Detecting, measuring or recording for diagnostic purposes Identification of persons


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  • A61B5/00
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A61B5/0002Remote monitoring of patients using telemetry A61B5/0004characterised by the type of physiological signal transmitted A61B5/0006ECG or EEG signals A61B5/0008Temperature signals A61B5/0011Foetal or obstetric data A61B5/0013Medical image data A61B5/0015characterised by features of the telemetry system A61B5/0017transmitting optical signals A61B5/002Monitoring the patient using a local or closed circuit A61B5/0022Monitoring a patient using a global network A61B5/0024for multiple sensor units attached to the patient A61B5/0026characterised by the transmission medium A61B5/0028Body tissue as transmission medium A61B5/0031Implanted circuitry A61B5/0033Features or image-related aspects of imaging apparatus classified in A61B5/00 A61B5/0035adapted for acquistion of images from more than one imaging mode A61B5/0037Performing a preliminary scan A61B5/004adapted for image acquisition of a particular organ or body part A61B5/0042for the brain A61B5/0044for the heart A61B5/0046Arrangements of imaging apparatus in a room A61B5/0048Detecting, measuring or recording by applying mechanical forces or stimuli A61B5/0051by applying vibrations A61B5/0053by applying pressure A61B5/0055by applying suction A61B5/0057by applying motion other than vibrations A61B5/0059using light A61B5/0062Arrangements for scanning A61B5/0064Body surface scanning A61B5/0066Optical coherence imaging A61B5/0068Confocal scanning A61B5/0071by measuring fluorescence emission A61B5/0073by tomography A61B5/0075by spectroscopy, i.e. measuring spectra A61B5/0077Devices for viewing the surface of the body A61B5/0079using mirrors A61B5/0082adapted for particular medical purposes A61B5/0084for introduction into the body A61B5/0086using infra-red radiation A61B5/0088for oral or dental tissue A61B5/0091for mammography A61B5/0093Detecting, measuring or recording by applying one single type of energy and measuring its conversion into another type of energy A61B5/0095by applying light and detecting acoustic waves A61B5/0097by applying acoustic waves and detecting light A61B5/01Measuring temperature of body parts; Diagnostic temperature sensing A61B5/015By temperature mapping of body part A61B5/02Detecting, measuring or recording pulse, heart rate, blood pressure or blood flow Combined pulse/heart-rate/blood pressure determination Evaluating a cardiovascular condition not otherwise provided for A61B5/02007Evaluating blood vessel condition A61B5/02014Determining aneurysm A61B5/02021Determining capillary fragility A61B5/02028Determining haemodynamic parameters not otherwise provided for A61B5/02035Determining blood viscosity A61B5/02042Determining blood loss or bleeding A61B5/0205Simultaneously evaluating both cardiovascular conditions and different types of body conditions A61B5/02055Simultaneously evaluating both cardiovascular condition and temperature A61B5/021Measuring pressure in heart or blood vessels A61B5/02108from analysis of pulse wave characteristics A61B5/02116of pulse wave amplitude A61B5/02125of pulse wave propagation time A61B5/02133by using induced vibration of the blood vessel A61B5/02141Details of apparatus construction A61B5/0215by means inserted into the body A61B5/02152specially adapted for venous pressure A61B5/02154by optical transmission A61B5/02156Calibration means A61B5/02158provided with two or more sensor elements A61B5/022by applying pressure to close blood vessels A61B5/02208using the Korotkoff method A61B5/02216Ophthalmodynamometers A61B5/02225using the oscillometric method A61B5/02233Occluders specially adapted therefor A61B5/02241of small dimensions A61B5/0225the pressure being controlled by electric signals A61B5/02255the pressure being controlled by plethysmographic signals A61B5/023the pressure transducers comprising a liquid column A61B5/0235Valves specially adapted therefor A61B5/024Detecting, measuring or recording pulse rate or heart rate A61B5/02405Determining heart rate variability A61B5/02411of foetuses A61B5/02416using photoplethysmograph signals A61B5/02422within occluders A61B5/02427Details of sensor A61B5/02433for infra-red radiation A61B5/02438with portable devices A61B5/02444Details of sensor A61B5/0245by using sensing means generating electric signals A61B5/02455provided with high/low alarm devices A61B5/025within occluders A61B5/0255Recording instruments specially adapted therefor A61B5/026Measuring blood flow A61B5/0261using optical means A61B5/0263using NMR A61B5/0265using electromagnetic means A61B5/027using catheters A61B5/0275using tracers A61B5/02755Radioactive tracers