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  • G02B27/00
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Sub Industries

G02B27/0006with means to keep optical surfaces clean G02B27/0012Optical design G02B27/0018with means for preventing ghost images G02B27/0025for optical correction G02B27/0031for scanning purposes G02B27/0037with diffracting elements G02B27/0043in projection exposure systems G02B27/005for correction of secondary color or higher-order chromatic aberrations G02B27/0056by using a diffractive optical element G02B27/0062by controlling the dispersion of a lens material G02B27/0068having means for controlling the degree of correction G02B27/0075with means for altering G02B27/0081with means for altering G02B27/0087Phased arrays G02B27/0093with means for monitoring data relating to the user G02B27/01Head-up displays G02B27/0101characterised by optical features G02B27/0103comprising holographic elements G02B27/0149characterised by mechanical features G02B27/017Head mounted G02B27/0172characterised by optical features G02B27/0176characterised by mechanical features G02B27/0179Display position adjusting means not related to the information to be displayed G02B27/0189Sight systems G02B27/02Viewing or reading apparatus G02B27/021Reading apparatus G02B27/022Viewing apparatus G02B27/023for viewing X-ray images using image converters G02B27/024comprising a light source G02B27/025and magnifying means G02B27/026and a display device G02B27/027comprising magnifying means G02B27/028characterised by the supporting structure G02B27/04having collapsible parts G02B27/06with moving picture effect G02B27/08Kaleidoscopes G02B27/09Beam shaping G02B27/0905Dividing and/or superposing multiple light beams G02B27/0911Anamorphotic systems G02B27/0916Adapting the beam shape of a semiconductor light source such as a laser diode or an LED G02B27/0922the semiconductor light source comprising an array of light emitters G02B27/0927Systems for changing the beam intensity distribution G02B27/0933Systems for active beam shaping by rapid movement of an element G02B27/0938Using specific optical elements G02B27/0944Diffractive optical elements G02B27/095Refractive optical elements G02B27/0955Lenses G02B27/0961Lens arrays G02B27/0966Cylindrical lenses G02B27/0972Prisms G02B27/0977Reflective elements G02B27/0983being curved G02B27/0988Diaphragms, spatial filters, masks for removing or filtering a part of the beam G02B27/0994Fibers, light pipes G02B27/10Beam splitting or combining systems G02B27/1006for splitting or combining different wavelengths G02B27/1013for color or multispectral image sensors G02B27/102for generating a colour image from monochromatic image signal sources G02B27/1026for use with reflective spatial light modulators G02B27/1033having a single light modulator for all colour channels G02B27/104for use with scanning systems G02B27/1046for use with transmissive spatial light modulators G02B27/1053having a single light modulator for all colour channels G02B27/106for splitting or combining a plurality of identical beams or images G02B27/1066for enhancing image performance, like resolution, pixel numbers, dual magnifications or dynamic range, by tiling, slicing or overlapping fields of view G02B27/1073characterized by manufacturing or alignment methods G02B27/108for sampling a portion of a beam or combining a small beam in a larger one G02B27/1086operating by diffraction only G02B27/1093for use with monochromatic radiation only G02B27/12operating by refraction only G02B27/123The splitting element being a lens or a system of lenses, including arrays and surfaces with refractive power G02B27/126The splitting element being a prism or prismatic array, including systems based on total internal reflection G02B27/14operating by reflection only G02B27/141using dichroic mirrors G02B27/142Coating structures G02B27/143using macroscopically faceted or segmented reflective surfaces G02B27/144using partially transparent surfaces without spectral selectivity G02B27/145having sequential partially reflecting surfaces G02B27/146with a tree or branched structure G02B27/147using averaging effects by spatially variable reflectivity on a microscopic level G02B27/148including stacked surfaces having at least one double-pass partially reflecting surface G02B27/149using crossed beamsplitting surfaces G02B27/16used as aids for focusing G02B27/18for optical projection G02B27/20for imaging minute objects G02B27/22for producing stereoscopic or other three dimensional effects G02B27/2207stereoscopic devices based on anaglyph techniques G02B27/2214involving lenticular arrays or parallax barriers G02B27/2221giving the psychological impression of depth to the observer of a single two dimensional image G02B27/2228Stereoscopes or similar systems based on providing first and second images situated at first and second locations, said images corresponding to parallactically displaced views of the same object, and presenting the first and second images to an observer's left and right eyes respectively G02B27/2235including reflecting surfaces in the optical path between the images and the observer G02B27/2242including refractive beam deviating means G02B27/225of the autostereoscopic type G02B27/2257Collapsible stereoscopes G02B27/2264involving time multiplexing G02B27/2271the image being built up from image elements distributed over a three dimensional volume G02B27/2278the volume being constructed from a stack or sequence of two dimensional planes G02B27/2285the volume being generated by a moving G02B27/2292involving projecting an aerial or floating image G02B27/24involving reflecting prisms and mirrors only G02B27/26involving polarising means G02B27/28for polarising G02B27/281used for attenuating light intensity G02B27/283used for beam splitting or combining G02B27/285comprising arrays of elements G02B27/286for controlling or changing the state of polarisation G02B27/288Filters employing polarising elements G02B27/30Collimators G02B27/32Fiducial marks and measuring scales within the optical system G02B27/34illuminated G02B27/36adjustable G02B27/40Optical focusing aids G02B27/42Diffraction optics G02B27/4205having a diffractive optical element [DOE] contributing to image formation G02B27/4211correcting chromatic aberrations G02B27/4216correcting geometrical aberrations G02B27/4222in projection exposure systems G02B27/4227in image scanning systems G02B27/4233having a diffractive element [DOE] contributing to a non-imaging application G02B27/4238in optical recording or readout devices G02B27/4244in wavelength selecting devices G02B27/425in illumination systems G02B27/4255for alignment or positioning purposes G02B27/4261having a diffractive element with major polarization dependent properties G02B27/4266Diffraction theory; Mathematical models G02B27/4272having plural diffractive elements positioned sequentially along the optical path G02B27/4277being separated by an air space G02B27/4283having a diffractive element with major temperature dependent properties G02B27/4288having uniform diffraction efficiency over a large spectral bandwidth G02B27/4294in multispectral systems G02B27/44Grating systems Zone plate systems G02B27/46Systems using spatial filters G02B27/48Laser speckle optics; Speckle reduction arrangements G02B27/50Optics for phase object visualisation G02B27/52Phase contrast optics G02B27/54Schlieren-optical systems G02B27/56Optics using evanescent waves G02B27/58Optics for apodization or superresolution Optical synthetic aperture systems G02B27/60Systems using moirè fringes G02B27/62Optical apparatus specially adapted for adjusting optical elements during the assembly of optical systems G02B27/64Imaging systems using optical elements for stabilisation of the lateral and angular position of the image G02B27/642Optical derotators, i.e. systems for compensating for image rotation G02B27/644compensating for large deviations G02B27/646compensating for small deviations G02B27/648for automatically maintaining a reference alignment