Devices for bringing media into the body in a subcutaneous, intra-vascular or intramuscular way Accessories therefor


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  • A61M5/00
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Sub Industries

A61M5/001Apparatus specially adapted for cleaning or sterilising syringes or needles A61M5/002Packages specially adapted therefor A61M5/003Kits for diabetics A61M5/007for contrast media A61M5/008Racks for supporting syringes or needles A61M5/14Infusion devices A61M5/1407Infusion of two or more substances A61M5/1408in parallel A61M5/1409in series A61M5/141with capillaries for restricting fluid flow A61M5/1411Drip chambers A61M5/1412Burettes, measuring cylinders A61M5/1413Modular systems comprising interconnecting elements A61M5/1414Hanging-up devices A61M5/1415Stands, brackets or the like for supporting infusion accessories A61M5/1417Holders or handles for hanging up infusion containers A61M5/1418Clips, separators or the like for supporting tubes or leads A61M5/142Pressure infusion A61M5/14212Pumping with an aspiration and an expulsion action A61M5/14216Reciprocating piston type A61M5/1422with double acting or multiple pistons A61M5/14224Diaphragm type A61M5/14228with linear peristaltic action A61M5/14232Roller pumps A61M5/14236Screw, impeller or centrifugal type pumps A61M5/1424Manually operated pumps A61M5/14244adapted to be carried by the patient A61M5/14248of the skin patch type A61M5/14276specially adapted for implantation A61M5/1428with manual pumping action A61M5/145using pressurised reservoirs A61M5/1452pressurised by means of pistons A61M5/14526the piston being actuated by fluid pressure A61M5/1454spring-actuated A61M5/14546Front-loading type injectors A61M5/1456with a replaceable reservoir comprising a piston rod to be moved into the reservoir A61M5/14566with a replaceable reservoir for receiving a piston rod of the pump A61M5/1458Means for capture of the plunger flange A61M5/14586pressurised by means of a flexible diaphragm A61M5/14593the diaphragm being actuated by fluid pressure A61M5/148flexible A61M5/1483using flexible bags externally pressurised by fluid pressure A61M5/1486the bags being substantially completely surrounded by fluid A61M5/152pressurised by contraction of elastic reservoirs A61M5/155pressurised by gas introduced into the reservoir A61M5/158Needles for infusions; Accessories therefor A61M5/1582Double lumen needles A61M5/162Needle sets A61M5/1626Needle protectors therefor A61M5/165Filtering accessories A61M5/168Means for controlling media flow to the body or for metering media to the body A61M5/16804Flow controllers A61M5/16809by repeated filling and emptying of an intermediate volume A61M5/16813by controlling the degree of opening of the flow line A61M5/16818by changing the height of the reservoir A61M5/16822by controlling air intake into infusion reservoir A61M5/16827controlling delivery of multiple fluids A61M5/16831Monitoring, detecting, signalling or eliminating infusion flow anomalies A61M5/16836by sensing tissue properties at the infusion site A61M5/1684by detecting the amount of infusate remaining A61M5/16845by weight A61M5/1685by detection of position of a floating member A61M5/16854by monitoring line pressure A61M5/16859Evaluation of pressure response A61M5/16877Adjusting flow; Devices for setting a flow rate A61M5/16881Regulating valves A61M5/16886for measuring fluid flow rate A61M5/1689Drip counters A61M5/16895by monitoring weight change A61M5/172electrical or electronic A61M5/1723using feedback of body parameters A61M5/178Syringes A61M5/1782Devices aiding filling of syringes in situ A61M5/1785comprising radioactive shield means A61M5/19having more than one chamber A61M5/20Automatic syringes A61M5/2033Spring-loaded one-shot injectors with or without automatic needle insertion A61M5/204connected to external reservoirs for multiple refilling A61M5/2046Media being expelled from injector by gas generation A61M5/2053Media being expelled from injector by pressurised fluid or vacuum A61M5/2066comprising means for injection of two or more media A61M5/24Ampoule syringes, i.e. syringes with needle for use in combination with