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  • B65H

Sub Industries

B65H1/00Supports or magazines for piles from which articles are to be separated B65H11/00Feed tables B65H13/00Lifting the ends of piles to facilitate the formation of overlapped piles B65H15/00Overturning articles B65H16/00Unwinding, paying-out webs B65H18/00Winding webs B65H19/00Changing the web roll B65H20/00Advancing webs B65H21/00Apparatus for splicing webs B65H2211/00Driving or braking the forwarding elements B65H2220/00Function indicators B65H23/00Registering, tensioning, smoothing or guiding webs B65H2301/00Handling processes for sheets or webs B65H2401/00Materials used in construction, properties thereof B65H2402/00Features of construction B65H2403/00Power transmission Driving means B65H2404/00Parts for transporting or guiding the handled material B65H2405/00Parts for holding the handled material B65H2406/00Means using fluid B65H2407/00Other means designed for special purposes B65H2408/00Specific machines B65H2511/00Dimension Position Number Identification Occurence B65H2513/00Dynamic entities Timing aspect B65H2515/00Physical entities not provided for in groups B65H2511/00 or B65H2513/00 B65H2519/00Chemical characteristics B65H2551/00Means for control to be used by operator User interfaces B65H2553/00Means for sensing, detecting or otherwise used for control B65H2555/00Actuating means B65H2557/00Means for control not provided for in groups B65H2551/00 - B65H2555/00 B65H26/00Warning or safety devices B65H2601/00Problem to be solved or advantage achieved B65H27/00Special constructions of feed or guide rollers and surfaces thereof B65H2701/00Handled material Storage means B65H2801/00Application field B65H29/00Delivering or advancing articles from machines Advancing articles to or into piles B65H3/00Separating articles from piles B65H31/00Pile receivers B65H33/00Forming counted batches in delivery pile or stream of articles B65H35/00Delivering articles from cutting or line-perforating machines Article or web delivery apparatus incorporating cutting or line-perforating devices B65H37/00Article or web delivery apparatus incorporating devices for performing specified auxiliary operations B65H39/00Associating, collating or gathering articles or webs B65H41/00Machines for separating superposed webs B65H43/00Use of control, checking, or safety devices B65H45/00Folding thin material B65H47/00Unfolding thin limp material B65H49/00Unwinding or paying-out filamentary material Supporting, storing or transporting packages from which filamentary material is to be withdrawn or paid-out B65H5/00Feeding articles separated from piles Feeding articles to machines B65H51/00Forwarding filamentary material B65H54/00Winding, coiling, or depositing filamentary material B65H55/00Wound packages of filamentary material B65H57/00Guides for filamentary materials Supports therefor B65H59/00Adjusting or controlling tension in filamentary material B65H61/00Applications of devices for metering predetermined lengths of running material B65H63/00Warning or safety devices B65H65/00Securing material to cores or formers B65H67/00Replacing or removing cores, receptacles, or completed packages at paying-out, winding, or depositing stations B65H69/00Methods of, or devices for, interconnecting successive lengths of material Knot-tying devices ;Control of the correct working of the interconnecting device B65H7/00Controlling article feeding, separating, pile-advancing, or associated apparatus, to take account of incorrect feeding, absence of articles, or presence of faulty articles B65H71/00Moistening, sizing, oiling, waxing, colouring or drying filamentary material as additional measures during package formation B65H73/00Stripping waste material from cores or formers B65H75/00Storing webs, tapes, or filamentary material B65H79/00Driving-gear for devices for forwarding, winding, unwinding, or depositing material, not otherwise provided for B65H81/00Methods, apparatus, or devices for covering or wrapping cores by winding webs, tapes, or filamentary material, not otherwise provided for B65H83/00Combinations of piling and depiling operations B65H85/00Recirculating articles B65H9/00Registering B65H99/00Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass