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  • G02B21/00
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G02B21/0004specially adapted for specific applications G02B21/0008Microscopes having a simple construction G02B21/0012Surgical microscopes G02B21/0016Technical microscopes G02B21/002Scanning microscopes G02B21/0024Confocal scanning microscopes (CSOMs) or confocal "macroscopes"; Accessories which are not restricted to use with CSOMs G02B21/0028specially adapted for specific applications G02B21/0032Optical details of illumination G02B21/0036Scanning details G02B21/004fixed arrays G02B21/0044moving apertures G02B21/0048scanning mirrors G02B21/0052Optical details of the image generation G02B21/0056based on optical coherence G02B21/006focusing arrangements; selection of the plane to be imaged G02B21/0064multi-spectral or wavelength-selective arrangements G02B21/0068arrangements using polarisation G02B21/0072details concerning resolution or correction, including general design of CSOM objectives G02B21/0076arrangements using fluorescence or luminescence G02B21/008Details of detection or image processing, including general computer control G02B21/0084time-scale detection G02B21/0088Inverse microscopes G02B21/0092Polarisation microscopes G02B21/0096with photometer devices G02B21/02Objectives G02B21/025with variable magnification G02B21/04involving mirrors G02B21/06Means for illuminating specimens G02B21/08Condensers G02B21/082for incident illumination only G02B21/084having annular illumination around the objective G02B21/086for transillumination only G02B21/088for both incident illumination and transillumination G02B21/10affording dark-field illumination G02B21/12affording bright-field illumination G02B21/125affording both dark- and bright-field illumination G02B21/14affording illumination for phase-contrast observation G02B21/16adapted for ultra-violet illumination; Fluorescence microscopes G02B21/18Arrangements with more than one light path G02B21/20Binocular arrangements G02B21/22Stereoscopic arrangements G02B21/24Base structure G02B21/241Devices for focusing G02B21/242with coarse and fine adjustment mechanism G02B21/244using image analysis techniques G02B21/245using auxiliary sources, detectors G02B21/247Differential detectors G02B21/248objective (or ocular) turrets G02B21/26Stages Adjusting means therefor G02B21/28with cooling device G02B21/30with heating device G02B21/32Micromanipulators structurally combined with microscopes G02B21/33Immersion oils, or microscope systems or objectives for use with immersion fluids G02B21/34Microscope slides G02B21/36arranged for photographic purposes or projection purposes or digital imaging or video purposes including associated control and data processing arrangements G02B21/361Optical details G02B21/362Mechanical details G02B21/364Projection microscopes G02B21/365Control or image processing arrangements for digital or video microscopes G02B21/367providing an output produced by processing a plurality of individual source images G02B21/368details of associated display arrangements