replaceable ampoules or carpules A61M5/2422not used, see subgroups and A61M5/24 A61M5/2425emptied by compression of deformable ampoule or carpule wall A61M5/2429emptied by telescoping of ampoules or carpules with the syringe body A61M5/2448comprising means for injection of two or more media A61M5/2455with sealing means to be broken or opened A61M5/2459upon internal pressure increase A61M5/2466by piercing without internal pressure increase A61M5/28Syringe ampoules or carpules A61M5/281Not used, see subgroups and A61M5/28 A61M5/282emptied by compression of deformable ampoule or carpule wall A61M5/283emptied by sliding the ampoules or carpules relative to the needle holding base A61M5/284comprising means for injection of two or more media A61M5/285with sealing means to be broken or opened A61M5/286upon internal pressure increase A61M5/288by piercing without internal pressure increase A61M5/30Syringes for injection by jet action, without needle A61M5/3007with specially designed jet passages at the injector's distal end A61M5/3015for injecting a dose of particles in form of powdered drug A61M5/31Details A61M5/3129Syringe barrels A61M5/3134characterised by constructional features of the distal end A61M5/3135characterised by constructional features of the proximal end A61M5/3137Specially designed finger grip means A61M5/3145Filters incorporated in syringes A61M5/3146Priming A61M5/3148Means for causing or aiding aspiration or plunger retraction A61M5/315Pistons Piston-rods Guiding, blocking or restricting the movement of the rod or piston Appliances on the rod for facilitating dosing; Dosing mechanisms A61M5/31501Means for blocking or restricting the movement of the rod or piston A61M5/31503A61M5/31503 A61M5/31505Integral with the syringe barrel A61M5/31511Piston or piston-rod constructions A61M5/31513Piston constructions to improve sealing or sliding A61M5/31515Connection of piston with piston rod A61M5/31525Dosing A61M5/31526by means of stepwise axial movements A61M5/31528by means of rotational movements A61M5/3153by single stroke limiting means A61M5/31531Micro syringes A61M5/31533Dosing mechanisms A61M5/31535Means improving security or handling thereof A61M5/31536Blocking means to immobilize a selected dose A61M5/31538Permanent blocking A61M5/31541Means preventing setting of a dose beyond the amount remaining in the cartridge A61M5/31543piston rod reset means A61M5/31545Setting modes for dosing A61M5/31546Electrically operated dose setting A61M5/31548Mechanically operated dose setting member A61M5/3155by rotational movement of dose setting member A61M5/31551including axial movement of dose setting member A61M5/31553without axial movement of dose setting member A61M5/31555by purely axial movement of dose setting member A61M5/31556Accuracy improving means A61M5/31558using scaling up or down transmissions A61M5/3156using volume steps only adjustable in discrete intervals A61M5/31561using freely adjustable volume steps A61M5/31563interacting with a displaceable stop member A61M5/31565Administration mechanisms A61M5/31566Means improving security or handling thereof A61M5/31568Means keeping track of the total dose administered A61M5/3157Means providing feedback signals when administration is completed A61M5/31571Means preventing accidental administration A61M5/31573Accuracy improving means A61M5/31575using scaling up or down transmissions A61M5/31576Constructional features or modes of drive mechanisms for piston rods A61M5/31578based on axial translation A61M5/3158performed by axially moving actuator operated by user A61M5/31581performed by rotationally moving or pivoting actuator operated by user A61M5/31583based on rotational translation A61M5/31585performed by axially moving actuator A61M5/31586performed by rotationally moving or pivoted actuator A61M5/3159Dose expelling manners A61M5/31591Single dose, i.e. individually set dose administered only once from the same medicament reservoir A61M5/31593Multi-dose A61M5/31595Pre-defined multi-dose administration by repeated overcoming of means blocking the free advancing movement of piston rod A61M5/31596comprising means for injection of two or more media