A61B5/028by thermo-dilution A61B5/0285Measuring or recording phase velocity of blood waves A61B5/029Measuring or recording blood output from the heart A61B5/0295using plethysmography, i.e. measuring the variations in the volume of a body part as modified by the circulation of blood therethrough A61B5/03Detecting, measuring or recording fluid pressure within the body other than blood pressure A61B5/031Intracranial pressure A61B5/032Spinal fluid pressure A61B5/033Uterine pressure A61B5/035Intra-uterine probes therefor A61B5/036by means introduced into body tracts A61B5/037Measuring oesophageal pressure A61B5/038Measuring oral pressure A61B5/04Detecting, measuring or recording bioelectric signals of the body of parts thereof A61B5/04001adapted to neuroelectric signals A61B5/04002Measuring direct current (D.C.) or slowly varying biopotentials A61B5/04004Input circuits for EEG-, or EMG-signals A61B5/04005Detecting magnetic fields produced by bio-electric currents A61B5/04007specially adapted for magnetocardiographic signals A61B5/04008specially adapted for magneto-encephalographic signals A61B5/04009using evoked response A61B5/04011Vector-cardiography A61B5/04012Analysis of electro-cardiograms, electro-encephalograms, electro-myograms A61B5/04014by measuring frequency distribution using a set of filters A61B5/04015provided with alarm devices A61B5/04017by using digital filtering A61B5/04018provided with alarm devices A61B5/0402Electrocardiography A61B5/04021ECG simulator circuits A61B5/04023Physical templates or devices for measuring ECG waveforms A61B5/04025Preparing electrode site A61B5/04026Means for providing electrolyte A61B5/04028Generation of artificial ECG signals based on measured signals A61B5/0404Hand-held devices A61B5/0408Electrodes specially adapted therefor A61B5/04082attached by means of suction A61B5/04085Multiple electrode holders A61B5/04087using conductive adhesive means A61B5/0416connected by means of snap fasteners A61B5/042for introducing into the body A61B5/0421Endotracheal, oesophageal or gastric probes A61B5/0422Multiple electrode holders A61B5/0424Protection against electrode failure A61B5/0428Input circuits specially adapted therefor A61B5/04282using insulating or floating elements A61B5/04284Capacitive or ionised electrodes A61B5/04286Patient cord assembly A61B5/04288Switching circuits A61B5/0432Recording apparatus specially adapted therefor A61B5/04325using integrated circuit memory devices A61B5/0436Magnetic recording apparatus A61B5/04365Playback at speeds other than the recording speed A61B5/044Displays specially adapted therefor A61B5/0444Foetal cardiography A61B5/0448Electrodes specially adapted therefor A61B5/04485attached by means of suction A61B5/0452Detecting specific parameters of the electrocardiograph cycle A61B5/04525by template matching A61B5/0456Detecting R peaks A61B5/046Detecting fibrillation A61B5/0464Detecting tachycardy or brachycardy A61B5/0468Detecting abnormal ECG interval A61B5/0472Detecting abnormal QRS complex A61B5/0476Electroencephalography A61B5/0478Electrodes specially adapted therefor A61B5/048Detecting the frequency distribution of signals A61B5/0482using biofeedback A61B5/0484using evoked response A61B5/04842visually A61B5/04845acoustically or auditory A61B5/04847olfactory or gustatory A61B5/0488Electromyography A61B5/04882of genito-urinary organs A61B5/04884Detecting gastro-intestinal contractions A61B5/04886specially adapted for electroglottography or electropalatography A61B5/04888Control of prosthetics A61B5/0492Electrodes specially adapted therefor A61B5/0496Electro-oculography A61B5/05Detecting, measuring or recording for diagnosis by means of electric currents or magnetic fields; Measuring using microwaves or radiowaves A61B5/0507using microwaves or terahertz waves A61B5/0515Magnetic particle imaging A61B5/0522Magnetic induction tomography A61B5/053Measuring electrical impedance or conductance of a portion of the body A61B5/0531Measuring skin impedance A61B5/0532specially adapted for acupuncture A61B5/0533Measuring galvanic skin response A61B5/0534Testing vitality of teeth A61B5/0535impedance plethysmography A61B5/0536Impedance imaging A61B5/0537Measuring body composition by impedance A61B5/0538invasively A61B5/055involving electronic or nuclear magnetic resonance A61B5/0555Means for positioning of patients A61B5/06Devices, other than using radiation, for detecting or locating foreign bodies; determining position of probes within or on the body of the patient A61B5/061Determining position of a probe within the body employing means separate from the probe A61B5/062using magnetic field A61B5/063using impedance measurements A61B5/064using markers A61B5/065Determining position of the probe employing exclusively positioning