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G01J1/02Details G01J1/0204Compact construction G01J1/0209Monolithic G01J1/0214Constructional arrangements for removing stray light G01J1/0219Electrical interface; User interface G01J1/0223Sample holders for photometry G01J1/0228Control of working procedures; Failure detection; Spectral bandwidth calculation G01J1/0233Handheld G01J1/0238making use of sensor-related data G01J1/0242Control or determination of height or angle information of sensors or receivers; Goniophotometry G01J1/0247using a charging unit G01J1/0252Constructional arrangements for compensating for fluctuations caused by G01J1/0266Field-of-view determination; Aiming or pointing of a photometer; Adjusting alignment; Encoding angular position; Size of the measurement area; Position tracking; Photodetection involving different fields of view for a single detector G01J1/0271Housings; Attachments or accessories for photometers G01J1/029Multi-channel photometry G01J1/0295Constructional arrangements for removing other types of optical noise or for performing calibration G01J1/04Optical or mechnical part supplementary adjustable parts G01J1/0403Mechanical elements; Supports for optical elements; Scanning arrangements G01J1/0407Optical elements not provided otherwise G01J1/0411using focussing or collimating elements G01J1/0414using plane or convex mirrors, parallel phase plates, or plane beam-splitters G01J1/0418using attenuators G01J1/0422using light concentrators, collectors or condensers G01J1/0425using optical fibers G01J1/0429using polarisation elements G01J1/0433using notch filters G01J1/0437using masks, aperture plates, spatial light modulators, spatial filters G01J1/044using shutters G01J1/0444using means for replacing an element by another G01J1/0448Adjustable G01J1/0451using means for illuminating a slit efficiently G01J1/0455having a throughhole enabling the optical element to fulfil an additional optical function G01J1/0459using an optical amplifier of light or coatings to improve optical coupling G01J1/0462Slit arrangements G01J1/0466with a sighting port G01J1/047using extension/expansion of solids or fluids, change of resonant frequency or extinction effect G01J1/0474Diffusers G01J1/0477Prisms, wedges G01J1/0488with spectral filtering G01J1/0492using at least two different filters G01J1/06Restricting the angle of incident light G01J1/08Arrangements of light sources specially adapted for photometry standard sources, also using luminescent or radioactive material G01J1/10by comparison with reference light or electric value provisionally void G01J1/12using wholly visual means G01J1/122Visual exposure meters for determining the exposure time in photographical recording or reproducing G01J1/124based on the comparison of the intensity of measured light with a comparison source or comparison illuminated surface G01J1/126for enlarging apparatus G01J1/128for copy- or printing apparatus G01J1/14using comparison with a surface of graded brightness G01J1/16using electric radiation detectors G01J1/1626Arrangements with two photodetectors, the signals of which are compared G01J1/18using comparison with a reference electric value G01J1/20intensity of the measured or reference value being varied to equalise their effects at the detectors G01J1/22using a variable element in the light-path G01J1/24using electric radiation detectors G01J1/26adapted for automatic variation of the measured or reference value G01J1/28using variation of intensity or distance of source G01J1/30using electric radiation detectors G01J1/32adapted for automatic variation of the measured or reference value G01J1/34using separate light paths used alternately or sequentially G01J1/36using electric radiation detectors G01J1/38using wholly visual means G01J1/40using limit or visibility or extinction effect G01J1/42using electric radiation detectors G01J1/4204with determination of ambient light G01J1/4209Photoelectric exposure meters for determining the exposure time in recording or reproducing G01J1/4214specially adapted for view-taking apparatus G01J1/4219specially adapted for enlargers G01J1/4223specially adapted for copy - or printing apparatus G01J1/4228arrangements with two or more detectors G01J1/4257applied to monitoring the characteristics of a beam G01J1/429applied to measurement of ultraviolet light G01J1/44Electric circuits G01J1/46using a capacitor G01J1/48using chemical effects G01J1/50using change in colour of an indicator G01J1/52using photographic effects G01J1/54by observing photo-reactions between gases G01J1/56using radiation pressure or radiometer effect G01J1/58using luminescence generated by light G01J1/60by measuring the pupil of the eye