Layered products comprising a layer of synthetic resin


  • CPC
  • B32B27/00
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Sub Industries

B32B27/02in the form of fibres or filaments B32B27/04as impregnant, bonding, or embedding substance B32B27/06as the main or only constituent of a layer, which is next to another layer of the same or of a different material B32B27/065of foam B32B27/08of synthetic resin B32B27/10of paper or cardboard B32B27/12next to a fibrous or filamentary layer B32B27/14next to a particulate layer B32B27/16specially treated B32B27/18characterised by the use of special additives B32B27/20using fillers, pigments, thixotroping agents B32B27/205the fillers creating voids or cavities B32B27/22using plasticisers B32B27/24using solvents or swelling agents B32B27/26using curing agents B32B27/28comprising synthetic resins not wholly covered by any one of the sub-groups B32B27/30 - B32B27/42 B32B27/281comprising polyimides B32B27/283comprising polysiloxanes B32B27/285comprising polyethers B32B27/286comprising polysulphones; polysulfides B32B27/288comprising polyketones B32B27/30comprising vinyl (co)polymers; comprising acrylic (co)polymers B32B27/302comprising aromatic vinyl (co)polymers B32B27/304comprising vinyl halide (co)polymers B32B27/306comprising vinyl acetate or vinyl alcohol (co)polymers B32B27/308comprising acrylic (co)polymers B32B27/32comprising polyolefins B32B27/322comprising halogenated polyolefins B32B27/325comprising polycycloolefins B32B27/327comprising polyolefins obtained by a metallocene or single-site catalyst B32B27/34comprising polyamides B32B27/36comprising polyesters B32B27/365comprising polycarbonates B32B27/38comprising epoxy resins B32B27/40comprising polyurethanes B32B27/42comprising condensation resins of aldehydes