General characteristics of the apparatus


  • CPC
  • A61M2205/00
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Sub Industries

A61M2205/02characterised by a particular materials A61M2205/0205Materials having antiseptic or antimicrobial properties A61M2205/0211Ceramics A61M2205/0216Materials providing elastic properties A61M2205/0222Materials for reducing friction A61M2205/0227Materials having sensing or indicating function A61M2205/0233Conductive materials A61M2205/0238the material being a coating or protective layer A61M2205/0244Micro-machined materials A61M2205/025Materials providing resistance against corrosion A61M2205/0255in acidic environments or acidic fluids A61M2205/0261in alcalic environments or alcalic fluids A61M2205/0266Shape memory materials A61M2205/0272Electro-active or magneto-active materials A61M2205/0277Chemo-active materials A61M2205/0283Electro-active polymers [EAP] A61M2205/0288Electro-rheological or magneto-rheological materials A61M2205/0294Piezoelectric materials A61M2205/04implanted A61M2205/05combined with other kinds of therapy A61M2205/051with radiation therapy A61M2205/052infra-red A61M2205/053ultra-violet A61M2205/054with electrotherapy A61M2205/055with electrophoresis A61M2205/056with active exercise A61M2205/057with magnetotherapy A61M2205/058with ultrasound therapy A61M2205/07having air pumping means A61M2205/071hand operated A61M2205/073Syringe, piston type A61M2205/075Bulb type A61M2205/076mouth operated A61M2205/078foot operated A61M2205/10with powered movement mechanisms A61M2205/103rotating A61M2205/106reciprocating A61M2205/11with means for preventing cross-contamination when used for multiple patients A61M2205/12with interchangeable cassettes forming partially or totally the fluid circuit A61M2205/121interface between cassette and base A61M2205/122using evacuated interfaces to enhance contact A61M2205/123with incorporated reservoirs A61M2205/125with incorporated filters A61M2205/126with incorporated membrane filters A61M2205/127with provisions for heating or cooling A61M2205/128with incorporated valves A61M2205/13with means for the detection of operative contact with patient A61M2205/14Detection of the presence or absence of a tube, a connector or a container in an apparatus A61M2205/15Detection of leaks A61M2205/16with back-up system in case of failure A61M2205/17with redundant control systems A61M2205/18with alarm A61M2205/183the sound being generated pneumatically A61M2205/186the sound being acoustically amplified A61M2205/19Constructional features of carpules, syringes or blisters A61M2205/192Avoiding coring A61M2205/195by the needle tip shape A61M2205/197by the seal material A61M2205/21insensitive to tilting or inclination A61M2205/215Tilt detection A61M2205/27preventing use A61M2205/273preventing reuse A61M2205/276preventing unwanted use A61M2205/32with radio-opaque indicia A61M2205/33Controlling, regulating or measuring A61M2205/3303Using a biosensor A61M2205/3306Optical measuring means A61M2205/331used as turbidity change detectors A61M2205/3313used specific wavelengths A61M2205/3317Electromagnetic, inductive or dielectric measuring means A61M2205/332Force measuring means A61M2205/3324PH measuring means A61M2205/3327Measuring A61M2205/3331Pressure Flow A61M2205/3334Measuring or controlling the flow rate A61M2205/3337Controlling, regulating pressure or flow by means of a valve by-passing a pump A61M2205/3341stabilising pressure or flow to avoid excessive variation A61M2205/3344Measuring or controlling pressure at the body treatment site A61M2205/3348Pressure measurement using a water column A61M2205/3351Controlling upstream pump pressure A61M2205/3355Controlling downstream pump pressure A61M2205/3358Measuring barometric pressure A61M2205/3362with minimised length of fluid lines Taking into account the elastic expansion of fluid lines to increase accuracy A61M2205/3365Rotational speed A61M2205/3368Temperature A61M2205/3372Temperature compensation A61M2205/3375Acoustical A61M2205/3379Masses, volumes, levels of fluids in reservoirs, flow rates A61M2205/3382Upper