means located on or in the probe A61B5/066Superposing sensor position on an image of the patient A61B5/067using accelerometers or gyroscopes A61B5/068using impedance sensors A61B5/07Endoradiosondes A61B5/073Intestinal transmitters A61B5/076Permanent implantations A61B5/08Detecting, measuring or recording devices for evaluating the respiratory organs A61B5/0803Recording apparatus specially adapted therefor A61B5/0806by whole-body plethysmography A61B5/0809by impedance pneumography A61B5/0813Measurement of pulmonary parameters by tracers A61B5/0816Measuring devices for examining respiratory frequency A61B5/082Evaluation by breath analysis A61B5/0823Detecting or evaluating cough events A61B5/0826Detecting or evaluating apnoea events A61B5/083Measuring rate of metabolism by using breath test A61B5/0833Measuring rate of oxygen consumption A61B5/0836Measuring rate of CO2 production A61B5/085Measuring impedance of respiratory organs or lung elasticity A61B5/087Measuring breath flow A61B5/0871Peak expiratory flowmeters A61B5/0873using optical means A61B5/0875using means carried by the fluid stream A61B5/0876using means deflected by the fluid stream A61B5/0878using temperature sensing means A61B5/09using an element rotated by the flow A61B5/091Measuring volume of inspired or expired gases A61B5/093the gases being exhaled into, or inhaled from, an expansible chamber A61B5/0935Recording apparatus specially adapted therefor A61B5/095within a rigid container A61B5/097Devices for facilitating collection of breath or for directing breath into or through measuring devices A61B5/103Detecting, measuring or recording devices for testing the shape, pattern, colour, size or movement of the body or parts thereof, for diagnostic purposes A61B5/1032Determining colour for diagnostic purposes A61B5/1034by means of colour cards A61B5/1036Measuring load distribution A61B5/1038Measuring plantar pressure during gait A61B5/107Measuring physical dimensions A61B5/1071measuring angles A61B5/1072measuring distances on the body A61B5/1073Measuring volume A61B5/1074Foot measuring devices A61B5/1075for measuring dimensions by non-invasive methods A61B5/1076for measuring dimensions inside body cavities A61B5/1077Measuring of profiles A61B5/1078by moulding A61B5/1079using optical or photographic means A61B5/11Measuring movement of the entire body or parts thereof A61B5/1101Detecting tremor A61B5/1102Ballistocardiography A61B5/1103Detecting eye twinkling A61B5/1104induced by stimuli or drugs A61B5/1105of laboratory animals A61B5/1106to assess neuromuscular blockade A61B5/1107Measuring contraction of parts of the body A61B5/1108of excised organs A61B5/1109of wounds A61B5/1111Detecting tooth mobility A61B5/1112Global tracking of patients A61B5/1113Local tracking of patients A61B5/1114Tracking parts of the body A61B5/1115Monitoring leaving of a patient support A61B5/1116Determining posture transitions A61B5/1117Fall detection A61B5/1118Determining activity level A61B5/112Gait analysis A61B5/1121Determining geometric values A61B5/1122of movement trajectories A61B5/1123Discriminating type of movement A61B5/1124Determining motor skills A61B5/1125Grasping motions of hands A61B5/1126using a particular sensing technique A61B5/1127using markers A61B5/1128using image analysis A61B5/113occurring during breathing A61B5/1135by monitoring thoracic expansion A61B5/117Identification of persons A61B5/1171based on the shapes or appearances of their bodies or parts thereof A61B5/1172using fingerprinting A61B5/1174using footprinting A61B5/1176Recognition of faces A61B5/1178using dental data A61B5/12Audiometering Evaluation or the auditory system, not limited to hearing capacity A61B5/121evaluating hearing capacity A61B5/123subjective methods A61B5/125objective methods A61B5/126measuring compliance or mechanical impedance of the tympanic membrane A61B5/128evaluating tinnitus A61B5/14Devices for taking samples of blood Measuring characteristics of blood in vivo A61B5/1405Devices for taking blood samples A61B5/1411by percutaneous method A61B5/1416by syringes containing more than one piston A61B5/1422provided with indicating means A61B5/1427Multiple blood sampling A61B5/1433provided with locking means A61B5/1438using pre-evacuated means A61B5/1444Safety means A61B5/145Measuring characteristics of blood in vivo A61B5/14503invasive A61B5/14507specially adapted for measuring characteristics of body fluids other than blood A61B5/1451for interstitial fluid A61B5/14514using means for aiding extraction of interstitial fluid A61B5/14517for sweat A61B5/14521using means for promoting sweat production A61B5/14525using microdialysis A61B5/14528invasively A61B5/14532for measuring glucose A61B5/14535for measuring haematocrit A61B5/14539for measuring pH