Fusion polypeptide


  • CPC
  • C07K2319/00
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Sub Industries

C07K2319/01containing a localisation/targetting motif C07K2319/02containing a signal sequence C07K2319/03containing a transmembrane segment C07K2319/033containing a motif for targeting to the internal surface of the plasma membrane C07K2319/034containing a motif for targeting to the periplasmic space of Gram negative bacteria as a soluble protein C07K2319/035containing a signal for targeting to the external surface of a cell C07K2319/036targeting to the medium outside of the cell C07K2319/04containing an ER retention signal such as a C-terminal HDEL motif C07K2319/05containing a GOLGI retention signal C07K2319/055containing a signal for localisation to secretory granules (for exocytosis) C07K2319/06containing a lysosomal/endosomal localisation signal C07K2319/07containing a mitochondrial localisation signal C07K2319/08containing a chloroplats localisation signal C07K2319/09containing a nuclear localisation signal C07K2319/095containing a nuclear export signal C07K2319/10containing a tag for extracellular membrane crossing C07K2319/20containing a tag with affinity for a non-protein ligand C07K2319/21containing a His-tag C07K2319/22containing a Strep-tag C07K2319/23containing a GST-tag C07K2319/24containing a MBP (maltose binding protein)-tag C07K2319/30Non-immunoglobulin-derived peptide or protein having an imunoglobulin constant or Fc region, or a fragment thereof, attached thereto C07K2319/31fusions, other than Fc, for prolonged plasma life C07K2319/32fusions with soluble part of a cell surface receptor, "decoy receptors" C07K2319/33fusions for targeting to specific cell types C07K2319/35containing a fusion for enhanced stability/folding during expression C07K2319/40containing a tag for immunodetection, or an epitope for immunisation C07K2319/41containing a Myc-tag C07K2319/42containing a HA(hemagglutinin)-tag C07K2319/43containing a FLAG-tag C07K2319/50containing protease site C07K2319/55containing a fusion with a toxin C07K2319/60containing spectroscopic/fluorescent detection C07K2319/61containing an enzyme fusion for detection (lacZ, luciferase) C07K2319/70containing domain for protein-protein interaction C07K2319/705containing a protein-A fusion C07K2319/71containing domain for transcriptional activaation C07K2319/715containing a domain for ligand dependent transcriptional activation C07K2319/72containing SH2 domain C07K2319/73containing coiled-coiled motif (leucine zippers) C07K2319/735containing a domain for self-assembly C07K2319/74containing a fusion for binding to a cell surface receptor C07K2319/75containing a fusion for activation of a cell surface receptor C07K2319/80containing a DNA binding domain C07K2319/81containing a Zn-finger domain for DNA binding C07K2319/85containing an RNA binding domain C07K2319/90containing a motif for post-translational modification C07K2319/91containing a motif for glycosylation C07K2319/912containing a GPI (phosphatidyl-inositol glycane) anchor C07K2319/915containing a motif for acylation C07K2319/92containing an intein ("protein splicing")domain C07K2319/95containing a motif/fusion for degradation (ubiquitin fusions, PEST sequence)