Input arrangements for transferring data to be processed into a form capable of being handled by the computer Output arrangements for transferring data from processing unit to output unit


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  • G06F3/00
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Sub Industries

G06F3/002Specific input/output arrangements not covered by G06F3/02 - G06F3/16 G06F3/005Input arrangements through a video camera G06F3/007Digital input from or digital output to memories of the shift register type G06F3/01Input arrangements or combined input and output arrangements for interaction between user and computer G06F3/011Arrangements for interaction with the human body G06F3/012Head tracking input arrangements G06F3/013Eye tracking input arrangements G06F3/014Hand-worn input/output arrangements G06F3/015Input arrangements based on nervous system activity detection G06F3/016Input arrangements with force or tactile feedback as computer generated output to the user G06F3/017Gesture based interaction G06F3/018Input/output arrangements for oriental characters G06F3/02Input arrangements using manually operated switches G06F3/0202Constructional details or processes of manufacture of the input device G06F3/0205Lever arrangements for operating keyboard cursor control keys in a joystick-like manner G06F3/0208Arrangements for adjusting the tilt angle of a keyboard G06F3/021Arrangements integrating additional peripherals in a keyboard G06F3/0213Arrangements providing an integrated pointing device in a keyboard G06F3/0216Arrangements for ergonomically adjusting the disposition of keys of a keyboard G06F3/0219Special purpose keyboards G06F3/0221Arrangements for reducing keyboard size for transport or storage G06F3/0224Key guide holders G06F3/0227Cooperation and interconnection of the input arrangement with other functional units of a computer G06F3/023Arrangements for converting discrete items of information into a coded form G06F3/0231Cordless keyboards G06F3/0232Manual direct entries G06F3/0233Character input methods G06F3/0234using switches operable in different directions G06F3/0235using chord techniques G06F3/0236using selection techniques to select from displayed items G06F3/0237using prediction or retrieval techniques G06F3/0238Programmable keyboards G06F3/027for insertion of decimal point G06F3/03Arrangements for converting the position or the displacement of a member into a coded form G06F3/0304Detection arrangements using opto-electronic means G06F3/0308comprising a plurality of distinctive and separately oriented light emitters or reflectors associated to the pointing device G06F3/0312for tracking the rotation of a spherical or circular member G06F3/0317in co-operation with a patterned surface G06F3/0321by optically sensing the absolute position with respect to a regularly patterned surface forming a passive digitiser G06F3/0325using a plurality of light emitters or reflectors or a plurality of detectors forming a reference frame from which to derive the orientation of the object G06F3/033Pointing devices displaced or positioned by the user G06F3/0334Foot operated pointing devices G06F3/0338with detection of limited linear or angular displacement of an operating part of the device from a neutral position G06F3/0346with detection of the device orientation or free movement in a 3D space G06F3/0354with detection of 2D relative movements between the device, or an operating part thereof, and a plane or surface G06F3/03541Mouse/trackball convertible devices, in which the same ball is used to track the 2D relative movement G06F3/03542Light pens for emitting or receiving light G06F3/03543Mice or pucks G06F3/03544having dual sensing arrangement G06F3/03545Pens or stylus G06F3/03546using a rotatable ball at the tip as position detecting member G06F3/03547Touch pads, in which fingers can move on a surface G06F3/03548Sliders, in which the moving part moves in a plane G06F3/03549Trackballs G06F3/0362with detection of 1D translations or rotations of an operating part of the device G06F3/037using the raster scan of a cathode-ray tube [CRT] for detecting the position of the member G06F3/038Control and interface arrangements therefor G06F3/0383Signal control means within the pointing device G06F3/0386for light pen G06F3/039Accessories therefor G06F3/0395Mouse pads G06F3/041Digitisers G06F3/0412Integrated displays and digitisers G06F3/0414using force sensing means G06F3/0416Control and interface arrangements for touch screen G06F3/0418for error correction or compensation G06F3/042by opto-electronic means G06F3/0421by interrupting or reflecting a light beam G06F3/0423using sweeping light beams G06F3/0425using a single imaging device like a video camera for tracking the absolute position of a single or a plurality of objects with respect to an imaged reference surface G06F3/0426tracking fingers with respect to a virtual keyboard projected or printed on the surface G06F3/0428by sensing at the edges of the touch surface the interruption of optical paths G06F3/043using