A61B5/14542for measuring blood gases A61B5/14546for measuring analytes not otherwise provided for A61B5/1455using optical sensors A61B5/14551for measuring blood gases A61B5/14552Details of sensors specially adapted therefor A61B5/14553specially adapted for cerebral tissue A61B5/14555specially adapted for the eye fundus A61B5/14556by fluorescence A61B5/14557specially adapted to extracorporeal circuits A61B5/14558by polarisation A61B5/1459invasive A61B5/1464specially adapted for foetal tissue A61B5/1468using chemical or electrochemical methods A61B5/1473invasive A61B5/14735comprising an immobilised reagent A61B5/1477non-invasive A61B5/1482specially adapted for foetal tissue A61B5/1486using enzyme electrodes A61B5/14865invasive A61B5/1491Heated applicators A61B5/1495Calibrating or testing of in-vivo probes A61B5/15Devices for taking samples of blood A61B5/150007Details A61B5/150015Source of blood A61B5/150022for capillary blood or interstitial fluid A61B5/15003for venous or arterial blood A61B5/150038for blood from umbilical cord A61B5/150045for blood from vagina, placenta, colon or mouth A61B5/150053for enhanced collection of blood or interstitial fluid at the sample site A61B5/150061Means for enhancing collection A61B5/150068by tissue compression A61B5/150076by heating A61B5/150083by vibration A61B5/150091by electricity A61B5/150099by negative pressure, other than vacuum extraction into a syringe by pulling on the piston rod or into pre-evacuated tubes A61B5/150106Means for reducing pain or discomfort applied before puncturing; desensitising the skin at the location where body is to be pierced A61B5/150114by tissue compression A61B5/150122by heating A61B5/150129by cooling A61B5/150137by vibration A61B5/150145by negative pressure A61B5/150152by an adequate mechanical impact on the puncturing location A61B5/15016by accessories for bringing the piercing element into the body A61B5/150167Adjustable piercing speed of skin piercing element A61B5/150175Adjustment of penetration depth A61B5/150183Depth adjustment mechanism using end caps mounted at the distal end of the sampling device A61B5/15019Depth adjustment mechanism using movable stops located inside the piercing device housing and limiting the travel of the drive mechanism A61B5/150198Depth adjustment mechanism at the proximal end of the carrier of the piercing element A61B5/150206Construction or design features not otherwise provided for; manufacturing or production; packages; sterilisation of piercing element, piercing device or sampling device A61B5/150213Venting means A61B5/150221Valves A61B5/150229Pumps for assisting the blood sampling A61B5/150236Pistons A61B5/150244Rods for actuating or driving the piston A61B5/150251Collection chamber divided into at least two compartments A61B5/150259Improved gripping A61B5/150267Modular design or construction A61B5/150274Manufacture or production processes or steps for blood sampling devices A61B5/150282for piercing elements A61B5/15029for driving devices A61B5/150297for piercing devices A61B5/150305Packages specially adapted for piercing devices or blood sampling devices A61B5/150312Sterilisation of piercing elements, piercing devices or sampling devices A61B5/15032by heating A61B5/150328by aseptic fluid A61B5/150335by radiation A61B5/150343Collection vessels for collecting blood samples from the skin surface A61B5/150351Caps, stoppers or lids for sealing or closing a blood collection vessel or container A61B5/150358Strips for collecting blood A61B5/150366Blood collection bags A61B5/150374Details of piercing elements or protective means for preventing accidental injuries by such piercing elements A61B5/150381Design of piercing elements A61B5/150389Hollow piercing elements A61B5/150396Specific tip design A61B5/150404Specific design of proximal end A61B5/150412Pointed piercing elements A61B5/150419comprising means for capillary action A61B5/150427Specific tip design A61B5/150435Specific design of proximal end A61B5/150442Blade-like piercing elements A61B5/15045comprising means for capillary action A61B5/150458Specific blade design A61B5/150465Specific design of proximal end A61B5/150473Double-ended needles A61B5/15048Details of construction of proximal end A61B5/150488Details of construction of shaft A61B5/150496Details of construction of hub A61B5/150503Single-ended needles A61B5/150511Details of construction of shaft A61B5/150519Details of construction of hub A61B5/150526Curved or bent needles A61B5/150534Design of protective means for piercing elements for preventing accidental needle sticks A61B5/150541Breakable protectors, e.g. caps, shields or sleeves A61B5/150549Protectors removed by rotational movement A61B5/150557Protectors removed by bending A61B5/150564Protectors removed by pulling