Measuring temperature based on the use of electric or magnetic elements directly sensitive to heat; Power supply


  • CPC
  • G01K7/00
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Sub Industries

G01K7/003using pyroelectric elements G01K7/006using superconductive elements G01K7/01using semiconducting elements having PN junctions G01K7/015using microstructures G01K7/02using thermoelectric elements G01K7/021Particular circuit arrangements G01K7/023provided with specially adapted connectors G01K7/025expendable thermocouples G01K7/026Arrangements for signalling rupture or disconnection of the thermocouple G01K7/028using microstructures G01K7/04the object to be measured not forming one of the thermo-electric materials G01K7/06the thermo-electric materials being arranged one within the other with the junction at one end exposed to the object G01K7/08the object to be measured forming one of the thermo-electric materials G01K7/10Arrangements for compensating for auxiliary variables G01K7/12Arrangements with respect to the cold junction G01K7/13Circuits for cold-junction compensation G01K7/14Arrangements for modifying the output characteristic G01K7/16using resistive elements G01K7/18the element being a linear resistance G01K7/183characterised by the use of the resistive element G01K7/186using microstructures G01K7/20in a specially-adapted circuit G01K7/203in an oscillator circuit G01K7/206in a potentiometer circuit G01K7/21for modifying the output characteristic G01K7/22the element being a non-linear resistance G01K7/223characterised by the shape of the resistive element G01K7/226using microstructures G01K7/24in a specially-adapted circuit G01K7/245in an oscillator circuit G01K7/25for modifying the output characteristic G01K7/26the element being an electrolyte G01K7/28in a specially-adapted circuit G01K7/30using thermal noise of resistances or conductors G01K7/32using change of resonant frequency of a crystal G01K7/34using capacitative elements G01K7/343the dielectric constant of which is temperature dependant G01K7/346for measuring temperature based on the time delay of a signal through a series of logical ports G01K7/36using magnetic elements G01K7/38the variations of temperature influencing the magnetic permeability G01K7/40using ionisation of gases G01K7/42Circuits for reducing thermal inertia Circuits for predicting the stationary value of temperature G01K7/425Thermal management of integrated systems G01K7/427Temperature calculation based on spatial modeling