A61M5/32Needles Details of needles pertaining to their connection with syringe or hub Accessories for bringing the needle into, or holding the needle on, the body Devices for protection of needles A61M5/3202Devices for protection of the needle before use A61M5/3204Needle cap remover, i.e. devices to dislodge protection cover from needle or needle hub A61M5/3205Apparatus for removing or disposing of used needles or syringes A61M5/321Means for protection against accidental injuries by used needles A61M5/3213Caps placed axially onto the needle A61M5/3216Caps placed transversally onto the needle A61M5/3219Semi-automatic repositioning of the cap, i.e. in which the repositioning of the cap to the needle covering position requires a deliberate action by the user to trigger the repositioning of the cap A61M5/322Retractable needles A61M5/3221Constructional features thereof A61M5/3232Semi-automatic needle retraction, i.e. in which the triggering of the needle retraction requires a deliberate action by the user A61M5/3234Fully automatic A61M5/3243being axially-extensible A61M5/3245Constructional features thereof A61M5/3257Semi-automatic sleeve extension, i.e. in which the triggering of the sleeve extension requires a deliberate action by the user A61M5/326Fully automatic A61M5/3269guided by means not coaxially aligned with syringe barrel A61M5/3271with guiding tracks for controlled sliding of needle protective sleeve from needle exposing to needle covering position A61M5/3272having projections following labyrinth paths A61M5/3273freely sliding on needle shaft without connection to syringe or needle A61M5/3275being connected to the needle hub or syringe by radially deflectable members A61M5/3276Means imparting rotational movement to the needle or needle hub in order to assist in its disconnection from syringe nozzle A61M5/3278Apparatus for destroying used needles or syringes A61M5/3286Needle tip design A61M5/3287Accessories for bringing the needle into the body; Automatic needle insertion A61M5/329characterised by features of the needle shaft A61M5/3291Shafts with additional lateral openings A61M5/3293characterised by features of the needle hub A61M5/3294comprising means for injection of two or more media A61M5/3295Multiple needle devices A61M5/3297Needles arranged coaxially A61M5/3298Needles arranged in parallel A61M5/34Constructions for connecting the needle A61M5/343Connection of needle cannula to needle hub, or directly to syringe nozzle without a needle hub A61M5/344using additional parts A61M5/345Adaptors positioned between needle hub and syringe nozzle A61M5/346friction fit A61M5/347rotatable A61M5/348snap lock A61M5/349using adhesive bond or glues A61M5/36with means for eliminating or preventing injection or infusion of air into body A61M5/365Air detectors A61M5/38using hydrophilic or hydrophobic filters A61M5/385using hydrophobic filters A61M5/40using low-level float-valve to cut off media flow from reservoir A61M5/42having means for desensitising skin, for protruding skin to facilitate piercing, or for locating point where body is to be pierced not used, see subgroups A61M5/422Desensitising skin A61M5/425Protruding skin to facilitate piercing A61M5/427Locating point where body is to be pierced A61M5/44having means for cooling or heating the devices or media A61M5/445the media being heated in the reservoir A61M5/46having means for controlling depth of insertion A61M5/48having means for varying, regulating, indicating or limiting injection pressure A61M5/482Varying injection pressure A61M5/484Regulating injection pressure A61M5/486Indicating injection pressure A61M5/488Limiting injection pressure A61M5/50Having means for preventing re-use, or for indicating if defective, used, tampered with or unsterile A61M5/5013Means for blocking the piston or the fluid passageway to prevent illegal refilling of a syringe A61M5/502for blocking the piston A61M5/504for blocking the fluid passageway A61M5/5066Means for preventing re-use by disconnection of piston and piston-rod A61M5/508Means for preventing re-use by disrupting the piston seal A61M5/5086for indicating if defective, used, tampered with or unsterile A61M5/52Arm-rests