or pushing A61B5/150572Pierceable protectors A61B5/15058Joining techniques used for protective means A61B5/150587by friction fit A61B5/150595by snap-lock ( A61B5/150603by rotation A61B5/15061by material engagement A61B5/150618Integrally moulded protectors A61B5/150625by using additional parts A61B5/150633Protective sleeves which are axially extensible A61B5/150641comprising means to impede repositioning of protection sleeve from covering to uncovering position A61B5/150648fully automatically triggered A61B5/150656semi-automatically triggered, i.e. in which the triggering of the protective sleeve requires a deliberate action by the user A61B5/150664Pivotable protective sleeves A61B5/150671comprising means to impede repositioning of protection sleeve from covering to uncovering position A61B5/150679fully automatically triggered A61B5/150687semi-automatically triggered A61B5/150694Procedure for removing protection means at the time of piercing A61B5/150702fully automatically removed A61B5/150709semi-automatically removed A61B5/150717manually removed A61B5/150725removal procedure linked to further actions A61B5/150732Needle holders, for instance for holding the needle by the hub, used for example with double-ended needle and pre-evacuated tube A61B5/15074Needle sets comprising wings A61B5/150748Having means for aiding positioning of the piercing device at a location where the body is to be pierced A61B5/150755Blood sample preparation for further analysis A61B5/150763with identification means A61B5/15077characterized by physical shape A61B5/150778having complementary physical shapes for indexing or registration purposes A61B5/150786Optical identification systems A61B5/150793Electrical or magnetic identification means A61B5/150801Means for facilitating use A61B5/150809by audible feedback A61B5/150816by tactile feedback A61B5/150824by visual feedback A61B5/150832by topography of the surface A61B5/150839Aesthetic features A61B5/150847Communication to or from blood sampling device A61B5/150854long distance A61B5/150862intermediate range A61B5/15087short range A61B5/150877with implanted devices A61B5/150885Preventing re-use A61B5/150893by indicating if used, tampered with, unsterile or defective A61B5/1509by disrupting a seal A61B5/150908by disconnecting components A61B5/150916by blocking components A61B5/150923by means for destroying components or parts A61B5/150931by including soluble parts A61B5/150938by blunting or disabling needle A61B5/150946Means for varying, regulating, indicating or limiting the speed or time of blood collection A61B5/150954Means for the detection of operative contact with patient A61B5/150961Means for the detection of the presence or absence of a module, a component or an abnormal condition; detection of leaks A61B5/150969Low-profile devices which resemble patches or plasters A61B5/150977Arrays of piercing elements for simultaneous piercing A61B5/150984Micro-needles or micro-blades A61B5/150992Blood sampling from a fluid line external to a patient, such as a catheter line, combined with an infusion line; blood sampling from indwelling needle sets A61B5/151Devices specially adapted for taking samples of capillary blood A61B5/15101Details A61B5/15103Piercing procedure A61B5/15105Purely manual piercing A61B5/15107Piercing being assisted by a triggering mechanism A61B5/15109Fully automatically triggered, i.e. the triggering does not require a deliberate action by the user A61B5/15111Semi-automatically triggered A61B5/15113Manually triggered A61B5/15115Driving means for propelling the piercing element to pierce the skin A61B5/15117comprising biased elements, resilient elements or a spring A61B5/15119comprising shape memory alloys A61B5/15121comprising piezos A61B5/15123comprising magnets or solenoids A61B5/15125comprising a vacuum or compressed fluids A61B5/15126Means for controlling the lancing movement A61B5/15128comprising 2D- or 3D-shaped elements A61B5/1513comprising linear sliding guides A61B5/15132comprising tooth-shaped elements A61B5/15134Bladeless capillary blood sampling devices, i.e. devices for perforating the skin in order to obtain a blood sample but not using a blade, needle, canula, or lancet A61B5/15136by use of radiation A61B5/15138provided with means to ensure the protection of the user A61B5/1514by use of gaseous agents A61B5/15142Devices intended for single use A61B5/15144comprising driving means A61B5/15146Devices loaded with multiple lancets simultaneously A61B5/15148Constructional features of stocking means A61B5/15149Arrangement of piercing elements relative to each other A61B5/15151Each piercing element being stocked in a separate isolated compartment A61B5/15153Multiple piercing elements stocked in a single compartment A61B5/15155Piercing