Vehicles particularly adapted for collecting refuse


  • CPC
  • B65F3/00
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Sub Industries

B65F3/001for segregated refuse collecting B65F3/005Hand-operated refuse vehicles B65F3/02with means for discharging refuse receptacles thereinto B65F3/0203with crane-like mechanisms B65F3/0206while the receptacles remain in place or are still attached to their supporting means B65F3/0209using suction B65F3/0213Means for facilitating the separation of discharging means from collecting vehicles B65F3/04Linkages, pivoted arms, or pivoted carriers for raising and subsequently tipping receptacles B65F3/041Pivoted arms or pivoted carriers B65F3/043with additional means for keeping the receptacle substantially vertical during raising B65F3/045Four-bar linkages B65F3/046with additional means for assisting the tipping of the receptacle after or during raising B65F3/048Linkages B65F3/06Arrangement and disposition of fluid actuators B65F3/08Platform elevators or hoists with guides or runways for raising or tipping receptacles B65F3/10Arrangement and disposition of fluid actuators B65F3/12Conjoint motion of lids, flaps, and shutters on vehicle and on receptacle Operation of closures on vehicle conjointly with tipping of receptacle B65F3/14with devices for charging, distributing or compressing refuse in the interior of the tank of a refuse vehicle B65F3/143Means facilitating the separation of the charging, distributing or compressing devices from the tank of refuse vehicles B65F3/16with conveyor wheels B65F3/18with endless conveyors B65F3/20with charging pistons, plates, or the like B65F3/201the charging pistons, plates or the like moving rectilinearly B65F3/202with radially shiftable charging plates or the like mounted on a rotary drum B65F3/203with charging teeth, cutters or the like mounted on an axle or a drum B65F3/205with two or more movable and co-operating plates or the like for charging refuse from the loading hopper to the interior of a refuse vehicle B65F3/206with charging plates or the like rotating around a vertical axis B65F3/207guided by tracks, channels, slots or the like provided on the vehicle B65F3/208the charging pistons, plates or the like oscillating about a horizontal axis B65F3/22with screw conveyors, rotary tanks B65F3/225Tanks rotating about a transversal axis for compressing the garbage by gravity B65F3/24with devices for unloading the tank of a refuse vehicle B65F3/26by tipping the tank B65F3/28by a lengthwise movement of a wall