Indexing scheme relating to scanning, transmission or reproduction of documents or the like, and to details thereof


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  • H04N2201/00
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H04N2201/0001Diagnosis, testing or measuring Detecting, analysis or monitoring not otherwise provided for H04N2201/0003Method used H04N2201/0005using a reference pattern designed for the purpose H04N2201/0006details of the reference pattern (DM 1105) H04N2201/0008Connection or combination of a still picture apparatus with another apparatus H04N2201/001Sharing resources H04N2201/0012Use of shared folders H04N2201/0013Arrangements for the control of the connected apparatus by the still picture apparatus H04N2201/0015Control of image communication with the connected apparatus H04N2201/0017Notifying a communication result H04N2201/0018via a non-image communication channel H04N2201/002Selecting or switching between an image communication channel and a non-image communication channel H04N2201/0022Selecting or switching between an image communication mode and a non-image communication mode H04N2201/0024Converting image communication control signals H04N2201/0025Adapting an image communication to a non-image communication or vice versa H04N2201/0027Adapting to communicate with plural different types of apparatus H04N2201/0029Avoiding duplicate transfer of image data H04N2201/0031where the still picture apparatus acts as the master H04N2201/0032where the still picture apparatus acts as the slave H04N2201/0034Details of the connection H04N2201/0036Detecting or checking connection H04N2201/0037Topological details of the connection H04N2201/0039Connection via a network H04N2201/0041Point to point H04N2201/0043Point to multipoint H04N2201/0044Connecting to a plurality of different apparatus Using a plurality of different connectors H04N2201/0046Software interface details H04N2201/0048Type of connection H04N2201/0049By wire, cable or the like H04N2201/0051Card-type connector H04N2201/0053Optical H04N2201/0055By radio H04N2201/0056Using mechanical couplings H04N2201/0058Docking-station, cradle or the like H04N2201/006Using near field communication H04N2201/0062Stand-alone interface device H04N2201/0063Constructional details H04N2201/0065Converting image data to a format usable by the connected apparatus or vice versa H04N2201/0067Converting to still picture data H04N2201/0068Converting from still picture data H04N2201/007Selecting or switching between a still picture apparatus or function and another apparatus or function H04N2201/0072Detecting the status of a connected apparatus H04N2201/0074Arrangements for the control of a still picture apparatus by the connected apparatus H04N2201/0075by a user operated remote control device H04N2201/0077Types of the still picture apparatus H04N2201/0079Medical imaging device H04N2201/0081Image reader H04N2201/0082Image hardcopy reproducer H04N2201/0084Digital still camera H04N2201/0086Image transceiver H04N2201/0087Image storage device H04N2201/0089Image display device H04N2201/0091Digital copier digital 'photocopier' H04N2201/0093Facsimile machine H04N2201/0094Multifunctional device H04N2201/0096Portable devices H04N2201/0098User intervention not otherwise provided for H04N2201/024deleted H04N2201/02402Arrangements for positioning heads H04N2201/02404Arrangements for mounting or supporting heads H04N2201/02406Arrangements for positioning elements within a head H04N2201/02408Translational positioning H04N2201/0241in a direction parallel to the main-scanning direction H04N2201/02412in a direction parallel to the sub-scanning direction H04N2201/02414in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the photodetector elements H04N2201/02416Rotational positioning H04N2201/02418Rotation about the optical axis H04N2201/0242Rotation about an axis in the plane of the scanning elements orthogonal to the optical axis, the axis of rotation extending in the main-scanning direction H04N2201/02422Rotation about an axis in the plane of the scanning elements orthogonal to the optical axis, the axis of rotation extending in the sub-scanning direction H04N2201/02425Self-adjusting arrangements H04N2201/02427Element positioned H04N2201/02429Photodetector element H04N2201/02431Lens or optical system H04N2201/02433Reflective element H04N2201/02435Illuminating means H04N2201/02437Transparent cover H04N2201/02439Positioning method H04N2201/02441using screws H04N2201/02443using adhesive H04N2201/02445using clips or the like H04N2201/02447using elastic means H04N2201/02449using a reference element H04N2201/02452Arrangements for mounting or supporting elements within a scanning head H04N2201/02454Element mounted or supported H04N2201/02456Scanning element H04N2201/02458Lens or optical system H04N2201/0246Mirror, reflecting element or beam splitter H04N2201/02462Illuminating means H04N2201/02464Transparent cover or window H04N2201/02466Mounting or supporting method H04N2201/02468using screws H04N2201/0247using adhesive H04N2201/02472using clips H04N2201/02474Clasping Clamping H04N2201/02477using elastic means H04N2201/02479Mounting or supporting means H04N2201/02481Single piece support H04N2201/02483Housing or part of the housing H04N2201/02485Dedicated element H04N2201/02487Manufacturing details H04N2201/02489Arrangements for allowing access to the scanning head H04N2201/02491Arrangements for reducing the effects of vibrations H04N2201/02493Additional optical elements not otherwise provided for H04N2201/02495Constructional details not otherwise provided for H04N2201/02497Additional elements H04N2201/028for