elements which are specially shaped or are provided with fittings or attachments to facilitate nesting, stacking or joining together end-to-end or side-by-side A61B5/15157Geometry of stocking means or arrangement of piercing elements therein A61B5/15159Piercing elements stocked in or on a disc A61B5/15161Characterized by propelling the piercing element in a radial direction relative to the disc A61B5/15163Characterized by propelling the piercing element in an axial direction relative to the disc A61B5/15165Piercing elements stocked in or on a strip A61B5/15167Characterized by a folded strip A61B5/15169Characterized by a rolled strip A61B5/15171Characterized by propelling the piercing element perpendicular to the direction of movement of the strip A61B5/15173Characterized by propelling the piercing element parallel to the direction of movement of the strip A61B5/15174Piercing elements stocked in the form of a stack or pile A61B5/15176Stocking means comprising cap, cover, sheath or protection for aseptic stocking A61B5/15178Stocking means comprising separate compartments or units for new and for used piercing elements A61B5/1518Security or safety mechanism to be deactivated for forwarding next piercing element A61B5/15182Means for keeping track or checking of the total number of piercing elements already used or the number of piercing elements still remaining in the stocking A61B5/15184Piercing device comprising a separate compartment or unit for used piercing elements A61B5/15186Devices loaded with a single lancet A61B5/15188Constructional features of reusable driving devices A61B5/1519comprising driving means A61B5/15192comprising driving means A61B5/15194fully automatically retracted, i.e. the retraction does not require a deliberate action by the user A61B5/15196semi-automatically retracted A61B5/15198purely manually retracted A61B5/153Devices specially adapted for taking samples of venous or arterial blood A61B5/1535comprising means for indicating vein or arterial entry A61B5/154Devices using pre-evacuated means A61B5/1545comprising means for indicating vein or arterial entry A61B5/155Devices specially adapted for continuous or multiple sampling A61B5/157Devices characterised by integrated means for measuring characteristics of blood A61B5/16Devices for psychotechnics Testing reaction times Devices for evaluating the psychological state A61B5/161Flicker fusion testing A61B5/162Testing reaction times A61B5/164Lie detection A61B5/165Evaluating the state of mind A61B5/167Personality evaluation A61B5/168Evaluating attention deficit, hyperactivity A61B5/18for vehicle drivers or machine operators A61B5/20for measuring urological functions restricted to the evaluation of the urinary system A61B5/201Assessing renal or kidney functions A61B5/202Assessing bladder functions A61B5/204Determining bladder volume A61B5/205Determining bladder or urethral pressure A61B5/207Sensing devices adapted to collect urine A61B5/208adapted to determine urine quantity A61B5/22Ergometry Measuring muscular strength or the force of a muscular blow A61B5/221Ergometry A61B5/222combined with detection or measurement of physiological parameters A61B5/224Measuring muscular strength A61B5/225of the fingers A61B5/227of constricting muscles A61B5/228of masticatory organs A61B5/40Detecting, measuring or recording for evaluating the nervous system A61B5/4005for evaluating the sensory system A61B5/4011Evaluating olfaction A61B5/4017Evaluating sense of taste A61B5/4023Evaluating sense of balance A61B5/4029for evaluating the peripheral nervous systems A61B5/4035Evaluating the autonomic nervous system A61B5/4041Evaluating nerves condition A61B5/4047afferent nerves A61B5/4052efferent nerves A61B5/4058for evaluating the central nervous system A61B5/4064Evaluating the brain A61B5/407Evaluating the spinal cord A61B5/4076Diagnosing or monitoring particular conditions of the nervous system A61B5/4082Diagnosing or monitoring movement diseases A61B5/4088Diagnosing of monitoring cognitive diseases A61B5/4094Diagnosing or monitoring seizure diseases A61B5/41Detecting, measuring or recording for evaluating the immune or lymphatic systems A61B5/411Detecting or monitoring allergy or intolerance reactions to an allergenic agent or substance A61B5/412Detecting or monitoring sepsis A61B5/413Monitoring transplanted tissue or organ A61B5/414Evaluating particular organs or parts of the immune or lymphatic systems A61B5/415the glands A61B5/416the spleen A61B5/417the bone marrow A61B5/418lymph vessels, ducts or nodes A61B5/42Detecting, measuring or recording for evaluating the gastrointestinal, the endocrine or the exocrine systems A61B5/4205Evaluating swallowing A61B5/4211Diagnosing or evaluating reflux A61B5/4216Diagnosing or evaluating