Networks comprising electromechanical or electro-acoustic devices Electromechanical resonators


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  • H03H9/00
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H03H9/0004Impedance-matching networks H03H9/0009using surface acoustic wave devices H03H9/0014using bulk acoustic wave devices H03H9/0023Balance-unbalance or balance-balance networks H03H9/0028using surface acoustic wave devices H03H9/0033having one acoustic track only H03H9/0038the balanced terminals being on the same side of the track H03H9/0042the balanced terminals being on opposite sides of the track H03H9/0047having two acoustic tracks H03H9/0052being electrically cascaded H03H9/0057the balanced terminals being on the same side of the tracks H03H9/0061the balanced terminals being on opposite sides of the tracks H03H9/0066being electrically parallel H03H9/0071the balanced terminals being on the same side of the tracks H03H9/0076the balanced terminals being on opposite sides of the tracks H03H9/008having three acoustic tracks H03H9/0085having four acoustic tracks H03H9/009Lattice filters H03H9/0095using bulk acoustic wave devices H03H9/02Details H03H9/02007of bulk acoustic wave devices H03H9/02015Characteristics of piezoelectric layers H03H9/02023consisting of quartz H03H9/02031consisting of ceramic H03H9/02039consisting of a material from the crystal group 32 H03H9/02047Treatment of substrates H03H9/02055of the surface including the back surface H03H9/02062Details relating to the vibration mode H03H9/0207the vibration mode being harmonic H03H9/02078the vibration mode being overmoded H03H9/02086Means for compensation or elimination of undesirable effects H03H9/02094of adherence H03H9/02102of temperature influence H03H9/0211of reflections H03H9/02118of lateral leakage between adjacent resonators H03H9/02125of parasitic elements H03H9/02133of stress H03H9/02141of electric discharge due to pyroelectricity H03H9/02149of ageing changes of characteristics H03H9/02157Dimensional parameters H03H9/0222of interface-acoustic, boundary, pseudo-acoustic or Stonely wave devices H03H9/02228Guided bulk acoustic wave devices or Lamb wave devices having interdigital transducers situated in parallel planes on either side of a piezoelectric layer H03H9/02236of surface skimming bulk wave devices H03H9/02244of micro-electro-mechanical resonators H03H9/02259Driving or detection means H03H9/02275Comb electrodes H03H9/02338Suspension means H03H9/02362Folded-flexure H03H9/02377Symmetric folded-flexure H03H9/02393Post-fabrication trimming of parameters H03H9/02401by annealing H03H9/02409by application of a DC-bias voltage H03H9/02417involving adjustment of the transducing gap H03H9/02425by electrostatically pulling the beam H03H9/02433Means for compensation or elimination of undesired effects H03H9/02448of temperature influence H03H9/02535of surface acoustic wave devices H03H9/02543Characteristics of substrate H03H9/02551of quartz substrates H03H9/02559of lithium niobate or lithium-tantalate substrates H03H9/02566of semiconductor substrates H03H9/02574of combined substrates, multilayered substrates, piezo-electrical layers on not-piezo- electrical substrate H03H9/02582of diamond substrates H03H9/0259of langasite substrates H03H9/02598of langatate substrates H03H9/02606of langanite substrates H03H9/02614Treatment of substrates H03H9/02622of the surface, including back surface H03H9/02629of the edges H03H9/02637Details concerning reflective or coupling arrays H03H9/02645Waffle-iron or dot arrays H03H9/02653Grooves or arrays buried in the substrate H03H9/02661being located inside the interdigital transducers H03H9/02669Edge reflection structures, i.e. resonating structures without metallic reflectors H03H9/02677having specially shaped edges H03H9/02685Grating lines having particular arrangements H03H9/02692Arched grating lines H03H9/027U-shaped grating lines H03H9/02708Shifted grating lines H03H9/02716Tilted, fan shaped or slanted grating lines H03H9/02724Comb like grating lines H03H9/02732Bilateral comb like grating lines H03H9/0274Intra-transducers grating lines H03H9/02748Dog-legged reflectors H03H9/02755Meandering floating or grounded grating lines H03H9/02763Left and right side electrically coupled reflectors H03H9/02771Reflector banks H03H9/02779Continuous surface reflective arrays H03H9/02787having wave guide like arrangements H03H9/02795Multi-strip couplers as track changers H03H9/02803Weighted reflective structures H03H9/02811Chirped reflective or coupling arrays H03H9/02818Means for compensation or elimination of undesirable effects H03H9/02826of adherence H03H9/02834of temperature influence H03H9/02842of reflections H03H9/0285of triple transit echo H03H9/02858of wave front distortion H03H9/02866of bulk wave excitation and reflections H03H9/02874of direct coupling between input and output transducers H03H9/02881of diffraction of wave beam H03H9/02889of influence of mass loading H03H9/02897of strain or mechanical damage