Immunoglobulins [IGs]


  • CPC
  • C07K16/00
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Sub Industries

C07K16/005constructed by phage libraries C07K16/02from eggs C07K16/04from milk C07K16/06from serum C07K16/065Purification, fragmentation C07K16/08against material from viruses C07K16/081from DNA viruses C07K16/082Hepadnaviridae C07K16/084Papovaviridae C07K16/085Herpetoviridae C07K16/087Herpes simplex virus C07K16/088Varicella-zoster virus C07K16/10from RNA viruses C07K16/1009Picornaviridae C07K16/1018Orthomyxoviridae C07K16/1027Paramyxoviridae C07K16/1036Retroviridae C07K16/1045Lentiviridae C07K16/1054gag-pol C07K16/1063env C07K16/1072Regulatory proteins C07K16/1081Togaviridae C07K16/109Hepatitis C virus; Hepatitis G virus C07K16/12against material from bacteria C07K16/1203from Gram-negative bacteria C07K16/1207from Spirochaetales (O) C07K16/121from Helicobacter (Campylobacter) (G) C07K16/1214from Pseudomonadaceae (F) C07K16/1217from Neisseriaceae (F) C07K16/1221from Brucella (G) C07K16/1225from Bordetella (G) C07K16/1228from Enterobacteriaceae (F) C07K16/1232from Escherichia (G) C07K16/1235from Salmonella (G) C07K16/1239from Vibrionaceae (G) C07K16/1242from Pasteurellaceae (F) C07K16/1246from Rickettsiales (O) C07K16/125from Chlamydiales (O) C07K16/1253from Mycoplasmatales C07K16/1257from Bacteridaceae (F) C07K16/126from Legionella (G) C07K16/1264from Rhizobiaceae (F) C07K16/1267from Gram-positive bacteria C07K16/1271from Micrococcaceae (F) C07K16/1275from Streptococcus (G) C07K16/1278from Bacillus (G) C07K16/1282from Clostridium (G) C07K16/1285from Corynebacterium (G) C07K16/1289from Mycobacteriaceae (F) C07K16/1292from Actinomyces; from Streptomyces (G) C07K16/1296from Listeria C07K16/14against material from fungi, algea or lichens C07K16/16against material from plants C07K16/18against material from animals or humans C07K16/20from protozoa C07K16/205Plasmodium C07K16/22against growth factors; against growth regulators C07K16/24against cytokines, lymphokines or interferons C07K16/241Tumor Necrosis Factors C07K16/242Lymphotoxin [LT] C07K16/243Colony Stimulating Factors C07K16/244Interleukins [IL] C07K16/245IL-1 C07K16/246IL-2 C07K16/247IL-4 C07K16/248IL-6 C07K16/249Interferons C07K16/26against hormones; against hormone releasing or inhibiting factors C07K16/28against receptors, cell surface antigens or cell surface determinants C07K16/2803against the immunoglobulin superfamily C07K16/2806against CD2 C07K16/2809against the T-cell receptor (TcR)-CD3 complex C07K16/2812against CD4 C07K16/2815against CD8 C07K16/2818against CD28 or CD152 C07K16/2821against ICAM molecules C07K16/2824against CD58 C07K16/2827against B7 molecules C07K16/283against Fc-receptors C07K16/2833against MHC-molecules C07K16/2836against CD106 C07K16/2839against the integrin superfamily C07K16/2842against integrin beta1-subunit-containing molecules C07K16/2845against integrin beta2-subunit-containing molecules C07K16/2848against integrin beta3-subunit-containing molecules C07K16/2851against the lectin superfamily C07K16/2854against selectins C07K16/2857against nuclear receptors C07K16/286against neuromediator receptors C07K16/2863against receptors for growth factors, growth regulators C07K16/2866against receptors for cytokines, lymphokines, interferons C07K16/2869against hormone receptors C07K16/2872against prion molecules C07K16/2875against the NGF/TNF superfamily C07K16/2878against the NGF-receptor/TNF-receptor superfamily C07K16/2881against CD71 C07K16/2884against CD44 C07K16/2887against CD20 C07K16/289against CD45 C07K16/2893against CD52 C07K16/2896against molecules with a "CD"-designation, not provided for elsewhere C07K16/30from tumour cells C07K16/3007Carcino-embryonic Antigens C07K16/3015Breast C07K16/3023Lung C07K16/303Liver or Pancreas C07K16/3038Kidney, bladder C07K16/3046Stomach, Intestines C07K16/3053Skin, nerves, brain C07K16/3061Blood cells C07K16/3069Reproductive system C07K16/3076against structure-related tumour-associated moieties C07K16/3084against tumour-associated gangliosides C07K16/3092against tumour-associated mucins C07K16/32against translation products of oncogenes C07K16/34against blood group antigens C07K16/36against blood coagulation factors C07K16/38against protease inhibitors of peptide structure C07K16/40against enzymes C07K16/42against immunoglobulins C07K16/4208against an idiotypic determinant on Ig C07K16/4216against anti-viral Ig C07K16/4225against anti-HIV Ig C07K16/4233against anti-bacterial Ig C07K16/4241against anti-human or anti-animal Ig C07K16/425against anti-protozoal Ig C07K16/4258against anti-receptor Ig C07K16/4266against anti-tumor receptor Ig C07K16/4275against anti-CD4 Ig C07K16/4283against an allotypic or isotypic determinant on Ig C07K16/4291against IgE C07K16/44against material not provided for elsewhere C07K16/46Hybrid immunoglobulins C07K16/461Igs containing Ig-regions, -domains or -residues form different species C07K16/462Igs containing a variable region (Fv) from one specie and a constant region (Fc) from another C07K16/464Igs containing CDR-residues from one specie grafted between FR-residues from another C07K16/465with additional modified FR-residues C07K16/467Igs with modifications in the FR-residues only C07K16/468Immunoglobulins having two or more different antigen binding sites