gastrointestinal ulcers A61B5/4222Evaluating particular parts A61B5/4227endocrine glands A61B5/4233oesophagus A61B5/4238stomach A61B5/4244liver A61B5/425pancreas A61B5/4255Intestines, colon or appendix A61B5/4261Evaluating exocrine secretion production A61B5/4266sweat secretion A61B5/4272sebum secretion A61B5/4277saliva secretion A61B5/4283gastrointestinal secretions A61B5/4288mammary secretions A61B5/4294vaginal secretions A61B5/43Detecting, measuring or recording for evaluating the reproductive systems A61B5/4306for evaluating the female reproductive systems A61B5/4312Breast evaluation or disorder diagnosis A61B5/4318Evaluation of the lower reproductive system A61B5/4325of the uterine cavities A61B5/4331of the cervix A61B5/4337of the vagina A61B5/4343Pregnancy and labour monitoring A61B5/435Assessing cervix alteration or dilation A61B5/4356Assessing uterine contractions A61B5/4362Assessing foetal parameters A61B5/4368Sexual arousal evaluation A61B5/4375for evaluating the male reproductive system A61B5/4381Prostate evaluation or disorder diagnosis A61B5/4387Testicles, seminal vesicles or sperm ducts evaluation A61B5/4393Sexual arousal or erectile dysfunction evaluation A61B5/44Detecting, measuring or recording for evaluating the integumentary system A61B5/441Skin evaluation A61B5/442Evaluating skin mechanical properties A61B5/443Evaluating skin constituents A61B5/444Evaluating skin marks A61B5/445Evaluating skin irritation or skin trauma A61B5/446Scalp evaluation or scalp disorder diagnosis A61B5/447specially adapted for aiding the prevention of ulcer or pressure sore development A61B5/448Hair evaluation A61B5/449Nail evaluation A61B5/45For evaluating or diagnosing the musculoskeletal system or teeth A61B5/4504Bones A61B5/4509Bone density determination A61B5/4514Cartilage A61B5/4519Muscles A61B5/4523Tendons A61B5/4528Joints A61B5/4533Ligaments A61B5/4538Evaluating a particular part of the muscoloskeletal system or a particular medical condition A61B5/4542Evaluating the mouth A61B5/4547Evaluating teeth A61B5/4552Evaluating soft tissue within the mouth A61B5/4557Evaluating bruxism A61B5/4561Evaluating static posture A61B5/4566Evaluating the spine A61B5/4571Evaluating the hip A61B5/4576Evaluating the shoulder A61B5/458Evaluating the elbow A61B5/4585Evaluating the knee A61B5/459Evaluating the wrist A61B5/4595Evaluating the ankle A61B5/48Other medical applications A61B5/4803Speech analysis specially adapted for diagnostic purposes A61B5/4806Sleep evaluation A61B5/4809Sleep detection A61B5/4812Detecting sleep stages or cycles A61B5/4815Sleep quality A61B5/4818Sleep apnoea A61B5/4821Determining level or depth of anaesthesia A61B5/4824Touch or pain perception evaluation A61B5/4827assessing touch sensitivity A61B5/483by thermal stimulation A61B5/4833Assessment of subject’s compliance to treatment A61B5/4836Diagnosis combined with treatment in closed-loop systems or methods A61B5/4839combined with drug delivery A61B5/4842Monitoring progression or stage of a disease A61B5/4845Toxicology A61B5/4848Monitoring or testing the effects of treatment A61B5/4851Prosthesis assessment or monitoring A61B5/4854Diagnosis based on concepts of traditional oriental medicine A61B5/4857Indicating the phase of biorhythm A61B5/486Bio-feedback A61B5/4863Measuring or inducing nystagmus A61B5/4866Evaluating metabolism A61B5/4869Determining body composition A61B5/4872Body fat A61B5/4875Hydration status, fluid retention of the body A61B5/4878Evaluating oedema A61B5/4881Determining interstitial fluid distribution or content within body tissue A61B5/4884inducing physiological or psychological stress A61B5/4887Locating particular structures in or on the body A61B5/489Blood vessels A61B5/4893Nerves A61B5/4896Epidural space A61B5/68Arrangements of detecting, measuring or recording means A61B5/6801specially adapted to be attached to or worn on the body surface A61B5/6802Sensor mounted on worn items A61B5/6803Head-worn items A61B5/6804Garments; Clothes A61B5/6805Vests A61B5/6806Gloves A61B5/6807Footwear A61B5/6808Diapers A61B5/681Wristwatch-type devices A61B5/6811External prosthesis A61B5/6812Orthopaedic devices A61B5/6813Specially adapted to be attached to a specific body part A61B5/6814Head A61B5/6815Ear A61B5/6816Ear lobe A61B5/6817Ear canal A61B5/6819Nose A61B5/682Mouth, e.g., oral cavity; tongue; Lips; Teeth A61B5/6821Eye A61B5/6822Neck A61B5/6823Trunk, e.g., chest, back, abdomen, hip A61B5/6824Arm or wrist A61B5/6825Hand A61B5/6826Finger A61B5/6828Leg A61B5/6829Foot or ankle A61B5/683Means for maintaining contact with the body A61B5/6831Straps, bands or harnesses A61B5/6832using adhesives A61B5/6833Adhesive patches A61B5/6834using vacuum A61B5/6835Supports or holders, e.g., articulated arms A61B5/6837Sutures A61B5/6838Clamps