Holographic processes or apparatus using light, infra-red or ultra-violet waves for obtaining holograms or for obtaining an image from them Details peculiar thereto


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  • G03H1/00
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Sub Industries

G03H1/0005Adaptation of holography to specific applications G03H1/0011for security or authentication G03H1/02Details of features involved during the holographic process; Replication of holograms without interference recording G03H1/0236Form or shape of the hologram when not registered to the substrate G03H1/024Hologram nature or properties G03H1/0244Surface relief holograms G03H1/0248Volume holograms G03H1/0252Laminate comprising a hologram layer G03H1/0256having specific functional layer G03H1/0272Substrate bearing the hologram G03H1/0276Replicating a master hologram without interference recording G03H1/028by embossing G03H1/04Processes or apparatus for producing holograms G03H1/0402Recording geometries or arrangements G03H1/0404In-line recording arrangement G03H1/0406Image plane or focused image holograms G03H1/0408Total internal reflection [TIR] holograms G03H1/041Optical element in the object space affecting the object beam, not otherwise provided for G03H1/0443Digital holography G03H1/0465Particular recording light; Beam shape or geometry G03H1/0476Holographic printer G03H1/0486Improving or monitoring the quality of the record G03H1/0493Special holograms not otherwise provided for G03H1/06using incoherent light G03H1/08Synthesising holograms G03H1/0808Methods of numerical synthesis G03H1/0841Encoding method mapping the synthesized field into a restricted set of values representative of the modulator parameters G03H1/0866Digital holographic imaging G03H1/0891Processes or apparatus adapted to convert digital holographic data into a hologram G03H1/10using modulated reference beam G03H1/12Spatial modulation G03H1/14Temporal modulation G03H1/16using Fourier transform G03H1/18Particular processing of hologram record carriers G03H1/181Pre-exposure processing G03H1/182Post-exposure processing G03H1/20Copying holograms by holographic G03H1/202Contact copy when the reconstruction beam for the master H1 also serves as reference beam for the copy H2 G03H1/22Processes or apparatus for obtaining an optical image from holograms G03H1/2202Reconstruction geometries or arrangements G03H1/2205using downstream optical component G03H1/2249Holobject properties G03H1/2286Particular reconstruction light ; Beam properties G03H1/2294Addressing the hologram to an active spatial light modulator G03H1/24using white light G03H1/26Processes or apparatus specially adapted to produce multiple sub- holograms or to obtain images from them G03H1/2645Multiplexing processes G03H1/265Angle multiplexing; Multichannel holograms G03H1/268Holographic stereogram G03H1/28superimposed holograms only G03H1/30discrete holograms only G03H1/32Systems for obtaining speckle elimination G03H1/34Systems for reducing the space-spatial bandwidth product