Working by laser beam


  • CPC
  • B23K26/00
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Sub Industries

B23K26/0006taking account of the properties of the material involved B23K26/0054Working by transmitting the laser beam within the workpiece B23K26/0057by modifying or reforming the material inside the workpiece B23K26/006by creating voids inside the workpiece B23K26/0063the laser beam entering a face of the workpiece from which it is transmitted through the workpiece material to work on a face remote from the face where the laser beam entered the workpiece B23K26/0066for surface treatment B23K26/0069Laser shock processing B23K26/0072Modifying rugosity B23K26/0075Diminishing rugosity B23K26/0078Increasing rugosity B23K26/0081by melting B23K26/0084Texturing B23K26/0087by providing a line or line pattern B23K26/009using a non-absorbing B23K26/0093combined with mechanical machining or metal-working covered by other subclasses than B23K B23K26/0096Portable laser equipment B23K26/02Positioning or observing the workpiece B23K26/03Observing B23K26/032using optical means B23K26/034Observing the temperature of the workpiece B23K26/0342Observing magnetic fields related to the workpiece B23K26/0344Observing the speed of the workpiece B23K26/035Aligning the laser beam B23K26/037by pressing on the workpiece B23K26/04Automatically aligning, aiming or focusing the laser beam B23K26/042Automatically aligning the laser beam B23K26/043along the beam path B23K26/044Seam tracking B23K26/046Automatically focusing the laser beam B23K26/048by controlling the distance between laser head and workpiece B23K26/06Shaping the laser beam B23K26/0604by a combination of beams B23K26/0608in the same heat affected zone [HAZ] B23K26/0613having a common axis B23K26/0617and with spots spaced along the common axis B23K26/0619with spots located on opposed surfaces of the workpiece B23K26/062by direct control of the laser beam B23K26/0622by shaping pulses B23K26/0624using ultrashort pulses B23K26/0626Energy control of the laser beam B23K26/064by means of optical elements B23K26/0643comprising mirrors B23K26/0648comprising lenses B23K26/0652comprising prisms B23K26/066by using masks B23K26/0661disposed on the workpiece B23K26/0665by beam condensation on the workpiece B23K26/067Dividing the beam into multiple beams B23K26/0673into independently operating sub-beams B23K26/0676into dependently operating sub-beams B23K26/073Shaping the laser spot B23K26/0732into a rectangular shape B23K26/0734into an annular shape B23K26/0736into an oval shape B23K26/0738into a linear shape B23K26/08Devices involving relative movement between laser beam and workpiece B23K26/082Scanning systems B23K26/0821using multifaceted mirrors B23K26/0823Devices involving rotation of the workpiece B23K26/083Devices involving movement of the workpiece in at least one axial direction B23K26/0838by using an endless conveyor belt B23K26/0846for moving elongated workpieces longitudinally B23K26/0853Devices involving movement of the workpiece in at least in two axial directions B23K26/0861in at least in three axial directions B23K26/0869Devices involving movement of the laser head in at least one axial direction B23K26/0876in at least two axial directions B23K26/0884in at least in three axial directions B23K26/0892Controlling the laser beam travel length B23K26/10using a fixed support B23K26/103the laser beam rotating around the fixed workpiece B23K26/106inside the workpiece B23K26/12in a special atmosphere B23K26/122in a liquid B23K26/1224in vacuum B23K26/123in an atmosphere of particular gases B23K26/125of mixed gases B23K26/126in an atmosphere of gases chemically reacting with the workpiece B23K26/127in an enclosure B23K26/128Laser beam path enclosures B23K26/14using a fluid stream B23K26/142for the removal of by-products B23K26/1423the flow carrying an electric current B23K26/1429the flow carrying an electric arc B23K26/1435involving specially adapted flow control means B23K26/1436for pressure control B23K26/1437for flow rate control B23K26/1438for directional control B23K26/144the fluid stream containing particles B23K26/146the fluid stream containing a liquid B23K26/1462Nozzles; Features related to nozzles B23K26/1464Supply to, or discharge from, nozzles of media B23K26/147Features outside the nozzle for feeding the fluid stream towards the workpiece B23K26/1476Features inside the nozzle for feeding the fluid stream through the nozzle B23K26/1482Detachable nozzles B23K26/1488Means for protecting nozzles B23K26/1494Maintenance of nozzles B23K26/16Removal of by-products B23K26/18using absorbing layers on the workpiece B23K26/20Bonding B23K26/206Laser sealing B23K26/21by welding B23K26/211with interposition of special material to facilitate connection of the parts B23K26/22Spot welding B23K26/24Seam welding B23K26/242Fillet welding B23K26/244Overlap seam welding B23K26/26of rectilinear seams B23K26/262of longitudinal seams of tubes B23K26/28of curved planar seams B23K26/282of tube sections B23K26/30of three-dimensional seams B23K26/302of helicoidal seams B23K26/32taking account of the properties of the material involved B23K26/322involving coated metal parts B23K26/323involving parts made of dissimilar metallic material B23K26/324involving non-metallic parts B23K26/34Laser welding for purposes other than joining B23K26/342Build-up welding B23K26/346in combination with welding or cutting covered by groups B23K5/00 - B23K25/00 B23K26/348in combination with arc heating B23K26/351for trimming or tuning of electrical components B23K26/352for surface treatment B23K26/354by melting B23K26/356by shock processing B23K26/359by providing a line or line pattern B23K26/36Removing material B23K26/361for deburring or mechanical trimming B23K26/362Laser etching B23K26/364for making a groove or trench B23K26/38by boring or cutting B23K26/382by boring B23K26/384of specially shaped holes B23K26/386of blind holes B23K26/388Trepanning B23K26/389of fluid openings B23K26/40taking account of the properties of the material involved B23K26/402involving non-metallic material B23K26/50Working by transmitting the laser beam through or within the workpiece B23K26/53for modifying or reforming the material inside the workpiece B23K26/55for creating voids inside the workpiece B23K26/57the laser beam entering a face of the workpiece from which it is transmitted through the workpiece material to work on a different workpiece face B23K26/60Preliminary treatment B23K26/70Auxiliary operations or equipment B23K26/702Auxiliary equipment B23K26/703Cooling arrangements B23K26/704Beam dispersers B23K26/705Beam measuring device B23K26/706Protective screens B23K26/707for monitoring laser beam transmission optics