or clips A61B5/6839Anchoring means A61B5/684Indicating the position of the sensor on the body A61B5/6841by using templates A61B5/6842by marking the skin A61B5/6843Monitoring or controlling sensor contact pressure A61B5/6844Monitoring or controlling distance between sensor and tissue A61B5/6846specially adapted to be brought in contact with an internal body part A61B5/6847mounted on an invasive device A61B5/6848Needles A61B5/6849in combination with a needle set A61B5/685Microneedles A61B5/6851Guide wires A61B5/6852Catheters A61B5/6853with a balloon A61B5/6855with a distal curved tip A61B5/6856with a distal loop A61B5/6857with a distal pigtail shape A61B5/6858with a distal basket A61B5/6859with multiple distal splines A61B5/686Permanently implanted devices A61B5/6861Capsules A61B5/6862Stents A61B5/6864Burr holes A61B5/6865Access ports A61B5/6866Extracorporeal blood circuits A61B5/6867specially adapted to be attached or implanted in a specific body part A61B5/6868Brain A61B5/6869Heart A61B5/687Oesophagus A61B5/6871Stomach A61B5/6873Intestine A61B5/6874Bladder A61B5/6875Uterus A61B5/6876Blood vessel A61B5/6877Nerve A61B5/6878Bone A61B5/6879Means for maintaining contact with the body A61B5/688using adhesives A61B5/6882Anchoring means A61B5/6883Sutures A61B5/6884Clamps or clips A61B5/6885Monitoring or controlling sensor contact pressure A61B5/6886Monitoring or controlling distance between sensor and tissue A61B5/6887mounted on external non-worn devices A61B5/6888Cabins A61B5/6889Rooms A61B5/6891Furniture A61B5/6892Mats A61B5/6893Cars A61B5/6894Wheel chairs A61B5/6895Sport equipment A61B5/6896Toys A61B5/6897Computer input devices A61B5/6898Portable consumer electronic devices A61B5/70Means for positioning the patient in relation to the detecting, measuring or recording means A61B5/702Posture restraints A61B5/704Tables A61B5/706Indicia not located on the patient A61B5/708Breast positioning means A61B5/72Signal processing specially adapted for physiological signals or for diagnostic purposes A61B5/7203for noise prevention, reduction or removal A61B5/7207of noise induced by motion artifacts A61B5/721using a separate sensor to detect motion or using motion information derived from signals other than the physiological signal to be measured A61B5/7214using signal cancellation A61B5/7217of noise originating from a therapeutic or surgical apparatus A61B5/7221Determining signal validity, reliability or quality A61B5/7225Details of analog processing A61B5/7228Signal modulation applied to the input signal sent to patient or subject; demodulation to recover the physiological signal A61B5/7232involving compression of the physiological signal A61B5/7235Details of waveform analysis A61B5/7239using differentiation including higher order derivatives A61B5/7242using integration A61B5/7246using correlation A61B5/725using specific filters therefor A61B5/7253characterised by using transforms A61B5/7257using Fourier transforms A61B5/726using Wavelet transforms A61B5/7264Classification of physiological signals or data A61B5/7267involving training the classification device A61B5/7271Specific aspects of physiological measurement analysis A61B5/7275Determining trends in physiological measurement data Predicting development of a medical condition based on physiological measurements A61B5/7278Artificial waveform generation or derivation A61B5/7282Event detection A61B5/7285for synchronising or triggering a physiological measurement or image acquisition with a physiological event or waveform A61B5/7289Retrospective gating, i.e. associating measured signals or images with a physiological event after the actual measurement or image acquisition A61B5/7292Prospective gating A61B5/7296for compensation of signal variation due to stress unintentionally induced in the patient A61B5/74Details of notification to user or communication with user or patient ; user input means A61B5/7405using sound A61B5/741using synthesised speech A61B5/7415Sound rendering of measured values A61B5/742using visual displays A61B5/7425Displaying combinations of multiple images regardless of image source A61B5/743Displaying an image simultaneously with additional graphical information A61B5/7435Displaying user selection data A61B5/744Displaying an avatar A61B5/7445Display arrangements A61B5/745using a holographic display A61B5/7455characterised by tactile indication A61B5/746Alarms related to a physiological condition A61B5/7465Arrangements for interactive communication between patient and care services A61B5/747in case of emergency A61B5/7475User input or interface means A61B5/748Selection of a region of interest A61B5/7485Automatic selection of region of interest A61B5/749Voice-controlled interfaces A61B5/7495using a reader or scanner device