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Sub Industries

G01R1/00Details of instruments or arrangements of the types included in groups G01R5/00 - G01R13/00 and G01R31/00 G01R11/00Electromechanical arrangements for measuring time integral of electric power i.e. electric energy or current G01R13/00Arrangements for displaying electric variables or waveforms G01R15/00Details of measuring arrangements of the types provided for in groups G01R17/00 - G01R29/00 and G01R33/00 - G01R35/00 G01R17/00Measuring arrangements involving comparison with a reference value G01R19/00Arrangements for measuring currents or voltages or for indicating presence or sign thereof G01R21/00Arrangements for measuring electric power or power factor G01R22/00Arrangements for measuring time integral of electric power or current G01R23/00Arrangements for measuring frequencies Arrangements for analysing frequency spectra G01R25/00Arrangements for measuring phase angle between a voltage and a current, or between voltages or currents G01R27/00Arrangements for measuring resistance, reactance, impedance, or electric characteristics derived therefrom G01R29/00Arrangements for measuring or indicating electric quantities not covered by groups G01R19/00 - G01R27/00 G01R3/00Apparatus or processes specially adapted for the manufacture or maintenance of measuring instruments G01R31/00Arrangements for testing electric properties Arrangements for locating electric faults Arrangements for electrical testing characterised by what is being tested not provided for elsewhere G01R33/00Arrangements or instruments for measuring magnetic variables G01R35/00Testing or calibrating of apparatus covered by the preceding groups G01R5/00Instruments for converting a single current or a single voltage into a mechanical displacement G01R7/00Instruments capable of converting two or more currents or voltages into a single mechanical displacement G01R9/00Instruments employing mechanical resonance