Tubes, tube connectors, tube couplings, valves, access sites or the like, specially adapted for medical use


  • CPC
  • A61M39/00
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Sub Industries

A61M39/02Access sites A61M39/0208Subcutaneous access sites for injecting or removing fluids A61M39/0247Semi-permanent or permanent transcutaneous or percutaneous access sites to the inside of the body A61M39/04having pierceable self-sealing members A61M39/045pre-slit to be pierced by blunt instrument A61M39/06Haemostasis valves A61M39/0606without means for adjusting the seal opening or pressure A61M39/0613with means for adjusting the seal opening or pressure A61M39/0693including means for seal penetration A61M39/08Tubes Storage means specially adapted therefor A61M39/10Tube connectors Tube couplings A61M39/1011Locking means for securing connection; Additional tamper safeties A61M39/105Multi-channel connectors or couplings A61M39/1055Rotating or swivel joints A61M39/12for joining a flexible tube to a rigid attachment A61M39/14for connecting tubes having sealed ends A61M39/143both tube ends being sealed by meltable membranes pierced after connection by use of heat A61M39/146by cutting and welding A61M39/16having provision for disinfection or sterilisation A61M39/162with antiseptic agent incorporated within the connector A61M39/165Shrouds or protectors for aseptically enclosing the connector A61M39/18Methods or apparatus for making the connection under sterile conditions A61M39/20Closure caps or plugs for connectors or open ends of tubes A61M39/22Valves or arrangement of valves A61M39/221Frangible or pierceable closures within tubing A61M39/223Multiway valves A61M39/225Flush valves A61M39/227Valves actuated by a secondary fluid A61M39/228with a tubular diaphragm constrictable by radial fluid force A61M39/24Check- or non-return valves A61M39/26Valves closing automatically on disconnecting the line and opening on reconnection thereof A61M39/28Clamping means for squeezing flexible tubes A61M39/281Automatic tube cut-off devices A61M39/283Screw clamps A61M39/284Lever clamps A61M39/285Cam clamps A61M39/286Wedge clamps A61M39/287Wedge formed by a slot having varying width A61M39/288by bending or twisting the tube