picture information pick-up H04N2201/03deleted H04N2201/031deleted H04N2201/03104Integral pick-up heads H04N2201/03108Components of integral heads H04N2201/03112Light source H04N2201/03116Light source lens H04N2201/0312Reflecting element upstream of the scanned picture elements H04N2201/03125Light guide upstream of the scanned picture elements H04N2201/03129Transparent cover or transparent document support mounted on the head H04N2201/03133Window H04N2201/03137Reflecting element downstream of the scanned picture elements H04N2201/03141Photodetector lens H04N2201/03145Photodetector H04N2201/0315Details of integral heads not otherwise provided for H04N2201/03154Additional internal supporting or reinforcing member H04N2201/03158Heat radiator H04N2201/03162Original guide plate H04N2201/03166Additional light shielding member H04N2201/0317Shape H04N2201/03175Position H04N2201/03179Frame H04N2201/03183Material H04N2201/03187Additional optical element H04N2201/03191Adhesive element H04N2201/03195Coating H04N2201/04Scanning arrangements H04N2201/0402Arrangements not specific to a particular one of the scanning methods covered by groups H04N1/04 - H04N1/207 H04N2201/0404Scanning transparent media H04N2201/0406Scanning slides H04N2201/0408Scanning film strips or rolls H04N2201/041Scanning microfilms or microfiches H04N2201/0412Scanning X-ray films H04N2201/0414Scanning an image in a series of overlapping zones H04N2201/0416Performing a pre-scan H04N2201/0418capable of scanning transmissive and reflective originals at a single scanning station H04N2201/042capable of using different scanning methods at a single scanning station H04N2201/0422Media holders, covers, supports, backgrounds Arrangements to facilitate placing of the medium H04N2201/0424Scanning non-straight lines H04N2201/0426Scanning an image in a series of contiguous zones H04N2201/0428Stabilising the scanning parts Preventing vibrations H04N2201/043Viewing the scanned area H04N2201/0432Adjusting the orientation of the scanning elements relative to the scanned sheet H04N2201/0434specially adapted for scanning pages of a book H04N2201/0436Scanning a picture-bearing surface lying face up on a support H04N2201/0438Scanning displays Scanning large surfaces H04N2201/044Moving a scanning element into cooperation with a calibration element H04N2201/0442Details of scanning carriage or moving picture-bearing surface support H04N2201/0444for securing moveable scanning components H04N2201/0446Constructional details not otherwise provided for H04N2201/0448for positioning scanning elements not otherwise provided for Aligning H04N2201/045Mounting the scanning elements in a collapsible or foldable structure H04N2201/0452Indicating the scanned area H04N2201/0454for increasing the scanning speed H04N2201/0456for maintaining a predetermined distance between the scanning elements and the picture-bearing surface H04N2201/0458Additional arrangements for improving or optimising scanning resolution or quality H04N2201/046Actively compensating for disturbances H04N2201/0462for reducing inactive scanning periods H04N2201/0464Self-propelled scanners H04N2201/0466Selectively scanning in one or the other of two opposite directions H04N2201/0468Scanning in both of the two directions H04N2201/047Detection, control or error compensation of scanning velocity or position H04N2201/04701Detection of scanning velocity or position H04N2201/04703using the scanning elements as detectors H04N2201/04705using inactive scanning elements H04N2201/04706which undergo the same scanning as the active elements in at least one direction H04N2201/04708which remain outside the scanned image area H04N2201/0471using dedicated detectors H04N2201/04712using unbroken arrays of detectors H04N2201/04713Details of the detector arrangement H04N2201/04715by detecting marks or the like H04N2201/04717on the scanned sheet H04N2201/04718outside the image area H04N2201/0472on or adjacent the sheet support H04N2201/04722on a photoconductive drum or belt H04N2201/04724on a separate encoder wheel H04N2201/04725connected to the sub-scanning drive means H04N2201/04727on a linear encoder H04N2201/04729in the main-scan direction H04N2201/04731in the sub-scan direction H04N2201/04732Detecting at infrequent intervals H04N2201/04734Detecting at frequent intervals H04N2201/04736with varying intervals between consecutive detections H04N2201/04737by detecting the scanned medium directly H04N2201/04739by detecting the scanning head or scanning carriage H04N2201/04741by detecting the sheet support or the photoconductive surface directly H04N2201/04743by detecting the image directly H04N2201/04744by detecting the scanned beam or a reference beam H04N2201/04746after modulation by a grating, mask or the like H04N2201/04748by detecting synchronisation signals or driving signals H04N2201/04749Detecting position relative to a gradient H04N2201/04751Detecting position relative to a step H04N2201/04753Control or error compensation of scanning position or velocity H04N2201/04755by controlling the position or movement of a scanning element or carriage H04N2201/04756by controlling the position or movement of the sheet, the sheet support or the photoconductive surface H04N2201/04758by controlling the position of the scanned image area H04N2201/0476using an optical, electro-optical or acousto-optical element H04N2201/04762using a reflecting element H04N2201/04763using a refracting element H04N2201/04765using a solid-state deflector H04N2201/04767by controlling the timing of the signals H04N2201/04768Controlling the frequency of the signals H04N2201/0477using a clock signal composed from