Filters with filtering elements which move during the filtering operation


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  • B01D33/00
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Sub Industries

B01D33/0003Aspects of filters with filtering elements which move during the filtering operation B01D33/0006with rotating filtering surfaces B01D33/0009with cylindrical filtering surfaces B01D33/0012Drums provided with cells each independently connected with pressure distributor B01D33/0016Drums with a single compartment B01D33/0019arranged for outward flow filtration B01D33/0022combined with filtering bands or the like B01D33/0025with endless filtering bands B01D33/0029with multiple filtering bands with or without one or more non filtering bands B01D33/0032with loose, granular, or fibrous filtering material B01D33/0035Gravity filters B01D33/0038with external feed B01D33/0041with plane surfaces B01D33/0045with rotary tables B01D33/0048with hollow discs transversely mounted on a hollow shaft B01D33/0051with hollow frames axially mounted on a hollow shaft B01D33/0054with loose, granular, or fibrous filtering material B01D33/0058with filtering surfaces travelling along conveyors B01D33/0061Accessories and components B01D33/0064Devices for handling the filter cake B01D33/0067with scrapers, brushes, nozzles or the like placed on the cake-side of the filter B01D33/007counter-current flushing B01D33/0074with backwash shoes, with nozzles B01D33/0077by moving the filter element B01D33/008by vibration B01D33/0083by centrifugal force B01D33/0087Feed or discharge devices for liquids B01D33/009Pressure distribution systems B01D33/0093Making filter elements B01D33/0096moving rectilinearly B01D33/01with translationally moving filtering elements B01D33/0108with bag, cage, hose, tube, sleeve or the like filtering elements B01D33/0116arranged for inward flow filtration B01D33/0125open ended B01D33/0133arranged for outward flow filtration B01D33/0141open ended B01D33/015with flat filtering elements B01D33/0158self-supporting B01D33/0166Bar screens B01D33/0175with curved filtering elements B01D33/0183supported B01D33/0191with corrugated, folded or wound filtering sheets B01D33/03with vibrating filter elements B01D33/0307with bag, cage, hose, tube, sleeve or the like filtering elements B01D33/0315arranged for inward flow filtration B01D33/0323open ended B01D33/033arranged for outward flow filtration B01D33/0338open ended B01D33/0346with flat filtering elements B01D33/0353self-supporting B01D33/0361Bar screens B01D33/0369with curved filtering elements B01D33/0376supported B01D33/0384with corrugated, folded or wound filtering sheets B01D33/0392with curved filtering elements B01D33/04with filtering bands or the like supported on cylinders which are impervious for filtering B01D33/042whereby the filtration and squeezing-out take place between at least two filtering bands B01D33/044with filtering bands or the like supported on cylinders which are pervious for filtering B01D33/048with endless filtering bands B01D33/056Construction of filtering bands or supporting belts B01D33/0565combined with means to fasten the opposite edges of the filtering band together B01D33/06with rotary cylindrical filtering surfaces B01D33/067Construction of the filtering drums B01D33/073arranged for inward flow filtration B01D33/09with surface cells independently connected to pressure distributors B01D33/11arranged for outward flow filtration B01D33/13with surface cells independently connected to pressure distributors B01D33/15with rotary plane filtering surfaces B01D33/155the filtering surface being parallel to the rotation axis B01D33/17with rotary filtering tables B01D33/19the table surface being divided in successively tilted sectors or cells B01D33/21with hollow filtering discs transversely mounted on a hollow rotary shaft B01D33/215the filtering discs being fixed inwardly on a rotating construction B01D33/23Construction of discs or component sectors thereof B01D33/25with hollow frames axially mounted on a hollow rotary shaft B01D33/27with rotary filtering surfaces, which are neither cylindrical nor planar B01D33/275using contiguous impervious surfaces B01D33/29the movement of the filter elements being a combination of movements B01D33/31Planetary movement B01D33/327Tipping buckets, trays or like sections B01D33/333with individual filtering elements moving along a closed path B01D33/35with multiple filtering elements characterised by their mutual disposition B01D33/37in parallel connexion B01D33/39concentrically or coaxially B01D33/41in series connexion B01D33/42concentrically or coaxially B01D33/44Regenerating the filter material in the filter B01D33/46by scrapers, brushes nozzles or the like acting on the cake-side of the filtering element B01D33/461brushes B01D33/463nozzles B01D33/465take-off rollers B01D33/466scrapers B01D33/468wires, strands, strings or the like B01D33/48by flushing B01D33/50with backwash arms, shoes or nozzles B01D33/503the backwash arms, shoes acting on the cake side B01D33/506with a stirrer placed on the filtrate side B01D33/52by forces created by movement of the filter element B01D33/54involving vibrations B01D33/56involving centrifugal force B01D33/58Handling the filter cake in the filter for purposes other than for regenerating the filter cake remaining on the filtering element B01D33/60for washing B01D33/62for drying B01D33/64by compression B01D33/642by pressure belts B01D33/644by pressure plates, membranes B01D33/646by pressure rollers B01D33/648by screws B01D33/66by gases or by heating B01D33/663by direct contact with a fluid B01D33/666by indirect heat-exchange B01D33/68Retarding cake deposition on the filter during the filtration period B01D33/70having feed or discharge devices B01D33/705with internal recirculation through the filter B01D33/72for feeding B01D33/722containing fixed liquid displacement elements or cores B01D33/725Special treatment of the feed stream before contacting the filtering element B01D33/727provoking a tangential stream B01D33/74for discharging filtrate B01D33/742containing fixed liquid displacement elements or cores B01D33/745Construction of suction casings, pans, or the like B01D33/747moving during the filtration period B01D33/76for discharging the filter cake B01D33/763for continuously discharging concentrated liquid B01D33/766Devices for breaking the filter cake B01D33/80Accessories B01D33/801Driving means, shaft packing systems or the like B01D33/802Device for changing the inclination of the filtering element B01D33/803in which the filtering elements are moved between filtering operations ; Particular measures for removing or replacing the filtering elements; Transport systems for filters B01D33/804integrally combined with devices for controlling the filtration B01D33/805by clearness or turbidity measuring B01D33/806by flow measuring B01D33/807by level measuring B01D33/808by pressure measuring B01D33/809by temperature measuring B01D33/82Means for pressure distribution