Optical elements other than lenses


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  • G02B5/00
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Sub Industries

G02B5/001Axicons, waxicons, reflaxicons G02B5/003Light absorbing elements G02B5/005Diaphragms G02B5/006cooled G02B5/008Surface plasmon devices G02B5/02Diffusing elements Afocal elements G02B5/0205characterised by the diffusing properties G02B5/021the diffusion taking place at the element's surface G02B5/0215the surface having a regular structure G02B5/0221the surface having an irregular structure G02B5/0226having particles on the surface G02B5/0231the surface having micro-prismatic or micro-pyramidal shape G02B5/0236the diffusion taking place within the volume of the element G02B5/0242by means of dispersed particles G02B5/0247by means of voids or pores G02B5/0252using holographic or diffractive means G02B5/0257creating an anisotropic diffusion characteristic G02B5/0263with positional variation of the diffusing properties G02B5/0268characterized by the fabrication or manufacturing method G02B5/0273characterized by the use G02B5/0278used in transmission G02B5/0284used in reflection G02B5/0289used as a transflector G02B5/0294adapted to provide an additional optical effect G02B5/04Prisms G02B5/045Prism arrays G02B5/06Fluid-filled or evacuated prisms G02B5/08Mirrors G02B5/0808having a single reflecting layer G02B5/0816Multilayer mirrors G02B5/0825the reflecting layers comprising dielectric materials only G02B5/0833comprising inorganic materials only G02B5/0841comprising organic materials G02B5/085at least one of the reflecting layers comprising metal G02B5/0858the reflecting layers comprising a single metallic layer with one or more dielectric layers G02B5/0866incorporating one or more organic G02B5/0875the reflecting layers comprising two or more metallic layers G02B5/0883with a refractive index gradient G02B5/0891Ultraviolet [UV] mirrors G02B5/09Multifaceted or polygonal mirrors G02B5/10with curved faces G02B5/12Reflex reflectors G02B5/122cube corner, trihedral or triple reflector type G02B5/124plural reflecting elements forming part of a unitary plate or sheet G02B5/126including curved refracting surface G02B5/128transparent spheres being embedded in matrix G02B5/13plural curved refracting elements forming part of a unitary body G02B5/132with individual reflector mounting means G02B5/134including a threaded mounting member G02B5/136plural reflecting elements forming part of a unitary body G02B5/18Diffraction gratings G02B5/1809with pitch less than or comparable to the wavelength G02B5/1814structurally combined with one or more further optical elements G02B5/1819Plural gratings positioned on the same surface G02B5/1823in an overlapping or superposed manner G02B5/1828having means for producing variable diffraction G02B5/1833comprising birefringent materials G02B5/1838for use with ultraviolet radiation or X-rays G02B5/1842Gratings for image generation G02B5/1847Manufacturing methods G02B5/1852using mechanical means G02B5/1857using exposure or etching means G02B5/1861Reflection gratings characterised by their structure G02B5/1866Transmission gratings characterised by their structure G02B5/1871Transmissive phase gratings G02B5/1876Diffractive Fresnel lenses; Zone plates; Kinoforms G02B5/188Plurality of such optical elements formed in or on a supporting substrate G02B5/1885Arranged as a periodic array G02B5/189Structurally combined with optical elements not having diffractive power G02B5/1895such optical elements having dioptric power G02B5/20Filters G02B5/201in the form of arrays G02B5/202comprising a gas or vapour G02B5/203having holographic or diffractive elements G02B5/204in which spectral selection is performed by means of a conductive grid or array G02B5/205Neutral density filters G02B5/206comprising particles embedded in a solid matrix G02B5/207comprising semiconducting materials G02B5/208for use with infra-red or ultraviolet radiation G02B5/22Absorbing filters G02B5/223containing organic substances G02B5/226Glass filters G02B5/23Photochromic filters G02B5/24Liquid filters G02B5/26Reflecting filters G02B5/265involving total internal reflection G02B5/28Interference filters G02B5/281designed for the infra-red light G02B5/282reflecting for infra-red and transparent for visible light G02B5/283designed for the ultraviolet G02B5/284of etalon type comprising a resonant cavity other than a thin solid film G02B5/285comprising deposited thin solid films G02B5/286having four or fewer layers G02B5/287comprising at least one layer of organic material G02B5/288comprising at least one thin film resonant cavity G02B5/289Rugate filters G02B5/30Polarising elements G02B5/3008comprising dielectric particles G02B5/3016involving passive liquid crystal elements G02B5/3025Polarisers G02B5/3033in the form of a thin sheet or foil G02B5/3041comprising multiple thin layers G02B5/305including organic materials G02B5/3058comprising electrically conductive elements G02B5/3066involving the reflection of light at a particular angle of incidence G02B5/3075for use in the UV G02B5/3083Birefringent or phase retarding elements G02B5/3091for use in the UV G02B5/32Birefringent or phase retarding elements