a number of clock signals of different frequencies H04N2201/04772using a phase-locked loop H04N2201/04774using a reference clock or oscillator H04N2201/04775using a counter H04N2201/04777using a voltage controlled oscillator H04N2201/04779using a clock signal composed from a number of clock signals of different phase H04N2201/04781Controlling the phase of the signals H04N2201/04782using a clock signal composed from a number of clock signals of different frequencies H04N2201/04784using one or more clock signals selected from a number of clock signals of different phases H04N2201/04786Controlling a start time H04N2201/04787by changing or controlling the addresses or values of pixels H04N2201/04789in the main-scan direction H04N2201/04791in the sub-scan direction H04N2201/04793using stored control or compensation data H04N2201/04794Varying the control or compensation during the scan H04N2201/04796Varying the sub-scan control during the main-scan H04N2201/04798Varying the main-scan control during the main-scan H04N2201/21Intermediate information storage H04N2201/212Selecting different recording or reproducing modes H04N2201/214Checking or indicating the storage space H04N2201/216Arrangements for recording on different types of storage medium H04N2201/218Deletion of stored data Preventing such deletion H04N2201/32Circuits or arrangements for control or supervision between transmitter and receiver or between image input and image output device H04N2201/3201Display, printing, storage or transmission of additional information H04N2201/3202of communication or activity log or report H04N2201/3204of data relating to a user, sender, addressee, machine or electronic recording medium H04N2201/3205of identification information H04N2201/3207of an address H04N2201/3208of an e-mail or network address H04N2201/3209of a telephone number H04N2201/3211of a company logo or the like H04N2201/3212of data relating to a job H04N2201/3214of a date H04N2201/3215of a time or duration H04N2201/3216of a job size H04N2201/3218of a confirmation, acknowledgement or receipt H04N2201/3219of a job status H04N2201/3221of a job number or identification H04N2201/3222of processing required or performed H04N2201/3223of type information H04N2201/3225of data relating to an image, a page or a document H04N2201/3226of identification information or the like H04N2201/3228further additional information (metadata) being comprised in the identification information H04N2201/3229further additional information (metadata) being comprised in the file name (including path H04N2201/323for tracing or tracking H04N2201/3232of a page, copy or picture number H04N2201/3233of authentication information H04N2201/3235Checking or certification of the authentication information H04N2201/3236Details of authentication information generation H04N2201/3238using a coded or compressed version of the image data itself H04N2201/3239using a plurality of different authentication information H04N2201/324Selecting a particular authentication information from amongst a plurality of different authentication information H04N2201/3242of processing required or performed H04N2201/3243of type information H04N2201/3245of image modifying data H04N2201/3246of data relating to permitted access or usage H04N2201/3247Data linking a set of images to one another H04N2201/3249data relating to a linked page or object H04N2201/325Modified version of the image H04N2201/3252Image capture parameters H04N2201/3253Position information H04N2201/3254Orientation H04N2201/3256colour related metadata H04N2201/3257relating to the original, the input device or the input process H04N2201/3259relating to the image, page or document H04N2201/326relating to the rendering or output medium, device or process H04N2201/3261of multimedia information H04N2201/3263of a graphical motif or symbol H04N2201/3264of sound signals H04N2201/3266of text or character information H04N2201/3267of motion picture signals H04N2201/3269of machine readable codes or marks H04N2201/327which are undetectable to the naked eye H04N2201/3271Printing or stamping H04N2201/3273Display H04N2201/3274Storage or retrieval of prestored additional information H04N2201/3276of a customised additional information profile H04N2201/3277The additional information being stored in the same storage device as the image data H04N2201/3278Transmission H04N2201/328Processing of the additional information H04N2201/3281Encryption Ciphering H04N2201/3283Compression H04N2201/3284for error correction H04N2201/3285using picture signal storage H04N2201/3287Storage of at least one complete document page or image frame H04N2201/3288Storage of two or more complete document pages or image frames H04N2201/329Storage of less than a complete document page or image frame H04N2201/3291of less than a complete line of data H04N2201/3292of one or two complete lines H04N2201/3294of several complete lines H04N2201/3295Deletion of stored data Preventing such deletion H04N2201/3297Simultaneous use of a single memory for different image storage purposes H04N2201/3298Checking or indicating the storage space H04N2201/333Mode signalling or mode changing Handshaking therefor H04N2201/33307of a particular mode H04N2201/33314of reading or reproducing mode H04N2201/33321Image or page size H04N2201/33328Resolution H04N2201/33335Presentation H04N2201/33342of transmission mode H04N2201/3335Speed or rate H04N2201/33357Compression mode H04N2201/33364Type of modulation Type of channel H04N2201/33371using test signals H04N2201/33378Type or format of data H04N2201/33385Line- or page- scan or transmission time H04N2201/33392Non-standard capability