Record carriers not specific to the method of recording or reproducing Accessories


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  • G11B23/00
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Sub Industries

G11B23/0007Circuits or methods for reducing noise, for correction of distortion, or for changing density of recorded information G11B23/0014record carriers not specifically of filamentary or web form G11B23/0021discs G11B23/0028Details G11B23/0035means incorporated in the disc G11B23/0042with provision for auxiliary features G11B23/005flexible discs G11B23/0057Intermediate mediums G11B23/0064mediums or carriers characterised by the selection of the material G11B23/0071additional layers for lubrication or wear protection G11B23/0078information structure layers using metallic or dielectric coatings G11B23/0085intermediate mediums using a photosensitive material G11B23/0092molding resin compositions G11B23/02Containers Storing means both adapted to cooperate with the recording or reproducing means G11B23/021comprising means for reducing influence of physical parameters G11B23/023Containers for magazines or cassettes G11B23/0233Containers for a single cassette G11B23/0236Containers for several cassettes G11B23/027Containers for single reels or spools G11B23/03Containers for flat record carriers G11B23/0301Details G11B23/0302Auxiliary features G11B23/0303Write protect features with a sliding part G11B23/0305Semiconductor memories G11B23/0306Means for locking the record carriers G11B23/0307Positioning or centering features G11B23/0308Shutters G11B23/031Indicating means G11B23/0311Wrong insertion preventing means G11B23/0312Driving features G11B23/0313Container cases G11B23/0315Materials G11B23/0316Constructional details G11B23/0317Containers with interchangeable record carriers G11B23/0318Containers with incorporated transducing heads G11B23/032for rigid discs G11B23/0321rigid cartridges for single discs G11B23/0322comprising latching or movable handling devices G11B23/0323for disc-packs G11B23/0325comprising latching or movable handling devices G11B23/0326Assembling of containers G11B23/0327for special applications not otherwise provided for G11B23/0328the disc having to be extracted from the cartridge for recording reproducing G11B23/033for flexible discs G11B23/0332for single discs G11B23/0335for disc packs G11B23/0337comprising latching or movable handling devices G11B23/037Single reels or spools G11B23/04Magazines Cassettes for webs or filaments G11B23/041Details G11B23/042Auxiliary features G11B23/043Brakes for tapes or tape reels G11B23/044Reels or cores; positioning of the reels in the cassette G11B23/045Covers G11B23/046Indicating means G11B23/047Guiding means G11B23/048Driving features G11B23/049Cassettes for special applications not otherwise provided for G11B23/06for housing endless webs or filaments G11B23/07using a single reel or core G11B23/08for housing webs or filaments having two distinct ends G11B23/087using two different reels or cores G11B23/08707Details G11B23/08714Auxiliary features G11B23/08721Brakes for tapes or tape reels G11B23/08728Reels or cores; positioning of the reels in the cassette G11B23/08735Covers G11B23/08742in combination with brake means G11B23/0875Indicating means G11B23/08757Guiding means G11B23/08764Liner sheets G11B23/08771Pressure pads G11B23/08778Driving features G11B23/08785Envelopes G11B23/08792Shielding devices G11B23/093the reels or cores being coaxial G11B23/107using one reel or core, one end of the record carrier coming out of the magazine or cassette G11B23/113Apparatus or processes specially adapted for the manufacture of magazines or cassettes G11B23/12Bins for random storage of webs or filaments G11B23/14providing ability to repeat location G11B23/16Record carriers with single-track for recording at spaced intervals along the track thereof G11B23/18Record carriers with multiple tracks G11B23/20with provision for splicing to provide permanent or temporary connections G11B23/22of endless belts of tapes forming Moebius loops G11B23/24of tapes having multiple tracks parallel to edge of record carrier by offset splicing to form endless loop with one or more helical tracks G11B23/26of leaders for loading or threading G11B23/28Indicating or preventing prior or unauthorized use G11B23/281by changing the physical properties of the record carrier G11B23/282Limited play G11B23/283Security features G11B23/284on the record carrier G11B23/285on the container or cartridge G11B23/286Antitheft arrangements G11B23/287by mechanical lock G11B23/288Protecting disks from being written or overwritten G11B23/30with provision for auxiliary signals G11B23/32Electrical or mechanical contacting means Tape stop foils G11B23/34Signal means additional to the main recording track G11B23/36Signals on record carriers or on containers and recorded by the same method as the main recording G11B23/38Visual features other than those contained in record tracks or represented by sprocket holes the visual signals being auxiliary signals G11B23/40Identifying or analogous means applied to or incorporated in the record carrier and not intended for visual display simultaneously with the playing-back of the record carrier G11B23/42Marks for indexing, speed-controlling, synchronising, or timing G11B23/44Information for display simultaneously with playback of the record G11B23/50Reconditioning of record carriers Cleaning of record carriers; Carrying-off electrostatic charges G11B23/502of tape carriers G11B23/505of disc carriers G11B23/507combined with means for reducing influence of physical parameters