Measuring acceleration Measuring deceleration Measuring shock


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  • G01P15/00
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Sub Industries

G01P15/001by measuring acceleration changes by making use of a triple differentiation of a displacement signal G01P15/003Kinematic accelerometers, i.e. measuring acceleration in relation to an external reference frame G01P15/005measuring translational acceleration G01P15/006by making use of fluid seismic masses G01P15/008by using thermal pick-up G01P15/02by making use of inertia forces using solid seismic masses G01P15/03by using non-electrical means G01P15/032by measuring the displacement of a movable inertial mass G01P15/034for indicating angular accelerations G01P15/036for indicating predetermined acceleration values G01P15/038by using fluidic means G01P15/04for indicating maximum value G01P15/06using members subjected to a permanent deformation G01P15/08with conversion into electric or magnetic values G01P15/0802Details G01P15/0885by magnetostrictive pick-up G01P15/0888for indicating angular acceleration G01P15/0891with indication of predetermined acceleration values G01P15/0894by non-contact electron transfer G01P15/0897by thermal pick-up G01P15/09by piezo-electric pick-up G01P15/0907of the compression mode type G01P15/0915of the shear mode type G01P15/0922of the bending or flexing mode type G01P15/093by photo-electric pick-up G01P15/097by vibratory elements G01P15/0975by acoustic surface wave resonators or delay lines G01P15/10by vibratory strings G01P15/105by magnetically sensitive devices G01P15/11by inductive pick-up G01P15/12by alteration of electrical resistance G01P15/121by potentiometers G01P15/122by metal resistance strain gauges G01P15/123by piezo-resistive elements G01P15/124by semiconductor devices comprising at least one PN junction G01P15/125by capacitive pick-up G01P15/13by measuring the force required to restore a proofmass subjected to inertial forces to a null position G01P15/131with electrostatic counterbalancing means G01P15/132with electromagnetic counterbalancing means G01P15/133with piezo-electric counterbalancing means G01P15/135by making use of contacts which are actuated by a movable inertial mass G01P15/14by making use of gyroscopes G01P15/16by evaluating the time-derivative of a measured speed signal G01P15/165for measuring angular accelerations G01P15/18in two or more dimensions