Arrangements for measuring frequencies Arrangements for analysing frequency spectra


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  • G01R23/00
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Sub Industries

G01R23/005Circuits for comparing several input signals and for indicating the result of this comparison G01R23/02Arrangements for measuring frequency G01R23/04adapted for measuring in circuits having distributed constants G01R23/06by converting frequency into an amplitude of current or voltage G01R23/07using response of circuits tuned on resonance G01R23/08using response of circuits tuned off resonance G01R23/09using analogue integrators G01R23/10by converting frequency into a train of pulses, which are then counted G01R23/12by converting frequency into phase shift G01R23/14by heterodyning by beat-frequency comparison G01R23/145by heterodyning or by beat-frequency comparison with the harmonic of an oscillator G01R23/15Indicating that frequency of pulses is either above or below a predetermined value or within or outside a predetermined range of values, by making use of non-linear or digital elements (indicating that pulse width is above or below a certain limit) G01R23/155giving an indication of the number of times this occurs G01R23/16Spectrum analysis Fourier analysis G01R23/163adapted for measuring in circuits having distributed constants G01R23/165using filters G01R23/167with digital filters G01R23/17with optical or acoustical auxiliary devices G01R23/173Wobbulating devices similar to swept panoramic receivers G01R23/175by delay means G01R23/177Analysis of very low frequencies G01R23/18with provision for recording frequency spectrum G01R23/20Measurement of non-linear distortion