Devices for influencing the respiratory system of patients by gas treatment


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  • A61M16/00
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Sub Industries

A61M16/0003Accessories therefor A61M16/0006with means for creating vibrations in patients' airways A61M16/0009with sub-atmospheric pressure A61M16/0012by Venturi means A61M16/0045Means for re-breathing exhaled gases A61M16/0048Mouth-to-mouth respiration A61M16/0051with alarm devices A61M16/0054Liquid ventilation A61M16/0057Pumps therefor A61M16/006Tidal volume membrane pumps A61M16/0063Compressors A61M16/0066Blowers or centrifugal pumps A61M16/0069the speed thereof being controlled by respiratory parameters A61M16/0072Tidal volume piston pumps A61M16/0075Bellows-type A61M16/0078Breathing bags A61M16/0081Bag or bellow in a bottle A61M16/0084self-reinflatable by elasticity A61M16/0087Environmental safety or protection means A61M16/009Removing used or expired gases or anaesthetic vapours A61M16/0093by adsorption, absorption or filtration A61M16/0096High frequency jet ventilation A61M16/01specially adapted for anaesthetising A61M16/04Tracheal tubes A61M16/0402Special features for tracheal tubes not otherwise provided for A61M16/0404with means for selective or partial lung respiration A61M16/0406implanted flow modifiers A61M16/0409with mean for closing the oesophagus A61M16/0411with means for differentiating between oesophageal and tracheal intubation A61M16/0415with access means to the stomach A61M16/0418with integrated means for changing the degree of curvature A61M16/042with separate conduits for in-and expiration gas A61M16/0422Laser-resistant A61M16/0425Metal tubes A61M16/0427with removable and re-insertable liner tubes A61M16/0429with non-integrated distal obturators A61M16/0431with a cross-sectional shape other than circular A61M16/0434Cuffs A61M16/0436Special fillings therefor A61M16/0438Liquid-filled A61M16/044External cuff pressure control or supply A61M16/0443Special cuff-wall materials A61M16/0445Special cuff forms A61M16/0447Bell, canopy or umbrella shaped A61M16/045with cuffs partially or completely inflated by the respiratory gas A61M16/0452following the inspiration and expiration pressure A61M16/0454Redundant cuffs A61M16/0456one cuff within another A61M16/0459one cuff behind another A61M16/0461Nasoendotracheal tubes A61M16/0463combined with suction tubes, catheters or the like; Outside connections A61M16/0465Tracheostomy tubes; Devices for performing a tracheostomy; Accessories therefor A61M16/0468with valves at the proximal end limiting exhalation A61M16/047Masks, filters, surgical pads, devices for absorbing secretions, specially adapted therefor A61M16/0472Devices for performing a tracheostomy A61M16/0475having openings in the tube A61M16/0477with incorporated means for delivering or removing fluids A61M16/0479above the cuff A61M16/0481through the cuff wall A61M16/0484at the distal end A61M16/0486Multi-lumen tracheal tubes A61M16/0488Mouthpieces; Means for guiding, securing or introducing the tubes A61M16/049Mouthpieces A61M16/0493with means for protecting the tube from damage caused by the patient's teeth A61M16/0495with tongue depressors A61M16/0497Tube stabilizer A61M16/06Respiratory or anaesthetic masks A61M16/0605Means for improving the adaptation of the mask to the patient A61M16/0611with a gusset portion A61M16/0616with face sealing means comprising a flap or membrane projecting inwards, such that sealing increases with increasing inhalation gas pressure A61M16/0622having an underlying cushion A61M16/0627with sealing means on a part of the body other than the face A61M16/0633with forehead support A61M16/0638in the form of a pivot A61M16/0644having the means for adjusting its position A61M16/065in the form of a pivot A61M16/0655in the form of a linear or curvilinear slide A61M16/0666Nasal cannulas or tubing A61M16/0672Nasal cannula assemblies for oxygen therapy A61M16/0677Gas-saving devices therefor A61M16/0683Holding devices therefor A61M16/0688by means of an adhesive A61M16/0694Chin straps A61M16/08Bellows Connecting tubes ; Water traps; Patient circuits A61M16/0808Condensation traps A61M16/0816Joints or connectors A61M16/0825with ball-sockets A61M16/0833T- or Y-type connectors A61M16/0841for sampling A61M16/085Gas sampling A61M16/0858Pressure sampling ports A61M16/0866Passive resistors therefor A61M16/0875Connecting tubes A61M16/0883Circuit type A61M16/0891Closed circuit A61M16/10Preparation of respiratory gases or vapours A61M16/1005with O2 features or with parameter measurement A61M16/101using an oxygen concentrator A61M16/1015using a gas flush valve A61M16/104specially adapted for anaesthetics A61M16/1045Devices for humidifying or heating the inspired gas by using recovered moisture or heat from the expired gas A61M16/105Filters A61M16/1055bacterial A61M16/106in a path A61M16/1065in the expiratory path A61M16/107in the inspiratory path A61M16/1075by influencing the temperature A61M16/108before being humidified or mixed with a beneficial agent A61M16/1085after being humidified or mixed with a beneficial agent A61M16/109the humidifying liquid or the beneficial agent A61M16/1095in the connecting tubes A61M16/12by mixing different gases A61M16/122with dilution A61M16/125Diluting primary gas with ambient air A61M16/127by Venturi effect A61M16/14by mixing different fluids, one of them being in a liquid phase A61M16/142with semi-permeable walls separating the liquid from the respiratory gas A61M16/145using hollow fibres A61M16/147the respiratory gas not passing through the liquid container A61M16/16Devices to humidify the respiration air A61M16/161with means for measuring the humidity A61M16/162Water-reservoir filling system A61M16/164including a liquid inlet valve system A61M16/165with a float actuator A61M16/167acting vertically on the valve A61M16/168having a dual float A61M16/18Vaporising devices for anaesthetic preparations A61M16/183Filling systems A61M16/186Locking systems A61M16/20Valves specially adapted to medical respiratory devices A61M16/201Controlled valves A61M16/202electrically actuated A61M16/203Proportional A61M16/204used for inhalation control A61M16/205used for exhalation control A61M16/206Capsule valves A61M16/207Membrane valves with pneumatic amplification stage A61M16/208Non-controlled one-way valves A61M16/209Relief valves A61M16/22Carbon dioxide-absorbing devices; Other means for removing carbon dioxide