H03H9/02905Measures for separating propagation paths on substrate H03H9/02913Measures for shielding against electromagnetic fields H03H9/02921Measures for preventing electric discharge due to pyroelectricity H03H9/02929of ageing changes of characteristics H03H9/02937of chemical damage H03H9/02944of ohmic loss H03H9/02952of parasitic capacitance H03H9/0296Surface acoustic wave [SAW] devices having both acoustic and non-acoustic properties H03H9/02968with optical devices H03H9/02976with semiconductor devices H03H9/02984Protection measures against damaging H03H9/02992Details of bus bars, contact pads or other electrical connections for finger electrodes H03H9/05Holders Supports H03H9/0504for bulk acoustic wave devices H03H9/0509consisting of adhesive elements H03H9/0514consisting of mounting pads or bumps H03H9/0519for cantilever H03H9/0523for flip-chip mounting H03H9/0528consisting of clips H03H9/0533consisting of wire H03H9/0538Constructional combinations of supports or holders with electromechanical or other electronic elements H03H9/0542consisting of a lateral arrangement H03H9/0547consisting of a vertical arrangement H03H9/0552the device and the other elements being mounted on opposite sides of a common substrate H03H9/0557the other elements being buried in the substrate H03H9/0561consisting of a multilayered structure H03H9/0566for duplexers H03H9/0571including bulk acoustic wave [BAW] devices H03H9/0576including surface acoustic wave [SAW] devices H03H9/058for surface acoustic wave devices H03H9/0585consisting of an adhesive layer H03H9/059consisting of mounting pads or bumps H03H9/0595the holder support and resonator being formed in one body H03H9/08Holders with means for regulating temperature H03H9/09Elastic or damping supports H03H9/10Mounting in enclosures H03H9/1007for bulk acoustic wave [BAW] devices H03H9/1014the enclosure being defined by a frame built on a substrate and a cap, the frame having no mechanical contact with the BAW device H03H9/1021the BAW device being of the cantilever type H03H9/1028the BAW device being held between spring terminals H03H9/1035the enclosure being defined by two sealing substrates sandwiching the piezoelectric layer of the BAW device H03H9/1042the enclosure being defined by a housing formed by a cavity in a resin H03H9/105the enclosure being defined by a cover cap mounted on an element forming part of the BAW device H03H9/1057for micro-electro-mechanical devices H03H9/1064for surface acoustic wave [SAW] devices H03H9/1071the enclosure being defined by a frame built on a substrate and a cap, the frame having no mechanical contact with the SAW device H03H9/1078the enclosure being defined by a foil covering the non-active sides of the SAW device H03H9/1085the enclosure being defined by a non-uniform sealing mass covering the non-active sides of the BAW device H03H9/1092the enclosure being defined by a cover cap mounted on an element forming part of the surface acoustic wave [SAW] device on the side of the IDT's H03H9/12for networks with interaction of optical and acoustic waves H03H9/125Driving means H03H9/13for networks consisting of piezo-electric or electrostrictive materials H03H9/131consisting of a multilayered structure H03H9/132characterized by a particular shape H03H9/133for electromechanical delay lines or filters H03H9/135for networks consisting of magnetostrictive materials H03H9/145for networks using surface acoustic waves H03H9/14502Surface acoustic wave [SAW] transducers for a particular purpose H03H9/14505Unidirectional SAW transducers H03H9/14508Polyphase SAW transducers H03H9/14511SAW transducers for non-piezoelectric substrates H03H9/14514Broad band transducers H03H9/14517Means for weighting H03H9/1452by finger overlap length, apodisation H03H9/14523Capacitive tap weighted transducers H03H9/14526Finger withdrawal H03H9/14529Distributed tap H03H9/14532Series weighting; Transverse weighting H03H9/14535Position weighting H03H9/14538Formation H03H9/14541Multilayer finger or busbar electrode H03H9/14544Transducers of particular shape or position H03H9/14547Fan shaped; Tilted; Shifted; Slanted; Tapered; Arched; Stepped finger transducers H03H9/1455constituted of N parallel or series transducers H03H9/14552comprising split fingers H03H9/14555Chirped transducers H03H9/14558Slanted, tapered or fan shaped transducers H03H9/14561Arched, curved or ring shaped transducers H03H9/14564Shifted fingers transducers H03H9/14567Stepped-fan shaped transducers H03H9/1457Transducers having different finger widths H03H9/14573Arrow type transducers H03H9/14576Transducers whereby only the last fingers have different characteristics with respect to the other fingers H03H9/14579the last fingers having a different shape H03H9/14582the last fingers having a different pitch H03H9/14585the last fingers being split H03H9/14588Horizontally-split transducers H03H9/14591Vertically-split transducers H03H9/14594Plan-rotated or plan-tilted transducers H03H9/14597Matching SAW transducers to external electrical