Solid state devices using organic materials as the active part, or using a combination of organic materials with other materials as the active part Processes or apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture or treatment of such devices, or of parts thereof


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  • H01L51/00
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Sub Industries

H01L51/0001Processes specially adapted for the manufacture or treatment of devices or of parts thereof H01L51/0002Deposition of organic semiconductor materials on a substrate H01L51/0003using liquid deposition H01L51/0004using printing techniques H01L51/0005ink-jet printing H01L51/0006Electrolytic deposition using an external electrical current H01L51/0007characterised by the solvent H01L51/0008using physical deposition H01L51/0009using laser ablation H01L51/001Vacuum deposition H01L51/0011selective deposition H01L51/0012special provisions for the orientation or alignment of the layer to be deposited H01L51/0013using non liquid printing techniques H01L51/0014for changing the shape of the device layer H01L51/0015by selective transformation of an existing layer H01L51/0016lift off techniques H01L51/0017etching of an existing layer H01L51/0018using photolithographic techniques H01L51/0019using printing techniques H01L51/002Making n- or p-doped regions H01L51/0021Formation of conductors H01L51/0022using printing techniques H01L51/0023Patterning of conductive layers H01L51/0024for forming devices by joining two substrates together H01L51/0025Purification process of the organic semiconductor material H01L51/0026Thermal treatment of the active layer H01L51/0027using coherent electromagnetic radiation H01L51/0028Thermal treatment in the presence of solvent vapors H01L51/0029Special provisions for controlling the atmosphere during processing H01L51/003using a temporary substrate H01L51/0031Testing H01L51/0032Selection of organic semiconducting materials H01L51/0034Organic polymers or oligomers H01L51/0035comprising aromatic, heteroaromatic, or arrylic chains H01L51/0036Heteroaromatic compounds comprising sulfur or selene H01L51/0037Polyethylene dioxythiophene [PEDOT] and derivatives H01L51/0038Poly-phenylenevinylene and derivatives H01L51/0039Polyeflurorene and derivatives H01L51/004comprising aliphatic or olefinic chains H01L51/0041Poly acetylene or derivatives H01L51/0042poly N-vinylcarbazol and derivatives H01L51/0043Copolymers H01L51/0044Ladder-type polymers H01L51/0045Carbon containing materials H01L51/0046Fullerenes H01L51/0047comprising substituents H01L51/0048Carbon nanotubes H01L51/0049comprising substituents H01L51/005Macromolecular systems with low molecular weight H01L51/0051Charge transfer complexes H01L51/0052Polycyclic condensed aromatic hydrocarbons H01L51/0053Aromatic anhydride or imide compounds H01L51/0054containing four rings H01L51/0055containing five rings H01L51/0056containing six or more rings H01L51/0057containing at least one aromatic ring having 7 or more carbon atoms H01L51/0058containing more than one polycyclic condensed aromatic rings H01L51/0059Amine compounds having at least two aryl rest on at least one amine-nitrogen atom H01L51/006comprising polycyclic condensed aromatic hydrocarbons as substituents on the nitrogen atom H01L51/0061comprising heteroaromatic hydrocarbons as substituents on the nitrogen atom H01L51/0062aromatic compounds comprising a hetero atom, e.g.: N,P,S H01L51/0064Cyanine Dyes H01L51/0065comprising only oxygen as heteroatom H01L51/0067comprising only nitrogen as heteroatom H01L51/0068comprising only sulfur as heteroatom H01L51/0069comprising two or more different heteroatoms per ring H01L51/007oxadiazole compounds H01L51/0071Polycyclic condensed heteroaromatic hydrocarbons H01L51/0072comprising only nitrogen in the heteroaromatic polycondensed ringsystem H01L51/0073comprising only oxygen in the heteroaromatic polycondensed ringsystem H01L51/0074comprising only sulfur in the heteroaromatic polycondensed ringsystem H01L51/0075Langmuir Blodgett films H01L51/0076Liquid crystalline materials H01L51/0077Coordination compounds H01L51/0078Phthalocyanine H01L51/0079Metal complexes comprising a IIIB-metal (B, Al, Ga, In or TI) H01L51/008comprising boron H01L51/0081comprising aluminium H01L51/0082comprising gallium H01L51/0083Metal complexes comprising an iron-series metal H01L51/0084Transition metal complexes H01L51/0085comprising Iridium H01L51/0086comprising Ruthenium H01L51/0087comprising platinum H01L51/0088comprising osmium H01L51/0089Metal complexes comprising Lanthanides or Actinides H01L51/009Polynuclear complexes H01L51/0091Metal complexes comprising a IB-metal (Cu, Ag, Au) H01L51/0092Metal complexes comprising a IIB-metal (Zn, Cd, Hg) H01L51/0093Biomolecules or bio-macromolecules H01L51/0094Silicon-containing organic semiconductors H01L51/0095Starburst compounds H01L51/0096Substrates H01L51/0097flexible substrates H01L51/0098Molecular electronic devices H01L51/05specially adapted for rectifying, amplifying, oscillating or switching, or capacitors or resistors with at least one potential- jump barrier or surface barrier multistep processes for their manufacture H01L51/0504the devices being controllable only by the electric current supplied or the electric potential applied, to an electrode which does not carry the current to be rectified, amplified or swiched H01L51/0508Field-effect devices H01L51/0512insulated gate field effect transistors H01L51/0516characterised by the gate dielectric H01L51/052the gate