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Sub Industries

F01B1/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines characterised by number or relative disposition of cylinders or by being built-up from separate cylinder-crankcase elements F01B11/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines without rotary main shaft F01B13/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines with rotating cylinders in order to obtain the reciprocating-piston motion F01B15/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines with movable cylinders other than provided for in group F01B13/00 F01B17/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines characterised by use of uniflow principle F01B19/00Positive-displacement machines or engines of flexible-wall type F01B21/00Combinations of two or more machines or engines F01B2170/00Steam engines F01B2250/00Accessories of steam engines Arrangements or control devices of piston pumps, compressors without crank shafts or condensors for so far as they influence the functioning of the engines F01B23/00Adaptations of machines or engines for special use Combinations of engines with devices driven thereby F01B25/00Regulating, controlling, or safety means F01B27/00Starting of machines or engines F01B29/00Machines or engines with pertinent characteristics other than those provided for in preceding main groups F01B3/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines with cylinder axes coaxial with, or parallel or inclined to, main shaft axis F01B31/00Component parts, details, or accessories not provided for in, or of interest apart from, other groups F01B5/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines with cylinder axes arranged substantially tangentially to a circle centred on main shaft axis F01B7/00Machines or engines with two or more pistons reciprocating within same cylinder or within essentially coaxial cylinders F01B9/00Reciprocating-piston machines or engines characterised by connections between pistons and main shafts and not specific to preceding groups