Recording by mechanical cutting, deforming or pressing


  • CPC
  • G11B3/00
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Sub Industries

G11B3/001with vibrating mechanical coupling means between pick-up element and sound producing element G11B3/002element with stationary record carriers G11B3/003Devices for transmitting, directing, amplifying sound G11B3/005through hollow arms G11B3/006using horns G11B3/007Devices for controlling sound G11B3/008for digital information G11B3/02Arrangements of heads G11B3/04Multiple, convertible, or alternative transducing arrangements G11B3/06Determining or indicating positions of head G11B3/08Raising, lowering, traversing otherwise than for transducing, arresting, or holding-up heads against record carriers G11B3/085using automatic means G11B3/08503Control of drive of the head G11B3/08506for pivoting pick-up arms G11B3/08509using mechanical detecting means G11B3/08512using optical detecting means G11B3/08516using magnetic detecting means G11B3/08519for pick-up arms moving parallel to itself G11B3/08522using mechanical detecting means G11B3/08525using optical detecting means G11B3/08529using magnetic or electric detecting means G11B3/08532for fixed arms carrying a movable head G11B3/08535Driving the head G11B3/08538the head being driven by the same means as the record can G11B3/08541for pivoting pick-up arms G11B3/08545driven by cams G11B3/08548using friction coupling G11B3/08551for the horizontal movement only G11B3/08554for pick-up arms moving parallel to itself G11B3/08558driven by belt or analogous element G11B3/08561driven by non-skip driving means G11B3/08564the head being driven by means independent of the record carrier driving means G11B3/08567for pivoting pick-up arms G11B3/0857driven by means which support the pick-up arm G11B3/08574the supporting element being different from the rotation-axes G11B3/08577for the vertical movement only G11B3/0858using mechanical means G11B3/08583using electrical/magnetic means G11B3/08587for pick-up arm moving parallel to itself G11B3/0859driven by belt or analogous element G11B3/08593driven by non-skip driving means G11B3/08596for fixed arms carrying a movable head G11B3/09using manual means only G11B3/091using magnetic means G11B3/092using mechanical means G11B3/093Means coupled to the cover G11B3/095for repeating a part of the record for beginning or stopping at a desired point of the record G11B3/0952using automatic means G11B3/0955using mechanical means for detecting the end of the recording G11B3/0957using optical means for detecting the end of the recording or the desired point thereof G11B3/10Arranging, supporting, or driving of heads or of transducers relatively to record carriers G11B3/12Supporting in balanced, counterbalanced or loaded operative position during transducing G11B3/121By using mechanical means not provided for in G11B3/14, G11B3/20 G11B3/122Providing horizontal force G11B3/124Damping means therefor G11B3/125by using electric or magnetic means G11B3/127Providing horizontal force G11B3/128Damping means therefor G11B3/14by using effects of gravity or inertia G11B3/145Providing horizontal force G11B3/16adjustable G11B3/18Damping by using viscosity effect G11B3/20by elastic means G11B3/22adjustable G11B3/24acting to decrease pressure on record G11B3/26acting to increase pressure on record G11B3/28providing transverse bias parallel to record G11B3/30Supporting in an inoperative position G11B3/31Construction of arms G11B3/32Construction or arrangement of support pillars G11B3/34Driving or guiding during transducing operation G11B3/36Automatic-feed mechanisms producing progressive transducing traverse across record carriers otherwise than by grooves G11B3/38Guiding G11B3/40Driving of heads relatively to stationary record carriers for transducing G11B3/42with provision for adaptation or interchange of heads G11B3/44Styli G11B3/445Styli particularly adapted for sensing video discs G11B3/46Constructions or forms Disposition or mounting G11B3/48Needles contains no documents G11B3/50Anvils or other supports opposing stylus forces G11B3/52Arrangements permitting styli to yield under excessive pressure G11B3/54Storing manipulating G11B3/56Sharpening G11B3/58Cleaning record carriers or styli G11B3/5809during transducing operation G11B3/5818for record carriers G11B3/5827using means contacting the record carrier G11B3/5836means connected to the pick-up arm or head G11B3/5845means connected to a separate arm G11B3/5854using means not contacting the record carrier G11B3/5863connected to the pick-up arm or head G11B3/5872connected to a separate arm G11B3/5881for styli or needles only G11B3/589before or after transducing operation G11B3/60Turntables for record carriers G11B3/61Damping of vibrations of record carriers on turntables G11B3/64Re-recording G11B3/66Erasing information G11B3/68Record carriers G11B3/682comprising protective coatings G11B3/685Intermediate mediums G11B3/687Testing thereof G11B3/70characterised by the selection of material or structure Processes or apparatus specially adapted for manufacturing record carriers G11B3/702for video discs with grooves G11B3/705characterised by the selection of the material only G11B3/707for video discs with grooves G11B3/72Groove formations G11B3/74Multiple output tracks G11B3/76forming part of cinematograph films G11B3/78Multiple-track arrangements G11B3/80incorporating subsidiary guide means for heads, other than modulated grooves Part-formed unmodulated grooves for conversion into transducing grooves G11B3/90with means indicating prior or unauthorised use