dielectric comprising only organic materials H01L51/0525the gate dielectric comprising only inorganic materials H01L51/0529the gate dielectric having a multilayered structure H01L51/0533Combinations of organic and inorganic layers H01L51/0537the gate dielectric comprising composite materials H01L51/0541Lateral single gate single channel transistors with non inverted structure H01L51/0545Lateral single gate single channel transistors with inverted structure H01L51/055characterised by the gate conductor H01L51/0554the transistor having two or more gate electrodes H01L51/0558characterised by the channel of the transistor H01L51/0562the channel comprising two or more active layers H01L51/0566the channel comprising a composite layer H01L51/057having a vertical structure H01L51/0575the devices being controllable only by variation of the electric current supplied or the electric potential applied, to one or more of the electrodes carrying the current to be rectified, amplified, oscillated or switched H01L51/0579Schottky diodes H01L51/0583comprising an organic/organic junction H01L51/0587comprising an organic/inorganic hetero-junction H01L51/0591Bi-stable switching devices H01L51/0595molecular electronic devices H01L51/10Details of devices H01L51/102Electrodes H01L51/105Ohmic contacts H01L51/107Passivation, containers, encapsulations H01L51/42specially adapted for sensing infra-red radiation, light, electro-magnetic radiation of shorter wavelength or corpuscular radiation and adapted for the conversion of the energy of such radiation into electrical energy or for the control of electrical energy by such radiation using organic materials as the active part, or using a combination of organic materials with other material as the active... H01L51/4206Metal-organic semiconductor-metal devices H01L51/4213Comprising organic semiconductor-inorganic semiconductor hetero-junctions H01L51/422Majority carrier devices using sensitisation of widebandgap semiconductors H01L51/4226the wideband gap semiconductor comprising titanium oxide H01L51/4233the wideband gap semiconductor comprising zinc oxide H01L51/424comprising organic semiconductor-organic semiconductor hetero-junctions H01L51/4246comprising multi-junctions H01L51/4253comprising bulk hetero-junctions H01L51/426comprising inorganic nanostructures H01L51/4266the inorganic nanostructures being nano-tubes or nano-wires H01L51/4273comprising blocking layers H01L51/428light sensitive field effect devices H01L51/4286Devices having a m-i-s structure H01L51/4293Devices having a p-i-n structure H01L51/44Details of devices H01L51/441Electrodes H01L51/442transparent electrodes H01L51/444comprising carbon nano-tubes H01L51/445comprising arrangements for extracting the current from the cell H01L51/447Light trapping means H01L51/448Passivation, containers, encapsulations H01L51/50specially adapted for light emission H01L51/5004characterised by the interrelation between parameters of constituting active layers H01L51/5008Intermediate layers comprising a mixture of materials of the adjoining active layers H01L51/5012Electroluminescent [EL] layer H01L51/5016Triplet emission H01L51/502comprising active inorganic nanostructures H01L51/5024having a host comprising an emissive dopant and further additive materials H01L51/5028for assisting energy transfer H01L51/5032Light emitting electrochemical cells [LEC] H01L51/5036Multi-colour light emission H01L51/504Stack of electroluminescent layers H01L51/5044with spacer layers between the emissive layers H01L51/5048Carrier transporting layer H01L51/5052Doped transporting layer H01L51/5056Hole transporting layer H01L51/506comprising a dopant H01L51/5064having a multilayered structure H01L51/5068arranged between the light emitting layer and the cathode H01L51/5072Electron transporting layer H01L51/5076comprising a dopant H01L51/508having a multilayered structure H01L51/5084arranged between the light emitting layer and the anode H01L51/5088Carrier injection layer H01L51/5092Electron injection layer H01L51/5096Carrier blocking layer H01L51/52Details of devices H01L51/5203Electrodes H01L51/5206Anodes H01L51/5209characterised by the shape H01L51/5212combined with auxiliary electrode H01L51/5215composed of transparent multilayers H01L51/5218Reflective anodes H01L51/5221Cathodes H01L51/5225characterised by the shape H01L51/5228combined with auxiliary electrodes H01L51/5231composed of opaque multilayers H01L51/5234Transparent H01L51/5237Passivation; Containers; Encapsulation H01L51/524Sealing arrangements having a self-supporting structure H01L51/5243the sealing arrangements being made of metallic material H01L51/5246characterised by the peripheral sealing arrangements H01L51/525Vertical spacers H01L51/5253Protective coatings H01L51/5256having repetitive multilayer structures H01L51/5259including getter material or desiccant H01L51/5262Arrangements for extracting light from the device H01L51/5265comprising a resonant cavity structure H01L51/5268Scattering means H01L51/5271Reflective means H01L51/5275Refractive means H01L51/5278comprising a repetitive electroluminescent unit between one set of electrodes H01L51/5281Arrangements for contrast improvement H01L51/5284comprising a light absorbing layer H01L51/5287OLED having a fiber structure H01L51/529Arrangements for heating or cooling H01L51/5293Arrangements for polarized light emission H01L51/5296Light emitting organic transistors H01L51/56Processes or apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture or treatment of such devices or of parts thereof