ, to bear on each side of spinous processes; Tools therefor A61B17/707Devices acting on, or attached to, a transverse process or rib; Tools therefor A61B17/7071Implants for expanding or repairing the vertebral arch or wedged between laminae or pedicles; Tools therefor A61B17/7074Tools specially adapted for spinal fixation operations other than for bone removal or filler handling A61B17/7076for driving, positioning or assembling spinal clamps or bone anchors specially adapted for spinal fixation A61B17/7077for moving bone anchors attached to vertebrae, thereby displacing the vertebrae A61B17/7079Tools requiring anchors to be already mounted on an implanted longitudinal or transverse element A61B17/708with tubular extensions coaxially mounted on the bone anchors A61B17/7082for driving, i.e. rotating, screws or screw parts specially adapted for spinal fixation A61B17/7083Tools for guidance or insertion of tethers, rod-to-anchor connectors, rod-to-rod connectors, or longitudinal elements A61B17/7085for insertion of a longitudinal element down one or more hollow screw or hook extensions A61B17/7086Rod reducers A61B17/7088wherein the rod is moved transverse to the axis of the bone anchor A61B17/7089wherein insertion is along an arcuate path A61B17/7091for applying, tightening or removing longitudinal element-to-bone anchor locking elements A61B17/7092for checking pedicle hole has correct depth or has an intact wall A61B17/7094Solid vertebral fillers; devices for inserting such fillers A61B17/7095the filler comprising unlinked macroscopic particles A61B17/7097Stabilisers comprising fluid filler in an implant A61B17/7098wherein the implant is permeable or has openings A61B17/72Intramedullary pins, nails or other devices A61B17/7208Flexible pins A61B17/7216for bone lengthening or compression A61B17/7225for bone compression A61B17/7233with special means of locking the nail to the bone A61B17/7241the nail having separate elements through which screws pass A61B17/725with locking pins or screws of special form A61B17/7258with laterally expanding parts A61B17/7266with fingers moving radially outwardly A61B17/7275with expanding cylindrical parts A61B17/7283with special cross-section of the nail A61B17/7291for small bones A61B17/74Devices for the head or neck or trochanter of the femur A61B17/742having one or more longitudinal elements oriented along or parallel to the axis of the neck A61B17/744the longitudinal elements coupled to an intramedullary nail A61B17/746the longitudinal elements coupled to a plate opposite the femoral head A61B17/748with means for adapting the angle between the longitudinal elements and the shaft axis of the femur A61B17/80Cortical plates A61B17/8004with means for extending or compressing the bone or bones A61B17/8009the plate having a ratchet A61B17/8014the extension or compression force being caused by interaction of the plate hole and the screws A61B17/8019where the means are a separate tool rather than being part of the plate A61B17/8023Variable length plates A61B17/8028Cushions A61B17/8033having indirect contact with screw heads, or having contact with screw heads maintained with the aid of additional components A61B17/8038the additional component being inserted in the screw head A61B17/8042the additional component being a cover over the screw head A61B17/8047wherein the additional element surrounds the screw head in the plate hole A61B17/8052immobilised relative to screws by interlocking form of the heads and plate holes A61B17/8057the interlocking form comprising a thread A61B17/8061specially adapted for particular bones A61B17/8066for pelvic reconstruction A61B17/8071for the jaw A61B17/8076for the ribs or the sternum A61B17/808Instruments for holding or positioning bone plates, or for adjusting screw-to-plate locking mechanisms A61B17/8085with pliable or malleable elements or having a mesh-like structure A61B17/809with bone-penetrating elements A61B17/8095Wedge osteotomy devices A61B17/82for bone cerclage A61B17/823for the sternum A61B17/826Nets or webs A61B17/84Fasteners therefor or fasteners being internal fixation devices A61B17/842Flexible wires, bands or straps A61B17/844with expandable anchors or anchors having movable parts A61B17/846Nails or pins A61B17/848Kirschner wires A61B17/86Threaded wires , pins or screws; Nuts therefor A61B17/8605Heads A61B17/861specially shaped for gripping driver A61B17/8615at the central region of the screw head A61B17/862at the periphery of the screw head A61B17/8625Shanks A61B17/863with thread interrupted or changing its form along shank, other than constant taper A61B17/8635Tips of screws A61B17/864hollow A61B17/8645Headless screws A61B17/865Packages or dispensers for bone screws or threaded wires A61B17/866Material or manufacture A61B17/8665Nuts A61B17/8685comprising multiple separate parts A61B17/869characterised by an open form A61B17/8695Washers A61B17/88Osteosynthesis instruments; Methods or means for implanting or extracting internal or external fixation devices A61B17/8802Equipment for handling bone cement or other fluid fillers A61B17/8805for introducing fluid filler into bone or extracting it A61B17/8808with sealing collar for bone cavity A61B17/8811characterised by the introducer tip A61B17/8816characterised by the conduit A61B17/8819characterised by the introducer proximal part A61B17/8822characterised by means facilitating expulsion of fluid from the introducer A61B17/8825characterised by syringe details A61B17/8827with filtering, degassing, venting or pressure relief means A61B17/8833Tools for preparing A61B17/8836for heating, cooling or curing the filler A61B17/8841Tools specially adapted to engage a prosthesis A61B17/8847for removing cement from a bone cavity A61B17/885Tools for expanding or compacting bones or discs or cavities therein A61B17/8852capable of being assembled or enlarged, or changing shape, inside the bone or disc A61B17/8855inflatable A61B17/8858laterally or radially expansible A61B17/8861Apparatus for manipulating flexible wires or straps A61B17/8863Apparatus for shaping or cutting osteosynthetic equipment A61B17/8866for gripping or pushing bones A61B17/8869Tensioning devices A61B17/8872Instruments for putting said fixation devices against or away from the bone A61B17/8875Screwdrivers, spanners or wrenches A61B17/8877characterised by the cross-section of the driver bit A61B17/888the driver bit acting on the central region of the screw head A61B17/8883the driver bit acting on the periphery of the screw head A61B17/8886holding the screw head A61B17/8888at its central region A61B17/8891at its periphery A61B17/8894holding the implant into or through which the screw is to be inserted A61B17/8897Guide wires or guide pins A61B17/92Impactors or extractors A61B17/921for intramedullary devices