Optical devices or arrangements using movable or deformable optical elements for controlling the intensity, colour, phase, polarisation or direction of light


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  • G02B26/00
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Sub Industries

G02B26/001based on interference in an adjustable optical cavity G02B26/002the movement or the deformation controlling the frequency of light G02B26/004based on a displacement or a deformation of a fluid G02B26/005based on electrowetting G02B26/007the movable or deformable optical element controlling the colour G02B26/008in the form of devices for effecting sequential colour changes G02B26/02for controlling the intensity of light G02B26/023comprising movable attenuating elements G02B26/026based on the rotation of particles under the influence of an external field G02B26/04by periodically varying the intensity of light G02B26/06for controlling the phase of light G02B26/08for controlling the direction of light G02B26/0808by means of one or more diffracting elements G02B26/0816by means of one or more reflecting elements G02B26/0825the reflecting element being a flexible sheet or membrane G02B26/0833the reflecting element being a micromechanical device G02B26/0841the reflecting element being moved or deformed by electrostatic means G02B26/085the reflecting means being moved or deformed by electromagnetic means G02B26/0858the reflecting means being moved or deformed by piezoelectric means G02B26/0866the reflecting means being moved or deformed by thermal means G02B26/0875by means of one or more refracting elements G02B26/0883the refracting element being a prism G02B26/0891forming an optical wedge G02B26/10Scanning systems G02B26/101with both horizontal and vertical deflecting means G02B26/103having movable or deformable optical fibres, light guides or waveguides as scanning elements G02B26/105with one or more pivoting mirrors or galvano-mirrors G02B26/106having diffraction gratings as scanning elements G02B26/108having one or more prisms as scanning elements G02B26/12using multifaceted mirrors G02B26/121Mechanical drive devices for polygonal mirrors G02B26/122Control of the scanning speed of the polygonal mirror G02B26/123Multibeam scanners G02B26/124Details of the optical system between the light source and the polygonal mirror G02B26/125Details of the optical system between the polygonal mirror and the image plane G02B26/126including curved mirrors G02B26/127Adaptive control of the scanning light beam G02B26/128Focus control G02B26/129Systems in which the scanning light beam is repeatedly reflected from the polygonal mirror