propagating acoustic waves G06F3/0433in which the acoustic waves are either generated by a movable member and propagated within a surface layer or propagated within a surface layer and captured by a movable member G06F3/0436in which generating transducers and detecting transducers are attached to a single acoustic waves transmission substrate G06F3/044by capacitive means G06F3/045using resistive elements G06F3/046by electromagnetic means G06F3/047using sets of wires G06F3/048Interaction techniques based on graphical user interfaces [GUI] G06F3/0481based on specific properties of the displayed interaction object or a metaphor-based environment G06F3/04812interaction techniques based on cursor appearance or behaviour being affected by the presence of displayed objects G06F3/04815Interaction with three-dimensional environments G06F3/04817using icons G06F3/0482interaction with lists of selectable items G06F3/0483interaction with page-structured environments G06F3/0484for the control of specific functions or operations G06F3/04842Selection of a displayed object G06F3/04845for image manipulation G06F3/04847Interaction techniques to control parameter settings G06F3/0485Scrolling or panning G06F3/04855Interaction with scrollbars G06F3/0486Drag-and-drop G06F3/0487using specific features provided by the input device G06F3/0488using a touch-screen or digitiser G06F3/04883for entering handwritten data G06F3/04886by partitioning the screen or tablet into independently controllable areas G06F3/0489using dedicated keyboard keys or combinations thereof G06F3/04892Arrangements for controlling cursor position based on codes indicative of cursor displacements from one discrete location to another G06F3/04895Guidance during keyboard input operation G06F3/04897Special input arrangements or commands for improving display capability G06F3/05Digital input using the sampling of an analogue quantity at regular intervals of time, input from a/d converter or output to d/a converter G06F3/06Digital input from or digital output to record carriers G06F3/0601Dedicated interfaces to storage systems G06F3/0602specifically adapted to achieve a particular effect G06F3/0604Improving or facilitating administration G06F3/0605by facilitating the interaction with a user or administrator G06F3/0607by facilitating the process of upgrading existing storage systems G06F3/0608Saving storage space on storage systems G06F3/061Improving I/O performance G06F3/0611in relation to response time G06F3/0613in relation to throughput G06F3/0614Improving the reliability of storage systems G06F3/0616in relation to life time G06F3/0617in relation to availability G06F3/0619in relation to data integrity G06F3/062Securing storage systems G06F3/0622in relation to access G06F3/0623in relation to content G06F3/0625Power saving in storage systems G06F3/0626Reducing size or complexity of storage systems G06F3/0628making use of a particular technique G06F3/0629Configuration or reconfiguration of storage systems G06F3/0631by allocating resources to storage systems G06F3/0632by initialisation or re-initialisation of storage systems G06F3/0634by changing the state or mode of one or more devices G06F3/0635by changing the path G06F3/0637Permissions G06F3/0638Organizing or formatting or addressing of data G06F3/064Management of blocks G06F3/0641De-duplication techniques G06F3/0643Management of files G06F3/0644Management of space entities G06F3/0646Horizontal data movement in storage systems G06F3/0647Migration mechanisms G06F3/0649Lifecycle management G06F3/065Replication mechanisms G06F3/0652Erasing G06F3/0653Monitoring storage devices or systems G06F3/0655Vertical data movement G06F3/0656Data buffering arrangements G06F3/0658Controller construction arrangements G06F3/0659Command handling arrangements G06F3/0661Format or protocol conversion arrangements G06F3/0662Virtualisation aspects G06F3/0664at device level G06F3/0665at area level G06F3/0667at data level G06F3/0668adopting a particular infrastructure G06F3/067Distributed or networked storage systems G06F3/0671In-line storage system G06F3/0673Single storage device G06F3/0674Disk device G06F3/0676Magnetic disk device G06F3/0677Optical disk device G06F3/0679Non-volatile semiconductor memory device G06F3/068Hybrid storage device G06F3/0682Tape device G06F3/0683Plurality of storage devices G06F3/0685Hybrid storage combining heterogeneous device types G06F3/0686Libraries G06F3/0688Non-volatile semiconductor memory arrays G06F3/0689Disk arrays G06F3/08from or to individual record carriers G06F3/09Digital output to typewriters G06F3/12Digital output to print unit G06F3/1201Dedicated interfaces to print systems G06F3/1202specifically adapted to achieve a particular effect G06F3/1203Improving or facilitating administration G06F3/1204resulting in reduced user or operator actions G06F3/1205resulting in increased flexibility in print job configuration G06F3/1206resulting in increased flexibility in input data format or job format or job type G06F3/1207resulting in the user being informed about print result