Details of systems according to groups G01S13/00, G01S15/00, G01S17/00


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Sub Industries

G01S7/003Transmission of data between radar, sonar or lidar systems and remote stations G01S7/006using shared front-end circuitry G01S7/02of systems according to group G01S13/00 G01S7/021Auxiliary means for detecting or identifying radar signals or the like G01S7/022Road traffic radar detectors G01S7/023interference mitigation G01S7/024using polarisation effects G01S7/025involving the transmission of linearly polarised waves G01S7/026involving the transmission of elliptically or circularly polarised waves G01S7/03Details of HF subsystems specially adapted therefor G01S7/032Constructional details for solid-state radar subsystems G01S7/034Duplexers G01S7/036involving a transfer mixer G01S7/038Feedthrough nulling circuits G01S7/04Display arrangements G01S7/043Synchronising the display device with the scanning of the antenna G01S7/046using an intermediate storage device G01S7/06Cathode-ray tube displays or other two-dimensional or three-dimensional displays G01S7/062in which different colours are used G01S7/064using a display memory for image processing G01S7/066with means for showing the history of the radar trails G01S7/068with data-rate converters preceeding the display G01S7/08with vernier indication of distance G01S7/10Providing two-dimensional and co-ordinated display of distance and direction G01S7/12Plan-position indicators G01S7/14Sector, off-centre, or expanded angle display G01S7/16Signals displayed as intensity modulation with rectangular co-ordinates representing distance and bearing G01S7/18Distance-height displays Distance-elevation displays G01S7/20Stereoscopic displays Three-dimensional displays Pseudo-three-dimensional displays G01S7/22Producing cursor lines and indicia by electronic means G01S7/24the display being orientated or displaced in accordance with movement of object carrying the transmitting and receiving apparatus G01S7/28Details of pulse systems G01S7/2806Employing storage or delay devices which preserve the pulse form of the echo signal G01S7/2813Means providing a modification of the radiation pattern for cancelling noise, clutter or interfering signals G01S7/282Transmitters G01S7/285Receivers G01S7/288Coherent receivers G01S7/292Extracting wanted echo-signals G01S7/2921based on data belonging to one radar period G01S7/2922by using a controlled threshold G01S7/2923based on data belonging to a number of consecutive radar periods G01S7/2925by using shape of radiation pattern G01S7/2926by integration G01S7/2927by deriving and controlling a threshold value G01S7/2928Random or non-synchronous interference pulse cancellers G01S7/295Means for transforming co-ordinates or for evaluating data G01S7/2955Means for determining the position of the radar coordinate system for evaluating the position data of the target in another coordinate system G01S7/298Scan converters G01S7/32Shaping echo pulse signals Deriving non-pulse signals from echo pulse signals G01S7/34Gain of receiver varied automatically during pulse-recurrence period G01S7/35Details of non-pulse systems G01S7/352Receivers G01S7/354Extracting wanted echo-signals G01S7/36Means for anti-jamming e.g. ECCM G01S7/38Jamming means G01S7/40Means for monitoring or calibrating G01S7/4004of parts of a radar system G01S7/4008of transmitters G01S7/4017of HF systems G01S7/4021of receivers G01S7/4026Antenna boresight G01S7/4052by simulation of echoes G01S7/4056specially adapted to FMCW G01S7/41using analysis of echo signal for target characterisation Target signature Target cross-section G01S7/411Identification of targets based on measurements of radar reflectivity G01S7/412based on a comparison between measured values and known or stored values G01S7/414Discriminating targets with respect to background clutter G01S7/415Identification of targets based on measurements of movement associated with the target G01S7/417involving the use of neural networks G01S7/418Theoretical aspects G01S7/42Diversity systems specially adapted for radar G01S7/48of systems according to group G01S17/00 G01S7/4802using analysis of echo signal for target characterisation; Target signature; Target cross-section G01S7/4804Auxiliary means for detecting or identifying lidar signals or the like G01S7/4806Road traffic laser detectors G01S7/4808Evaluating distance, position or velocity data G01S7/481Constructional features G01S7/4811common to transmitter and receiver G01S7/4812transmitted and received beams following a coaxial path G01S7/4813Housing arrangements G01S7/4814of transmitters alone G01S7/4815using multiple transmitters G01S7/4816of receivers alone G01S7/4817relating to scanning G01S7/4818using optical fibres G01S7/483Details of pulse systems G01S7/484Transmitters G01S7/486Receivers G01S7/4861Details of detection, sampling, integration or read-out circuits G01S7/4863of detector arrays G01S7/4865Details of time delay measurement G01S7/4866by fitting a model or function to the received signal G01S7/4868Controlling received signal intensity or exposure of sensor G01S7/487Extracting wanted echo signals G01S7/4873by deriving and controlling a threshold value G01S7/4876by removing unwanted signals G01S7/489Gain of receiver varied automatically during pulse-recurrence period