Fixed capacitors Processes of their manufacture


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  • H01G4/00
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Sub Industries

H01G4/002Details H01G4/005Electrodes H01G4/008Selection of materials H01G4/0085Fried electrodes H01G4/01Form of self-supporting electrodes H01G4/012Form of non-self-supporting electrodes H01G4/015Special provisions for self-healing H01G4/018Dielectrics H01G4/02Gas or vapour dielectrics H01G4/04Liquid dielectrics H01G4/06Solid dielectrics H01G4/08Inorganic dielectrics H01G4/085Vapour deposited H01G4/10Metal-oxide dielectrics H01G4/105Glass dielectric H01G4/12Ceramic dielectrics H01G4/1209characterised by the ceramic dielectric material H01G4/1218based on titanium oxides or titanates H01G4/1227based on alkaline earth titanates H01G4/1236based on zirconium oxides or zirconates H01G4/1245containing also titanates H01G4/1254based on niobium or tungsteen, tantalum oxides or niobates, tantalates H01G4/1263containing also zirconium oxides or zirconates H01G4/1272Semiconductive ceramic capacitors H01G4/1281with grain boundary layer H01G4/129containing a glassy phase H01G4/14Organic dielectrics H01G4/145vapour deposited H01G4/16of fibrous material H01G4/18of synthetic material H01G4/183Derivatives of cellulose H01G4/186halogenated H01G4/20using combinations of dielectrics from more than one of groups H01G4/02 - H01G4/06 H01G4/203Fibrous material or synthetic material H01G4/206inorganic and synthetic material H01G4/22impregnated H01G4/221characterised by the composition of the impregnant H01G4/222halogenated H01G4/224Housing Encapsulation H01G4/228Terminals H01G4/232electrically connecting two or more layers of a stacked or rolled capacitor H01G4/2325characterised by the material of the terminals H01G4/236leading through the housing H01G4/242the capacitive element surrounding the terminal H01G4/245Tabs between the layers of a rolled electrode H01G4/248the terminals embracing or surrounding the capacitive element H01G4/252the terminals being coated on the capacitive element H01G4/255Means for correcting the capacitance value H01G4/258Temperature compensation means H01G4/26Folded capacitors H01G4/28Tubular capacitors H01G4/30Stacked capacitors H01G4/302obtained by injection of metal in cavities formed in a ceramic body H01G4/304obtained from a another capacitor H01G4/306made by thin film techniques H01G4/308made by transfer techniques H01G4/32Wound capacitors H01G4/33Thin- or thick-film capacitors H01G4/35Feed-through capacitors or anti-noise capacitors H01G4/38Multiple capacitors H01G4/385Single unit multiple capacitors H01G4/40Structural combinations of fixed capacitors with other electric elements, the structure mainly consisting of a capacitor