after a job submission G06F3/1208resulting in improved quality of the output result G06F3/1209resulting in adapted or bridged legacy communication protocols G06F3/121Facilitating exception or error detection and recovery G06F3/1211Improving printing performance G06F3/1212achieving reduced delay between job submission and print start G06F3/1213at an intermediate node or at the final node G06F3/1214at the submitting node G06F3/1215achieving increased printing speed G06F3/1217achieving reduced idle time at the output device or increased asset utilization G06F3/1218Reducing or saving of used resources G06F3/1219with regard to consumables G06F3/122with regard to computing resources G06F3/1221with regard to power consumption G06F3/1222Increasing security of the print job G06F3/1223specifically adapted to use a particular technique G06F3/1224Client or server resources management G06F3/1225Software update G06F3/1226Discovery of devices having required properties G06F3/1227Printer definition files G06F3/1228Printing driverless or using generic drivers G06F3/1229Printer resources management or printer maintenance G06F3/123Software or firmware update G06F3/1231Device related settings G06F3/1232Transmitting printer device capabilities G06F3/1234Errors handling and recovery G06F3/1235caused by end of consumables G06F3/1236Connection management G06F3/1237Print job management G06F3/1238Secure printing G06F3/1239Restricting the usage of resources G06F3/124Parallel printing or parallel ripping G06F3/1241Dividing a job according to job requirements G06F3/1242Image or content composition onto a page G06F3/1243Variable data printing G06F3/1244Job translation or job parsing G06F3/1245by conversion to intermediate or common format G06F3/1246by handling markup languages G06F3/1247by conversion to printer ready format G06F3/1248by printer language recognition G06F3/125Page layout or assigning input pages onto output media G06F3/1251for continuous media G06F3/1252for sheet based media G06F3/1253Configuration of print job parameters G06F3/1254Automatic configuration G06F3/1255Settings incompatibility G06F3/1256User feedback G06F3/1257by using pre-stored settings G06F3/1258by updating job settings at the printer G06F3/1259Print job monitoring G06F3/126Job scheduling G06F3/1261by using alternate printing G06F3/1262by grouping or ganging jobs G06F3/1263based on job priority G06F3/1264by assigning post-processing resources G06F3/1265Printing by reference G06F3/1267Job repository G06F3/1268Job submission G06F3/1269by broadcasting server G06F3/127by using hot folders G06F3/1271Job submission at the printing node G06F3/1272Digital storefront G06F3/1273Print job history G06F3/1274Deleting of print job G06F3/1275Print workflow management G06F3/1276within a printer driver G06F3/1277using filter pipeline G06F3/1278specifically adapted to adopt a particular infrastructure G06F3/1279Controller construction G06F3/128Direct printing G06F3/1281Multi engine printer devices G06F3/1282High volume printer device G06F3/1284Local printer device G06F3/1285Remote printer device G06F3/1286via local network G06F3/1287via internet G06F3/1288in client-server-printer device configuration G06F3/1289in server-client-printer device configuration G06F3/129in server-printer device-client configuration, e.g. print flow goes from server to printer and then bidirectional from printer to client G06F3/1291Pool of printer devices: self-managing printing devices in a network G06F3/1292Mobile client G06F3/1293Printer information exchange with computer G06F3/1294Status or feedback related to information exchange G06F3/1295Buffering means G06F3/1296Printer job scheduling or printer resource handling G06F3/1297Printer code translation, conversion, emulation, compression; Configuration of printer parameters G06F3/1298Printer language recognition G06F3/13Digital output to plotter; Cooperation and interconnection of the plotter with other functional units G06F3/14Digital output to display device; Cooperation and interconnection of the display device with other functional units G06F3/1407General aspects irrespective of display type G06F3/1415with means for detecting differences between the image stored in the host and the images displayed on the displays G06F3/1423controlling a plurality of local displays G06F3/1431using a single graphics controller G06F3/1438using more than one graphics controller G06F3/1446display composed of modules G06F3/1454involving copying of the display data of a local workstation or window to a remote workstation or window so that an actual copy of the data is displayed simultaneously on two or more displays G06F3/1462with means for detecting differences between the image stored in the host and the images displayed on the remote displays G06F3/147using display panels G06F3/1475with conversion of CRT control signals to flat panel control signals G06F3/153using cathode-ray tubes G06F3/16Sound input Sound output G06F3/162Interface to dedicated audio devices G06F3/165Management of the audio stream G06F3/167Audio in a user interface