G01S7/491Details of non-pulse systems G01S7/4911Transmitters G01S7/4912Receivers G01S7/4913Details of detection, sampling, integration or read-out circuits G01S7/4914of detector arrays G01S7/4915Details of time delay measurement or phase measurement G01S7/4916using self-mixing in the laser cavity G01S7/4917superposing optical signals in a photodetector G01S7/4918Controlling received signal intensity, gain or exposure of sensor G01S7/493Extracting wanted echo signals G01S7/495Counter-measures or counter-counter-measures using electronic or electro-optical means G01S7/497Means for monitoring or calibrating G01S7/4972Alignment of sensor G01S7/499using polarisation effects G01S7/51Display arrangements G01S7/52of systems according to group G01S15/00 G01S7/52001Auxiliary means for detecting or identifying sonar signals or the like G01S7/52003Techniques for enhancing spatial resolution of targets G01S7/52004Means for monitoring or calibrating G01S7/52006with provision for compensating the effects of temperature G01S7/52015Diversity systems G01S7/52017particularly adapted to short-range imaging G01S7/52019Details of transmitters G01S7/5202for pulse systems G01S7/52022using a sequence of pulses, at least one pulse manipulating the transmissivity or reflexivity of the medium G01S7/52023Details of receivers G01S7/52025for pulse systems G01S7/52026Extracting wanted echo signals G01S7/52028using digital techniques G01S7/5203for non-pulse systems G01S7/52031Extracting wanted echo signals G01S7/52033Gain control of receivers G01S7/52034Data rate converters G01S7/52036using analysis of echo signal for target characterisation G01S7/52038involving non-linear properties of the propagation medium or of the reflective target G01S7/52039exploiting the non-linear response of a contrast enhancer G01S7/52041detecting modification of a contrast enhancer G01S7/52042determining elastic properties of the propagation medium or of the reflective target G01S7/52044Scan converters G01S7/52046Techniques for image enhancement involving transmitter or receiver G01S7/52047for elimination of side lobes or of grating lobes; for increasing resolving power G01S7/52049using correction of medium-induced phase aberration G01S7/5205Means for monitoring or calibrating G01S7/52052with simulation of echoes G01S7/52053Display arrangements G01S7/52055in association with ancillary recording equipment G01S7/52057Cathode ray tube displays G01S7/52058displaying one measured variable; A-scan display G01S7/5206Two-dimensional coordinated display of distance and direction; B-scan display G01S7/52061Plan position indication (PPI display); C-scan display G01S7/52063Sector scan display G01S7/52065Compound scan display G01S7/52066Time-position or time-motion displays G01S7/52068Stereoscopic displays; Three-dimensional displays; Pseudo 3D displays G01S7/52069Grey-scale displays G01S7/52071Multicolour displays; using colour coding; Optimising colour or information content in displays G01S7/52073Production of cursor lines, markers or indicia by electronic means G01S7/52074Composite displays G01S7/52076Luminous indicators G01S7/52077with means for elimination of unwanted signals G01S7/52079Constructional features G01S7/5208with integration of processing functions inside probe or scanhead G01S7/52082involving a modular construction G01S7/52084related to particular user interfaces G01S7/52085Details related to the ultrasound signal acquisition G01S7/52087using synchronization techniques G01S7/52088involving retrospective scan line rearrangements G01S7/5209using multibeam transmission G01S7/52092using frequency diversity G01S7/52093using coded signals G01S7/52095using multiline receive beamforming G01S7/52096related to power management G01S7/52098related to workflow protocols G01S7/521Constructional features G01S7/523Details of pulse systems G01S7/524Transmitters G01S7/526Receivers G01S7/527Extracting wanted echo signals G01S7/5273using digital techniques G01S7/5276using analogue techniques G01S7/529Gain of receiver varied automatically during pulse-recurrence period G01S7/53Means for transforming coordinates or for evaluating data G01S7/531Scan converters G01S7/533Data rate converters G01S7/534Details of non-pulse systems G01S7/5345Gain control of receivers G01S7/536Extracting wanted echo signals G01S7/537Counter-measures or counter-counter-measures G01S7/539using analysis of echo signal for target characterisation Target signature Target cross-section G01S7/54with receivers spaced apart G01S7/56Display arrangements G01S7/58for providing variable ranges G01S7/60for providing a permanent recording G01S7/62Cathode-ray tube displays or other two-dimensional or three-dimensional displays G01S7/6209providing display of one measured variable G01S7/6218providing two-dimensional coordinated display of distance and direction G01S7/6227Plan-position indicators G01S7/6236Sector-scan displays G01S7/6245Stereoscopic displays; Three-dimensional displays; Pseudo-three dimensional displays G01S7/6254Grey-scale displays G01S7/6263in which different colours are used G01S7/6272producing cursor lines and indicia by electronic means G01S7/6281Composite displays G01S7/629the display being oriented or displaced in accordance with the movement of object carrying the transmitting and receiving apparatus G01S7/64Luminous indications