level detectors A61M2205/3386Low level detectors A61M2205/3389Continuous level detection A61M2205/3393by weighing the reservoir A61M2205/3396Reservoirs being alternately filled and emptied for measuring flow rate or delivered volume A61M2205/35Communication A61M2205/3507with implanted devices A61M2205/3515using magnetic means A61M2205/3523using telemetric means A61M2205/353using mechanical means A61M2205/3538using electrical conduction through the body of the patient A61M2205/3546Range A61M2205/3553remote A61M2205/3561local A61M2205/3569sublocal A61M2205/3576with non implanted data transmission devices A61M2205/3584using modem, internet or bluetooth A61M2205/3592using telemetric means A61M2205/36related to heating or cooling A61M2205/3606cooled A61M2205/3613by body heat A61M2205/362by gas flow A61M2205/3626by controlled mixing of fluids at different temperatures A61M2205/3633thermally insulated A61M2205/364by chemical reaction A61M2205/3646by heat accumulators A61M2205/3653by Joule effect A61M2205/366by liquid heat exchangers A61M2205/3666using heat loss of a motor A61M2205/3673thermo-electric A61M2205/368by electromagnetic radiation A61M2205/3686microwaves A61M2205/3693by mechanical waves A61M2205/42Reducing noise A61M2205/43making noise when used correctly A61M2205/44making noise when used incorrectly A61M2205/50with microprocessors or computers A61M2205/502User interfaces A61M2205/505Touch-screens Virtual keyboard or keypads Virtual buttons Soft keys Mouse touches A61M2205/507Head Mounted Displays [HMD] A61M2205/52with memories providing a history of measured variating parameters of apparatus or patient A61M2205/58Means for facilitating use A61M2205/581by audible feedback A61M2205/582by tactile feedback A61M2205/583by visual feedback A61M2205/584having a color code A61M2205/585having magnification means A61M2205/586Ergonomic details therefor A61M2205/587Lighting arrangements A61M2205/588by olfactory feedback A61M2205/59Aesthetic features A61M2205/60with identification means A61M2205/6009for matching patient with his treatment A61M2205/6018providing set-up signals for the apparatus configuration A61M2205/6027Electric-conductive bridges closing detection circuits, with or without identifying elements A61M2205/6036characterised by physical shape A61M2205/6045having complementary physical shapes for indexing or registration purposes A61M2205/6054Magnetic identification systems A61M2205/6063Optical identification systems A61M2205/6072Bar codes A61M2205/6081Colour codes A61M2205/609Biometric patient identification means A61M2205/70with testing or calibration facilities A61M2205/702automatically during use A61M2205/705Testing of filters for leaks A61M2205/707Testing of filters for clogging A61M2205/75with filters A61M2205/7509for virus A61M2205/7518bacterial A61M2205/7527liquophilic, hydrophilic A61M2205/7536allowing gas passage, but preventing liquid passage A61M2205/7545for solid matter A61M2205/7554with means for unclogging or regenerating filters A61M2205/7563with means preventing clogging of filters A61M2205/7572with means for preventing contamination of the environment when replaced A61M2205/7581with means for switching over to a fresh filter on clogging or saturation A61M2205/759for removing preservatives A61M2205/80voice-operated command A61M2205/82Internal energy supply devices A61M2205/8206battery-operated A61M2205/8212with means or measures taken for minimising energy consumption A61M2205/8218Gas operated A61M2205/8225using incorporated gas cartridges for the driving gas A61M2205/8231using electrochemical gas generating device for the driving gas A61M2205/8237Charging means A61M2205/8243by induction A61M2205/825using mechanical generation of electricity A61M2205/8256being integrated in the case or housing of the apparatus A61M2205/8262connectable to external power source A61M2205/8268Fuel storage cells A61M2205/8275Mechanical A61M2205/8281spring operated A61M2205/8287operated by an external magnetic or electromagnetic field A61M2205/8293Solar A61M2205/84for treating several patients simultaneously