circuits H03H9/15Constructional features of resonators consisting of piezo-electric or electrostrictive material H03H9/17having a single resonator H03H9/171implemented with thin-film techniques H03H9/172Means for mounting on a substrate H03H9/173Air-gaps H03H9/174Membranes H03H9/175Acoustic mirrors H03H9/176consisting of ceramic material H03H9/177of the energy-trap type H03H9/178of a laminated structure of multiple piezoelectric layers with inner electrodes H03H9/19consisting of quartz H03H9/205having multiple resonators H03H9/21Crystal tuning forks H03H9/215consisting of quartz H03H9/22Constructional features of resonators consisting of magnetostrictive material H03H9/24Constructional features of resonators of material which is not piezo-electric, electrostrictive, or magnetostrictive H03H9/2405of micro-electro-mechanical resonators H03H9/2426in combination with other electronic elements H03H9/2431Ring resonators H03H9/2436Disk resonators H03H9/2447Beam resonators H03H9/2452Free-free beam resonators H03H9/2457Clamped-free beam resonators H03H9/2463Clamped-clamped beam resonators H03H9/2468Tuning fork resonators H03H9/2473Double-Ended Tuning Fork [DETF] resonators H03H9/2478Single-Ended Tuning Fork resonators H03H9/2484with two fork tines H03H9/2489with more than two fork tines H03H9/2494H-shaped H03H9/25Constructional features of resonators using surface acoustic waves H03H9/30Time-delay networks H03H9/36with non-adjustable delay time H03H9/38with adjustable delay time H03H9/40Frequency dependent delay lines H03H9/42using surface acoustic waves H03H9/423with adjustable delay time H03H9/426Magneto-elastic surface waves H03H9/44Frequency dependent delay lines H03H9/46Filters H03H9/462Micro-electro-mechanical filters H03H9/465in combination with other electronic elements H03H9/467Post-fabrication trimming of parameters H03H9/48Coupling means therefor H03H9/485for micro-electro-mechanical filters H03H9/50Mechanical coupling means H03H9/505for micro-electro-mechanical filters H03H9/52Electric coupling means H03H9/525for micro-electro-mechanical filters H03H9/54comprising resonators of piezo-electric or electrostrictive material H03H9/542including passive elements H03H9/545including active elements H03H9/547Notch filters H03H9/56Monolithic crystal filters H03H9/562comprising a ceramic piezoelectric layer H03H9/564implemented with thin-film techniques H03H9/566Electric coupling means therefor H03H9/568consisting of a ladder configuration H03H9/58Multiple crystal filters H03H9/581comprising ceramic piezoelectric layers H03H9/582implemented with thin-film techniques H03H9/583comprising a plurality of piezoelectric layers acoustically coupled H03H9/584Coupled Resonator Filters [CFR] H03H9/585Stacked Crystal Filters [SCF] H03H9/586Means for mounting to a substrate H03H9/587Air-gaps H03H9/588Membranes H03H9/589Acoustic mirrors H03H9/60Electric coupling means therefor H03H9/605consisting of a ladder configuration H03H9/62comprising resonators of magnetostrictive material H03H9/64using surface acoustic waves H03H9/6403Programmable filters H03H9/6406Filters characterised by a particular frequency characteristic H03H9/6409SAW notch filters H03H9/6413SAW comb filters H03H9/6416SAW matched filters H03H9/642SAW transducers details for remote interrogation systems H03H9/6423Means for obtaining a particular transfer characteristic H03H9/6426Combinations of the characteristics of different transducers H03H9/643the transfer characteristic being determined by reflective or coupling array characteristics H03H9/6433Coupled resonator filters H03H9/6436having one acoustic track only H03H9/644having two acoustic tracks H03H9/6443being acoustically coupled H03H9/6446by floating multistrip couplers H03H9/645by grating reflectors overlapping both tracks H03H9/6453by at least an interdigital transducer overlapping both tracks H03H9/6456being electrically coupled H03H9/6459via one connecting electrode H03H9/6463the tracks being electrically cascaded H03H9/6466each track containing more than two transducers H03H9/6469via two connecting electrodes H03H9/6473the electrodes being electrically interconnected H03H9/6476the tracks being electrically parallel H03H9/6479Capacitively coupled SAW resonator filters H03H9/6483Ladder SAW filters H03H9/6486having crossing or intersecting acoustic tracks H03H9/6489Compensation of undesirable effects H03H9/6493Side lobe suppression H03H9/6496Reducing ripple in transfer characteristic H03H9/66Phase shifters H03H9/68using surface acoustic waves H03H9/70Multiple-port networks for connecting several sources or loads, working on different frequencies or frequency bands, to a common load or source H03H9/703Networks using bulk acoustic wave devices H03H9/706Duplexers H03H9/72Networks using surface acoustic waves H03H9/725Duplexers H03H9/74Multiple-port networks for connecting several sources or loads, working on the same frequency or frequency band, to a common load or source H03H9/76Networks using surface acoustic waves