Gyroscopes Turn-sensitive devices using vibrating masses Turn-sensitive devices without moving masses Measuring angular rate using gyroscopic effects


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  • G01C19/00
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Sub Industries

G01C19/02Rotary gyroscopes G01C19/025Special arrangements for gyros functioning during a short period G01C19/04Details G01C19/06Rotors G01C19/065Measurement or control of angular velocity, specifically adapted to gyrorotors G01C19/08electrically driven G01C19/10Power supply G01C19/12fluid driven G01C19/14Fluid rotors G01C19/16Suspensions Bearings G01C19/18providing movement of rotor with respect to its rotational axes G01C19/20in fluid G01C19/22torsional G01C19/24using magnetic or electrostatic fields G01C19/26Caging, i.e. immobilising moving parts G01C19/28Pick-offs G01C19/30Erection devices G01C19/32Indicating or recording means specially adapted for rotary gyroscopes G01C19/34for indicating a direction in the horizontal plane G01C19/36with north-seeking action by magnetic means G01C19/38with north-seeking action by other than magnetic means G01C19/40for control by signals from a master compass G01C19/42for indicating rate of turn for integrating rate of turn G01C19/44for indicating the vertical G01C19/46Erection devices for restoring rotor axis to a desired position G01C19/48operating by electrical means G01C19/50operating by mechanical means G01C19/52operating by fluid means G01C19/54with correction for acceleration forces due to movement of instrument G01C19/56Turn-sensitive devices using vibrating masses G01C19/5607using vibrating tuning forks G01C19/5614Signal processing G01C19/5621the devices involving a micro-mechanical structure G01C19/5628Manufacturing Trimming Mounting Housings G01C19/5635using vibrating wires or strings G01C19/5642using vibrating bars or beams G01C19/5649Signal processing G01C19/5656the devices involving a micro-mechanical structure G01C19/5663Manufacturing Trimming Mounting Housings G01C19/567using the phase shift of a vibration node or antinode G01C19/5677of essentially two-dimensional vibrators G01C19/5684the devices involving a micro-mechanical structure G01C19/5691of essentially three-dimensional vibrators G01C19/5698using acoustic waves G01C19/5705using masses driven in reciprocating rotary motion about an axis G01C19/5712the devices involving a micro-mechanical structure G01C19/5719using planar vibrating masses driven in a translation vibration along an axis G01C19/5726Signal processing G01C19/5733Structural details or topology G01C19/574the devices having two sensing masses in anti-phase motion G01C19/5747each sensing mass being connected to a driving mass G01C19/5755the devices having a single sensing mass G01C19/5762the sensing mass being connected to a driving mass G01C19/5769Manufacturing Mounting Housings G01C19/5776Signal processing not specific to any of the devices covered by groups G01C19/5607 - G01C19/5719 G01C19/5783Mountings or housings not specific to any of the devices covered by groups G01C19/5607 - G01C19/5719 G01C19/58Turn-sensitive devices without moving masses G01C19/60Electronic or nuclear magnetic resonance gyrometers G01C19/62with optical pumping G01C19/64Gyrometers using the Sagnac effect G01C19/66Ring laser gyrometers G01C19/661details G01C19/662signal readout; dither compensators G01C19/664means for removing the dither signal G01C19/665control of the cavity G01C19/667using a multioscillator ring laser G01C19/668Assemblies for measuring along different axes G01C19/68Lock-in prevention G01C19/70by mechanical means G01C19/72with counter-rotating light beams in a passive ring G01C19/721Details G01C19/722of the mechanical construction G01C19/723Heterodyning fibre optic gyrometers G01C19/725using nxn optical couplers G01C19/726Phase nulling gyrometers G01C19/727using a passive ring resonator G01C19/728Assemblies for measuring along different axes